10 Best Shoes for Retail Workers Review & Guides

On average, retail workers take about 5000 steps in a day.  They stand for long hours as they try to serve long lines of customers.  Essentially, the work that retail workers do is as important as any other.  However, it is among the most difficult.

Best Shoes for Retail Workers Review

Standing for long hours or walking is never that easy. If left unchecked, foot discomforts can also cause a host of health problems such as bone spurs.


Best Shoes for Retail Workers make their work a lot easier. They are quite supportive and comfortable as well, and chances of foot pain are minimal.


Well, beginners in the trade may not have the necessary knowledge as to the appropriate footwear and may opt for dress shoes.


Typically, dress shoes are not so bad, as the majority of them are lightweight and breathable as well. However, they may not offer adequate support to your feet, and problems may develop sometime later.


Choosing the best type of shoes for retail may not be as difficult a task as selecting any other type of shoe. Regardless, some care is necessary as landing the wrong kind of shoe is not as difficult.

What kind of shoes do retail workers need?


There are significant similarities between the work that nurses do and retail workers regarding standing and walking for long hours.  As such, the kind of shoes that nurses find comfortable may also be ideal for retail workers. But what does that mean?


Retail workers walk on hard surfaces in malls and other departmental stores. These workers need footwear that can provide not only good support for the feet but also comfort. The shoes to wear working in retail should also provide excellent cushioning to the feet to avoid the stress that may come from hard surfaces that they spend most of their days standing on.


In the majority of cases, some may think that flip-flops are a good option for retail workers, but that is not the case. Well, flip-flops are not only unprofessional and unsanitary but also not the best shoes standing on concrete all day. They are risk hazard as it is possible to trip on them when in a hurry to serve a particular customer –  you know how impatient some people can be, and the retail workers try their best to understand everyone,  and in that process, they may not be as cautious as they need to be when walking.


The best shoes for retail women workers May need to be aesthetically appealing.  You know how women are. Beautiful things and femininity are almost synonyms if you know what we mean. Beauty may be a critical factor for women when picking shoes.  However, functionality should come before any aesthetic appeal when it comes to choosing the best shoes for working in a kennel or retail stores.


Things to Consider when Purchasing Shoes for Retail Workers


‘Birds of a feather flock together’ is a famous adage that can find application when it comes to choosing the best shoes for retail workers. It is no secret that certain features make one product quality and another to be less quality. These certain features are what separate one product from the other.


For example, all quality footwear is comfortable and supportive. It is durable, and you will use it for a significant amount of time.  Such features resonate with everyone, young and old.




There are several reasons why anyone would type the phrase, “best shoes for retail workers reddit” and it is to get suggestions as to which are the best shoes for them. More than often, most people suggest shoes that provide optimal comfort.


Essentially, standing for long hours is no mean feat, and it takes stamina. However, your body strength may not be sufficient to protect your feet from abuse associated with standing long hours. It is therefore not strange for people to develop foot problems later.


In most cases, the root cause of these problems is uncomfortable shoes. But what does a comfortable shoe entail? Which comfortable features do you look for in the best men’s shoes for standing all day?


The first factor that the best shoes for the retail manager should highlight is a good fit.  Buying bigger shoes is a recipe for injury. The friction associated with a bad fit can cause blisters and wounds.


Ideally, you should go to the store and fit the shoes yourself.  Don’t send anyone as it is common for shoe sizes to vary.  It would not be a good experience to get shoes that don’t fit you perfectly.


Don’t fall into the temptation of fitting only one shoe.  Fit both.


You see, It is natural for the majority of us to have one foot that is bigger than the other.  But don’t worry, it is common and should not be a cause for alarm.


Alternatively, the kind of upper material on those cute shoes for retail workers can determine whether they are comfortable or not. Typically, the material should be flexible and breathable. Leather pretty much fulfills these requirements.


