15 Best House Slippers for Hardwood Floors Reviewed In 2020

Hardwood floors are quite appealing to have.

If well maintained, the rustic color of the floors underscores some sophistication. They can become the envy of your visitors.

Unfortunately, the sophisticated look can sometimes bite. The hardwood floor is not only hard on your feet but can be slippery as well. It is therefore not strange to acquire a few knocks if you don’t have the best house slippers for hardwood floors.

Yes, we all love the hardwood floor based on the insulation they provide. In other words, you are better off with a hardwood floor during extremes of weather. However, that can mean nothing if it leaves you with a serious fall injury.

15 Best House Slippers for Hardwood Floors In-depth Reviews

Find The Best House Slippers for Hardwood Floors With Expert Buying Guide

In the following review, we look at some of the best house slippers for hardwood floors.

But how did we do it? A good question!

We tested a variety of house slippers and shoes based on criteria such as a non-slip sole and overall comfort. The best things come with a group of features that distinguish them from their peers.

15 Best House Slippers for Hardwood Floors Reviewed

The ideal slippers for hardwood floors come with rubberized soles. These soles provide not only sufficient grip but also are kind to your floor. The sandals are also comfortable, come rain come sunshine.

Let’s discuss details !

The good thing about known brands is reliability. Skechers is one brand that needs no introduction, and that indicates a lot. Typically, the Bobs slippers from Skechers are as reliable as any slipper can get.

Well, you may not take our word for it but its OK.

However, the numerous Skechers slippers reviews from users will tell you something about its popularity.  But you may say that reputation is not a feature. Of course, but it underscores a tried and tested product.

Skechers Women’s Bobs Slippers are also comfortable. We especially love the way it feels on foot. The sweater knit fabric is breathable and flexible.

It is also warm and the chilly days will not get to you. And to protect your feet from the hardwood surface, the Skechers Slippers come with a durable rubber sole. They have a nice trend and chances of slipping are minimal.

The three quarter inch heel gives the sleeper a feminine look – nobody said you couldn’t look dashing when indoors.

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What You Liked
  • A reliable indoor slipper
  • An attractive design
  • Easy to wear
  • A comfortable slipper
  • Quite warm for the cold days
What You Don’t Like
  • The slipper clogs may not have sufficient heel padding for some people
UGG Coquette Women's Slipper 6 M US Port
  • DETAILS: Twin-faced sheepskin / Genuine sheepskin sock liner that...
  • COASTAL CLASSIC: Take your self-care seriously with this slipper. As...

It’s no secret that women love the most beautiful products. Well, this indoor slipper has that look to impress anyone that comes across it. But, is it worth the investment?

Practically, this is one of the best women’s slippers for hardwood floors you will come across. You have to admit that the sheepskin and cows suede on this slipper makes it gorgeous. Think of how matching the UGG slippers are with the hardwood floor.

They make a great combo to cap your evening at home. There is a feeling of sophistication when wearing something like a UGG coquette leopard or UGG coquette chestnut in a well-furnished living room. However, that is not the only feature that makes them the best women’s slippers.

The 100% sheepskin comes with a variety of benefits. For example, sheepskin is more flexible than cowhide.

That enhances your comfort while indoors as your movements are smooth – could your time indoors be more luxurious?

Your dash to the kitchen or the bedroom couldn’t be as flawless. They are a joy to wear.

The EVA outsole is smooth, comfortable and flexible. We also find the flex grooves on the forefoot quite functional. They add to your comfort.

The wood floor slippers are also durable, with the sheepskin upper and EVA outsole. That means they will serve you for a long time, and it is a good thing.

Another good quality you will appreciate is the soft and sturdy outsole that doesn’t do any harm to the hardwood floor. Your floor will still maintain the smooth and shiny surface that you love so much.

However, you will need to be wary of imitations. There are so many indoor slippers out of there claiming to be original UGG slippers. Buy from a reliable outlet or order from the Amazon online store.  

But why does it happen?

Your guess is as good as mine! UGG is quality and definitely worth our second spot.

What You Liked
  • It is a gorgeous indoor slipper
  • They are quite durable with 100% sheepskin upper and cow suede
  • the indoor slippers are comfortable to wear and clean
  • EVA outsole that is kind to the floor
  • Flex grooves for added comfort
What You Don’t Like
  • Several UGG slippers reviews from users complain of quality issues
  • The inside heel may start wearing off after several years of use

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ULTRAIDEAS Women's Comfort Coral Fleece Memory Foam Slippers Fuzzy...
  • COMFORT CORAL FLEECE UPPER - These slippers are the perfect shoes for...
  • ULTRA-SOFT PLUSH FLEECE LINING: It is easy slip-on design slippers,...