Natural leather is quite breathable and allows adequate airflow into your feet. That means your feet don’t have to suffer under intense heat.


Canvas is another excellent material that blends both durability and breathability. The fabric is lightweight and makes the perfect shoes for retail workers.


The feet of retail workers experience out of abuse through stress and shock. Walking around the whole day places your feet to a considerable amount of pressure. As such, a cushioned shoe is ideal to protect your feet from the hard surfaces.


EVA, memory foam or gel are some of the properties you should look out for in a shoe.  The majority of running shoes has these properties and is, therefore, a good option.


The inside part of your shoe that is often in contact with your foot is another element that determines how comfortable a shoe is. The lining of the shoe absorbs any sweat that your body produces keeping your feet dry.  It would be very uncomfortable walking through the day in wet shoes.  How would you even concentrate when helping the customers?


If left alone, moisture in the show can cause havoc by making it the perfect environment for breeding bacteria and other microorganisms that may cause diseases.  Moisture is also a prerequisite for bad odor from your shoe. It would be tragic for the client to avoid you because the air around you smells foul.




Given that you’ll be spending most of the day standing and walking, you need supportive shoes, the kind that allows your feet to attain a natural walking posture. A shoe with good support helps alleviate any foot problems that can help minimize any back problems.


There are various places that you are shoes need to be supportive, and that includes you are heels, arch, and ankle. However, ankle support may not be critical for retail workers unless you have weak ankles.


You are bodyweight exerts considerable pressure on your arches, especially if you are standing for long hours. Their arcs eventually become painful as a result of fatigue.


A good pair of shoes hugs your arches, providing sufficient support to the feet and the entire body. They will allow your feet to stand in a natural position and hence reducing any stress to the arches.


Unfortunately, not all shoes can boast as having sufficient arch support. But if that is the case, you shouldn’t despair as you can add your custom orthotics or insoles.  




The best shoes for retail workers should have good traction for a good grip on various surfaces. Retail workers will walk on tiled, cemented, and carpeted surfaces. And as such, they will need shoes with good traction to avoid accidental falls. It is also necessary that the shoes keep you on your feet when on wet surfaces.


Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe


The Merrell Men’s shoes are quite appealing. As a retail worker, looking good is critical as the image you portray to potential customers can determine whether they become return customers. Good looking workers create a good impression on buyers and enhance their shopping experience. The year, therefore, more likely to make more purchases based on this factor.

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In that regard, Merrell jungle moc work shoe Revamp your image in a significant way. The shoes are stylish and have the perfect design to make your acquaintances envious. However, that is not the only notable feature this shoe boasts. It is comfortable as well.


The suede leather upper is flexible and will not inhibit your walking style in any way.  The fabric is also breathable, allowing sufficient airflow inside the shoe. That means chances of having sweaty feet are minimal.  Any moisture that your feet produce dries quickly. Besides, the absorbent lining makes sure of that making this brown leather slip-on shoe men such an adorable choice.


It also has an elastic side goring that provides a good fit and hence comfortable. A right fitting shoe is a comfortable shoe.


The Merrell men’s jungle moc waterproof slip-on shoe perfectly keeps water and moisture away from your feet. The leather upper is water resistant, and you will not need to worry, staying wet the whole day after encountering a puddle of water on your way to the store.


Cushioning in Merrell jungle moc work shoe comes from EVA foot frame that molds to your foot, providing sufficient support. You will love how it feels inside the foot. The rubber sole is another winner that provides adequate flexibility. It is not a problem to walk on it and has good traction to avoid any slips even as you encounter wet floors.


What we like


There are so many things that we like about this Merrell jungle moc leather is the attractive design it has, but that is only part of the story.  The footwear is lightweight and quite breathable. We love the comfortable feel it has on the feet.  It is the kind of footwear that you wear even in your living room in the place of flip-flops –  some of us love wearing shoes especially when there is some chill outside.


The lining, as well as the cushioning, is a source of adequate support to your feet. You don’t have to suffer anymore through pain, and the thought of quitting will dissipate.


What we don’t like


Several Merrell Jungle moc reviews point out that the shoes may have a little squeak, which may be annoying for some people. Other users say that the insoles don’t last.  One user states that the insoles become toast after a period of use.


But whether your choice is Merrell jungle moc Castlerock, Merrell Moab moc

or Merrell camo jungle mocs, You can be sure that you are buying into quality. The brand is quality.  


Skechers Men’s Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker


The one word that best describes the Skechers equalizer double play is Comfort.  The shoe is one of the most comfortable that you’ll come across – not kidding! It has all the features geared towards optimal comfort and stability. Let’s find out in the following Skechers Equalizer review what more it has to offer apart from comfort.  

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In the Skechers Equalizer vs. Go Walk debate, there is always confusion as to which sneaker is it better quality than the other.  However, most of the users in Skechers Equalizer Persistent reviews state that the Skechers equalizer is a better choice.  And while most of these comments may be a matter of personal opinion, it indicates the faith that people have on the shoe.


Typically, the shoe has a mesh fabric upper that makes it one of the most breathable.  It is as comfortable as Skechers Equalizer 2 and in some cases better. Well, those that own Skechers elite slip on or Skechers Gomel slip-on loafer May have a different opinion but, this shoe is the most appropriate for retail workers.  Of course, you cannot show up wearing loafers.


The synthetic sole on Skechers Equalizer mind game slip on and this product is quality.  It pretty much contributes to your optimal comfort as you move or stand for long hours.


The sole has sufficient traction that provides a good grip, preventing accidental falls and embarrassing slips. The same case applies to Skechers Equalizer women’s shoes.


The memory foam insole is responsible for providing heel support, and it does an excellent job, nothing to complain about. You will also find a good level of padding on the collar to prevent your foot from friction and getting hurt.


What we like


For starters, we love how the show feels. It is quite breathable, and hence comfortable. But what would you expect from a shoe that boasts a mesh material? The synthetic sole isn’t bad either. It has a decent level of traction, and you will not fall easily.


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What we don’t like


Well, the synthetic sole on this shoe is something that they could improve on. A few reviewers say that they don’t hold on for long.


Skechers BOBS Women’s Plush-Peace & Love


Skechers never cease to amaze with their beautiful designs and innovative features to make the shoe comfortable, and the Skechers Bobs plush peace and love best highlights this fact. The shoe carries a simple design that makes it ideal for many women that are after functionality as opposed to beauty.


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But we are not saying bobs plush peace and love charcoal and its sisters are not appealing.  Farther from it, this is a decent looking shoe, worth the investment you make on it. The bobs shoes are comfortable as well, nothing to worry about.


The Bobs by Skechers with memory foam are quite comfortable. They are like Skechers Bob’s keepsakes when it comes to comfort.


So, how do Skechers Bobs fit?


Well, we can confidently say that the shoes are as comfortable as can be, that is if you juice the right size for you.


What we like


We love the fact that the shoes are available in a variety of sizes and colors.  As a woman, it is critical to get the right matching shoe for your outfit. Think of the various brands that you can own including the rose gold Skechers bobs and this brand to compliment your style.


As a retail worker, you will need to wear exceptionally to impress the customers. The brand together with Skechers bobs plush lite is an excellent acquisition that provides not only comfort but also a classic appeal. It doesn’t overdo it, and you will not get unnecessary attention.  It is decent.


The Skechers Bobs memory foam is another feature that deserves special recognition. It gives you all the necessary comfort you need.


What we don’t like


Well, the footwear seems too necessary, nothing very appealing about them. However, it ticks all the right boxes when it comes to functionality.


Vans Unisex Classic (Checkerboard ) Slip-On Skate Shoe


Canvas material is among the best fabrics to be on the best shoes for retail workers.  Well, skeptics may not believe that any fabric material can be a good upper for the boots. However, it is unquestionably one of the most reliable and nothing best describes this fact than Vans Checkerboard slips on.