It is not unusual to find women searching for ‘best house slippers women’s.’ More than often, the results may not produce such an ideal product like Women’s Comfort Slippers.

We mentioned above that women are always after beautiful hardwood floor slippers.

It is in their nature.

But what makes them the best women’s house slippers for hardwood floors?

It is not only the looks. Although we have to admit that they look nice.

The coral fleece upper and lining feels nice on the feet. Additionally, the memory foam cushion provides all the necessary shock absorption for the wearer regardless of their weight.

Another highlight feature that makes the footwear a darling for many women is the fact that you can also use them outdoors. They are not only in-house shoes but also slippers you can wear outside.

What You Liked
  • They are comfortable women’s house slippers
  • we love the appearance of this footwear
  • One of the most comfortable shoes for women
  • A memory foam cushion for sufficient shock absorption
  • they are also good for outdoors
What You Don’t Like
  • According to several comfortable women’s slippers reviews, they may not be the most durable
Acorn Women's Chinchilla Collar, Crackleberry, 5-6
  • Classic Design - All-season house shoe with slip-on closed back...
  • Slip On Comfort - Closed toe style with comfortable and breathable...

The Acorn slippers are another good brand that women can use both indoors and outdoors. You know how most women are.  They don’t want any restrictions especially when they’re doing the chores.

A scanning of the Acorn slippers reviews will reveal that these slippers are some of the most comfortable.

But what is this that makes them comfortable?

The acorn moc slippers feature a memory foam interior that hugs your foot sufficiently to keep the cold away. But they are not only for the cold season, but the memory foam slippers are also fitting as the best summer slippers.

We also love the rubber sole that comes with heel and arch support. That means the acorn women’s bootie slippers go and beyond the primary function of providing protection for your feet from the hardwood floor.

Our team also liked the flexibility of the footwear. You can adopt any posture as you do your indoor chores.

What You Liked
  • They are for both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to wear
  • Quite comfortable
  • Fitting for all weather wear
  • flexible slippers
What You Don’t Like
  • They have a certain kind of chemical smell that may wear off over time
isotoner Women's Terry Slip In Clog, Memory Foam, Comfort and Arch...
  • PREMIUM SOFT MICROTERRY UPPER: Slip on mule style designed with...
  • ARCH SUPPORT: Multilayer EVA arch support for added cushioning and...

For people who love shoes with wide feet, these Isotoner slippers may be their best option. They have a full bottom that accommodates any size of your feet. The sleepers are 100% fabric material which is a good thing.

The women’s isotoner slippers are thus quite comfortable to wear in a variety of weather conditions. The fabric material allows free flow of air within the slipper to keep the feet dry.  And unlike other materials, fabric absorbs sweat and moisture, further contributing to your comfort.

You will notice that the indoor slippers do not have rubber outsoles. In contrast, they have a grey velour insole and synthetic outsole. They may not be the best, but they still function as you would expect.

The Isotoner clog slippers are lightweight much like Isotoner hoodback slippers or the Isotoner signature women’s knit in clog slippers.

What You Liked
  • Wide bottom for wide feet
  • 100% fabric material for foot comfort
  • quiet lightweight
  • comfortable for all weathers
What You Don’t Like
  • May not be comfortable for those with narrow feet according to various Isotoner slippers reviews
  • the synthetic sole is not comparable to the rubber sole regarding walking comfort
ULTRAIDEAS Women's Cozy Memory Foam Slippers Fuzzy Wool-Like Plush...
  • ULTRA-SOFT WOOL-LIKE PLUSH FLEECE LINING: It is easy slip-on design...
  • DURABLE & ANTI-SKID RUBBER SOLE: The light-weight and durable rubber...

It is not easy to find fully waterproof bedroom slippers like these cozy memory foam slippers. That means you can use them indoors as well as outdoors. The house slippers for women are some of the most comfortable with memory foam interior.

The bedroom slippers also come with a fabric upper that will not irritate your skin. No more uncomfortable foot is scratching when watching your favorite TV program.

The rubber sole comes with an anti-skid feature to keep you on your feet on the hardwood floor as well as tiles.

Therefore, the chances of acquiring a fall injury are minimal. They are also the best indoor shoes for tile floors.