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The canvas material together with the rubber sole makes the shoe quite lightweight and more comfortable than its competitors. It is flexible, and you can adopt any posture as you serve the customers. It is pretty much like checkerboard vans slip on that you can squat and lift yourself on heels as you try to reach something on the counter. The slip-on vans are the ideal shoes for retail work, but that is just our opinion.


The padded footbed and collar on these vans shoes make it feel smooth on foot. You will love it, based on this smooth feeling. The vans slip on women are a winner based on this property.


What we like


We love how the vans slip on white feels and fit on the feet. It is one shoe that you fall in love with and you only want to wear it for all occasions. And you can wear it for a variety of events as you prefer. It mirrors vans checkerboard old skool and vans checkerboard authentic.


Like the vans old skool checkerboard platform, the platform on this shoe is not too high to cause discomfort.  In contrast, it is a source of aesthetic appeal – a critical factor for front office workers.


What we don’t like


According to some Vans slip on reviews from users, the shoes may run small.


Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe


Saucony walking shoes are another great option that retail workers can choose from. Typically, Saucony is a great brand with deep roots in the walking shoe industry. Therefore, you can be sure that you will get a quality shoe that provides support to not only your feet but also adequate cushioning.


And even though it might not look like it, the upper is full grain leather. You see full grain leather as one of the most durable materials that can make shoes. Saucony Progrid Womens, is, therefore, as durable you can expect it to be. And as a dedicated walking shoe Saucony Mens Progrid Integrity st2 Walking Shoe is among the most reliable for support.  

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Other features that ensure optimal comfort include the padded collar and tongue. The sole is also rubber width good traction for grip – some of the benefits you get from the walking shoes.


Things we like


From the brand that makes Saucony Walking shoes for plantar fasciitis and the popular Saucony Progrid Integrity st2 Mens, you can expect nothing but the best in the boot. The shoe is lightweight and durable – something that will excite any retail worker and any other person as the Saucony Walking shoes reviews reveal.


Things we don’t like


Well, the only thing that we don’t like about this sure is that it does not have an official look.  In other words, it may not be the most fitting for retail work. It looks too casual. Something like Saucony Women’s Grid Omni walker walking shoe.


Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat


Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat will give you that feminine look with a touch of class.  Well, the Alegria Paloma black doesn’t look so bad either.  However, it is essential to add that it focuses more on functionality than any other quality. As such, you may find other shoes on the market better looking than Alegria Paloma nursing shoes.


But ask yourself, why is the shoe such a hit among the nursing community?


Well, two words; comfort and durability. From the various Alegria Paloma reviews,  you will see that the flat shoes are typical among those people that stand for long periods.

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All the shoes from the same brand, such as Alegria Paloma renaissance and Alegria Paloma Beauty Brick have rubber sole and leather upper. That means the shoe is an excellent choice for any retail worker.  Typically, anything good for a nurse is also good for a retail worker regarding footwear.


What we like


Comfort and durability are two features that always strike a chord with everyone looking for a new shoe. But honestly, a shoe like Alegria classic And Paloma flat are for professionals that need a functional shoe.


What we don’t like


It is no secret that the shoe is not the most attractive.


Grasshoppers Women’s Windham Slip-On Flat


What will catch your eye about the Grasshopper Windham shoes is the simple professional-looking design.  It has a neat shape and aesthetics that portray a professional look. The Grasshoppers Casual Shoes Indicate that you mean business.  Our looks say a lot about our intentions and our focus.

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The comfort in the shoe is similar to Grasshopper sandals, but of course with a canvas upper. The fabric upper and show us adequate moisture-wicking and breathability to ensure your comfort. It is a comfortable little shoe worth every bit of investment.