They are the best shoes to wear around the house based on the fact that they are available in a variety of shades. You can match them with your favorite clothing and enjoy the morning sun outside.

What You Liked
  • Fully waterproof for indoor and outdoor use
  • Comfortable during cold weather
  • Machine washable
  • Memory foam interior for enhanced comfort
  • Rubber soles with sufficient grip
  • Available in a variety of colors
What You Don’t Like
  • The cushioning may wear off with time
Men's and Women's Classic Memory Foam Plush House Slippers, Autumn...
  • The Classic Memory Foam Slippers are made of spandex ,which is a kind...
  • Size 36-37 suitable for foot length: 9.06"; Size 38-39 suitable for...

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of thick-soled slippers is a comfort. However, the kind of soles on the sandal matters significantly. For example, rubber is flexible and has a cushioning effect. That is why leather slippers for men that come with a thick rubber sole may be better than men’s slippers without rubber soles.

The source of comfort in HomeIdeas Women’s Classic Memory Foam Plush House Slippers is not only in the EVA outsole. But you have to admit the sole feels good.

The indoor slippers have several layers of comfortable material to take away any fatigue accumulated during the day.

The blend of memory foam and elasticity sponge molds to your foot to give you that optimal comfort you need when you get home. Furthermore, the TPR outsole has sufficient tread to provide you with a good grip as you walk on the hardwood floor.

What You Liked
  • We love the memory foam feel on the feet
  • The flexibility is on another level
  • keeps your feet warm and protected from the hard floor
  • The indoor slipper is easy to clean
  • You can as well use outdoors
What You Don’t Like
  • According to some customers, the memory foam cushion eventually wears off
Acorn Women's Forest Mule Slipper, Chocolate, Small (5-6)
  • Warm, boiled wool upper with custom embroidered critter designs on...
  • Cozy berber lining over Cloud Cushion memory foam footbed hugs your...

It is not unusual to find several searches for ‘where to buy acorn slippers.’ But why does the Acorn forest mule generate so much interest?

Could it be the lovely pattern on the upper that tickles the attention of every woman? Well, maybe!

But the real point of interest on any Acorn summer house slippers is the comfort they provide. The Berber lining, as well as the memory foam cushion, has a hugging effect on the feet. To provide extra support and comfort, the house slippers feature arch support and raised heel.

They are also ideal as ladies’ wide slippers. You are sure to get the necessary relief from a whole day wearing dress shoes.

They are a source of comfort by themselves.

What You Liked
  • The appealing design on it
  • Quite comfortable to wear
  • Easy to maintain
  • Additional back support and raised heel for more comfort
What You Don’t Like
  • Some customers complain that they are too wide
  • May not be the best for outdoors
Acorn Men's Digby Gore, Black Tweed, Medium
  • Premium comfort: Classic style slip-on house shoe in hoodback mule...
  • Stylish and breathable: Handsome Italian knit upper delivers a...

The summer house slippers need to be as comfortable as possible, and that is what these Acorn summer slippers are all about.

They have a warm wool blend that provides an extra cushion against any cold that may penetrate your home. The mule slippers are pretty much like the Acorn women’s sheepskin moxie bootie slipper in that regard.

The slippers come with rubber soles that provide adequate flexibility and grip to be steady on the hardwood floors. However, they are not only suitable for the indoors but outdoors as well.

That means you can check on your vegetable garden without the need to change your footwear. Thne, this time need landscaping work boots which is fully waterproof. We are not saying you can use them on your patio!

The stylish house helpers have a moisture-wicking Berber lining that keeps your feet dry and feeling good. They are warm as well, and you can use them when it’s cold – something like acorn women’s faux chinchilla slipper bootie.

What You Liked
  • The moisture-wicking Berber lining that keeps your feet dry
  • The appealing design
  • Warm to protect your feet from the cold
  • Rubber outsole for flexible movement and grip
  • Good for minimal outdoor use
  • Stylish house slippers
What You Don’t Like
  • The cushioning may not be adequate, and they feel like they can flatten after some time
Jessica Simpson womens Comfy Faux Fur House Scuff Memory Foam on...
  • SIZING: Available in size Small (US 6-7), Medium (US 7-8), Large (US...
  • MEMORY FOAM: thick memory foam cushion add support and comfort for all...

Women love attractive footwear, especially when it comes with such colors as pink. These women’s memory foam slippers are available in various shades. We especially liked the pink color, which looks gorgeous with pink or white clothing.

Regarding comfort, these are some of the best memory foam slippers that provide best house slippers for hardwood floors adequate cushioning.

Sometimes the hardwood floors can be too cold to take, and such memory foam is a source of sound insulation.

Specifically, the memory foam on these slippers is high density, something that you don’t get from most of the others. We love how they mold nicely on the feet, and it is as if you are stepping on marshmallows. They have a cozy lining that feels good on the skin.

The women’s memory foam house slippers have a moisture-wicking fabric lining.

What You Liked
  • A selection of various colors to choose from
  • Ideal for cold weather
  • They look good
  • Easy to wear
  • molds to your feet for optimum comfort
What You Don’t Like
  • The cute slippers may not hold on for long, according to various customer reviews
Sorel Men's Manawan NM1466 Slipper, NM1466, Marsh, 7 D - Medium
  • Comfort bootie slipper with wool-blend faux-fur lining and...
  • Removable EVA insole

We are all guilty of falling victim to first impressions. Well, the first impressions from your first encounter with SOREL Men’s Manawan Slipper do not do justice to your best judgment.

In simpler terms, the Sorel men’s slippers are some of the most appealing. The brown leather look on the upper is the sort that makes anyone go, WOW!

The wool blend faux fur interior gifts the men’s slipper an appearance of sophistication. Mostly, you would not be embarrassed to appear before your high profile visitors wearing them. To put it simply, the indoor slippers are stylish, and it will not be a surprise for your guests to inquire about them. They will also need a pair.

The Sorel slippers are 100% leather. That means merely adequate breathability, durability, and flexibility. And like the Sorel falcon ridge men’s slippers, you will not wait to wear them as soon as you get home.

The faux fur interior feels nice on the feet and is among the features making this product the best house slippers for hardwood floors for men. But it is not only the nice feeling you get from these slippers but also adequate shock absorption. You will no longer have to feel the hardwood floors as you move from one room to the next.

The hard surface can sometimes rob you of the pleasure you get from going home and watching your favorite TV program. It is no secret that our feet are not like those of our forefathers.  They are a bit soft from years of wearing shoes and need adequate protection.

The footwear is some of the most comfortable slippers men you will come across.  

Furthermore, the indoor slippers are sturdy and not like some of the products you’ll find on the market. They are the best definition of reliability, comfort, and style – just what you are looking for. I know you agree with our first choice.  It is definitely worth the spot!

What You Liked
  • They are some of the most appealing indoor slippers
  • Made from durable materials
  • The indoor sandals are quite comfortable
  • Are a source of warmth during cold weather
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Easy to wear
What You Don’t Like
  • May not be the best in hot weather
  • Not the best slippers for sweaty feet
Tamarac by Slippers International Men's Scuffy 8117 Clog Slipper,...
  • Fleece-lined clog slipper with split-toe seam and clog heel
  • Memory foam insole

The simplicity in design is what makes Tamarac Slippers Men’s a favorite of many people.  Men are all about simplicity and functionality. That is typically what these indoor slippers are all about.

But we are not saying it is unattractive. Farther from it, the slippers are quite appealing. The Tamarac Comfort Slippers cowhide is what any man would appreciate having.

The wide opening makes it easier to wear. You can jump right out of bed, wear them and head for the living room in a split second. It is something that people with a busy schedule resonate with. These people always feel that they are behind time and anything that will take time to wear is not desirable.

Comfort features include the memory foam insole and rubber outsole. The Tamarac slippers washing is not a strenuous exercise at all.

What You Liked
  • Simplicity in design
  • Comfortable to use
  • Best for all weathers
  • Attractive design
  • A soft memory foam insole
What You Don’t Like
  • Maybe a little challenging to keep clean
  • We don’t like the sole stitching on this footwear

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Men's Slippers Fuzzy House Shoes Memory Foam Slip On Clog Plush Wool...
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  • MULTI-LAYER CUSHIONED - The completely improved insole is constructed...

Some of us love stylish products to complement our inherent style. Vonmay Men’s Slippers are not only stylish but also comfortable.

As a man, you cannot wait to get home and put on your favorite slippers to walk the dog around the hood. They make holidays and weekends around the home to be much fun. The men’s house slippers come with faux suede and stitched wool to provide ultimate comfort.

And apart from the smooth upper, the slippers have three layers of sponge and memory foam to give your feet maximum shock absorption. The flexible rubber sole adds more comfort and flexibility to give your foot the relaxation it needs.

Aren’t they the best slippers ever?