What we like


We love how this shoe looks. But most importantly, the synthetic sole and removable insole make it an excellent choice for retail workers. And like Grasshopper Shoes Ortholite it is also available in a variety of colors – a good thing, especially for ladies.


What we don’t like


You will notice that many Grasshopper Shoe reviews from users highlight issues with the sole. They talk about durability issues.


Where to buy Grasshopper shoes?


grasshopper is a favorite brand, and you can buy the shoe from your local store or the online marketplaces like Amazon.


ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe


The Asics brand needs no introduction as every exercise buff knows it. But that is beside the point.  What we are trying to say is that it is a shoe that you can trust to provide adequate support and comfort – rare qualities in most of the shoes on the market.

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A typical Asics Gel venture 6 men features a synthetic upper and rubber outsole. Scanning the majority of Asics Gel Venture 6 reviews will tell you how much people trust the shoe. Mostly, these are running shoes, but they make quality footwear for store workers.


The Asics Gel Venture 6 women are the apple of the eye. They look good, and any female retail worker will love it.


What we like


You will agree that the shoe has an attractive design that makes you feel like running. And even though some people may not see it as ideal for retail workers,


What we don’t like


Typically, users say that the soles don’t last that much.


New Balance Men’s 990v4 Shoes


New Balance Men’s 990v4 is inarguably one of the most popular shoes on the market. But a more realistic question is what drives its popularity? Is it the design, or the quality?


We can safely say that New Balance 990 men are a shoe that is in a class of its own. But of course there are other better shoes but our focus is on this brand, and it is not hard to love it. We especially like the New Balance 990v4 white which looks stylish and good looking.

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The upper is leather, and the outsole is rubber. That means it will last for a long time, and which is a good thing, especially for retail workers. However, that is not the only thing that people love about it. The collar foam and EVA core Gear ratio one of the most comfortable feels that you can get from any shoe – that is the secret!


What we like


The users indicate their satisfaction through the New Balance 990v4 reviews and say that the shoe fits as expected. Well, fitting is a major issue especially when it comes to buying shoes online.


What we don’t like


It may not have an ideal look for retail workers. Like some of the other footwear in this review, It has that casual look, but still one of the best quality footwear for retail workers.


ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-On  


The ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-On can easily pass as a dress shoe – an entirely appealing dress shoe. But who said that retail workers couldn’t feel comfortable in dress shoes? However, this is no ordinary shoe it blends both appeal and comfort to make it ideal for a variety of functions.


The Ecco Helsinki lace sure is another good option, but the Ecco Slip-on dress shoes Are the most fitting for retail work.

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Honestly, this is one shoe that takes a day regarding the appeal. As such, it will not be a surprise if a customer stops by to admire it. Science tells us that good impression are most lasting, and what better way is there to create a lasting impression than in the way that you dress?


The Ecco Helsinki plain toe and Ecco Helsinki Oxford are other attractive options from the same brand. But this shoe is the most comfortable and supportive.


It features a full leather upper with a shiny surface that is both durable and easy to maintain. The majority of Ecco shoes come with a synthetic sole, but that doesn’t mean it is not durable.  For example, the Ecco Holton slip on, and others like the Ecco Illinois men’s shoes have a synthetic sole, and most of their customers say that it is durable.


Therefore you shouldn’t have to worry about the sole.


What we like


We particularly love the appealing design that this shoe comes with. Also, the slip-on design is such a joy to have and use.


What we don’t like


While the synthetic sole is not badly off, some users say that it does not last long.


Concluding Remarks

The best shoes for retail workers provide optimal support and comfort to the feet so that you can be useful even as you serve a variety of customers.  Standing long hours is not a mean feat, and it can be a source of various foot problems especially if your choice of shoes is not sufficient.


In the above review, we discuss some of the most comfortable shoes that you can use throughout the day serving customers and ensuring your health in the process. It would be zero-sum gain providing the best services but ending up with a lifelong ailment. Well, be productive but make sure to choose the right kind of shoe for your overall health.