The soft sole men’s slippers are a joy to wear.

What You Liked
  • We love the indoor and outdoor use
  • Faux suede and stitched wool for ultimate comfort
  • Stylish design that anyone would love
  • Three layers of sponge for the memory foam for sufficient shock absorption
  • Flexible rubber outsole with a non-slip feature
What You Don’t Like
  • The insole feels soft and may not last for long

Typically, the Toms men’s slippers are all about simplicity, style, and functionality.  Well, that’s a lot to have in one indoor slipper, but that’s what we think about the Toms men’s house slippers.

A blend of synthetic material and rubber outsole give the toms slippers a unique feel on the feet.  For starters, the Toms slippers are breathable. Chances of having sweaty feet are minimal.

The rubber sole on this pair is enough to give you the necessary grip and insulation – the same case with Toms slippers ladies.  The shaft and heel are not too high to be uncomfortable. They are just the right size for relaxation when you get home from work.

Another thing that most men will love about these house slippers is that they are easy to clean. No man wants to spend a significant amount of time cleaning – it is in our nature!

What You Liked
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Easy to wear
  • Rubber sole for flexibility and insulation
  • Simple design
  • Easy to clean
What You Don’t Like
  • From various Toms Berkeley slippers review from users, the sole has a poor construction

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NDB Men's Warm Memory Foam Suede Plush Shearling Lined Slip On Indoor...
  • ★ULTIMATE COMFORT - The memory foam insole makes these slippers soft...
  • ★HIGH QUALITY & EXCELLENT TRACTION: The High-quality synthetic skin...

The men’s indoor-outdoor slippers are stylish, to say the least.  We love how one color blends well with the surroundings. We are talking about house decor and the floor.

In other words, the memory foam slippers men are attractive to look at.  It is typically impossible not to keep on admiring them – we couldn’t resist the unique look that seems to resonate well with men.

Memory foam interior together with the ultra-soft lining provides a feeling of optimal comfort on the feet. As such, you never want to get off the slip on slippers. The soft material lining has moisture-wicking capabilities to keep moisture off your feet – nothing should interrupt your evening or weekend at home.

You will notice that the rubber soles have a wavy pattern at the bottom.  Typically, this provides the necessary grip to keep you on your feet even when walking on a wet floor. The primary function of house slippers is to give a good grip and keep you from falling.

The house slippers are easy to slip on like the closed-toe house slippers. You know how mornings are when we have to get up early to get to work. We all need something that doesn’t take much time to wear, especially when you are trying to keep your eyes open.

What You Liked
  • Warm enough to overcome the cold season
  • Nice looking shoes
  • Rubber soles with a wavy pattern at the bottom for grip
  • Easy to wear and clean
  • Stylish looking and masculine
What You Don’t Like
  • According to several customers, the indoor slippers have a sizing problem

Why Do You Need The Best House Slippers for Hardwood Floors?

Clean and rustic hardwood floors are such an apple to the eye. They create a feeling of homeliness and sophistication.


We love our friends to see our excellent looking living rooms that feature hardwood floors and decor to impress the faintest of hearts.

Unfortunately, even the roses have thorns that can prick your finger when you don’t take the necessary precautions.

Similarly, hardwood floors can be too hard for our feet. They can as well be slippery, and the possibility of having a thud is high. Well, most falls are a source of laughter for family members and acquaintances.

However, some of them can leave you bedridden for a significant amount of time.

Most of us cannot resist the temptation of staying barefoot on a hot day within our air-conditioned rooms. But it is a bad idea. The floor may be too hard for your feet, and it is not impossible to develop foot problems.

But why should you have the best house slippers for hardwood floors? Can’t you wear your favorite outdoor shoes?

No matter how much you love your outdoor shoes, they can never be ideal for hardwood floors.

They contain sand particles and other grime that can rub against the hardwood floors and disfigure them. Over time, what used to look sophisticated becomes rough and unsightly.

No one wants that for their hardwood floors.

Final Word

The best house slippers for hardwood floors provide dual protection. First, the slippers keep you on your feet and protect the hardwood. Secondly, the footwear protects the hardwood surface so that it retains the smooth, attractive surface.

There are numerous house slippers on the market.  Unfortunately, it is not all of them that you can rely on to provide the necessary protection and comfort. The above products will pretty much serve your needs sufficiently.

Specifically, our top 3 products are some of the best quiet slippers for hardwood floors or best slippers for hard tile floors you can rely on.