10 Best Combat Boots for Women Review

10 Best Combat Boots For Women Reviews in 2019

You are out with a couple of your friends on a chilly morning, and a lady passes by in combat boots.

You can’t help but admire her fashion sense and but most of all, the boots. You have to admit there is something unique and stylish with people wearing army boots.

Is it the sturdy design and material that seems to taunt the cold? Or is it the rich technology and history that the footwear incorporates? However you look at it, combat boots are gradually becoming some the ‘in thing.”

Best Combat Boots for Women (Exclusive Review & Buying Guide)

In the review below, we examine some of Best Combat Boots for Women in the hope that you will find something to make you stand out in the crowd.

Top 10 Best Combat Boots for Women Reviews in 2019

A Little Bit Info Regarding the Combat Boots and their Growing Popularity.

As you can imagine, the best combat boots for women are sturdy enough to withstand the elements. Of course, you can’t expect a soldier to fight well with freezing and soaked feet.

The technology employed to make the shoe is top quality and for a good reason.

The technology behind army boots has found its way to the manufacture of hiking boots, and that says a lot. For example, the Gore-Tex side panels on these boots are breathable and a source of optimum comfort.

The material was initially a reserve of the combat boots manufacture, but it is now in hiking boots – not a bad thing if you think about it.

It means that both hikers and the general public can now enjoy the pleasure of wearing a combat boot with jeans, fashionable to the core.

The Roman Empire was the first to use combat boots – explains a bit about their success on the battlefront. Their boots came with hobnails for improved traction, and that gave the soldiers an edge over their enemies. If you fancy a centurion feel, then you can get a boot with hobnails – way cooler than your every day sneakers.

The hobnail boots provide traction when scaling a wall or even climbing a hill – several uses come to mind. But hobnails are ideal in combat situations.

What Are The Benefits of Having The Best Combat Boots for Women?

It goes without saying that the boots are an excellent source of a fashion statement. Their popularity is growing by the minute, and it is for a good reason. People love the macho feel and a multifunctional quality they bring. But still, it is hard to ignore someone walking across the street wearing the best combat boots for women.

What Are The Benefits of Having The Best Combat Boots for Women?

The boots are durable and sturdy. You are likely to wear it for years especially with the current deteriorating economy. If you have some Go-Rex shoes, then you have a breathable and waterproof pair – there is no limit as to where you can go.

These qualities are especially ideal when dealing with winter and wet seasons. They keep your feet dry through it all.

Combat Boots History

The combat boots have come a long way to be where they are. Initially, the US Army had what they thought was an ideal boot – the trench boots.

However, this early boot was good at holding a significant amount of water – you can imagine the discomfort. The Army couldn’t continue wearing such boots that had an unquenchable thirst for water.

The successor to the trench boot was the Pershing boot. It was named after General Pershing who oversaw its production. Unfortunately, the boot couldn’t solve the water problem. Then later came the Boots Combat Service after World War II. Finally, the military had a waterproof boot.

The BCS came with an extra cuff that made it pretty tall. It featured a double buckle system making it pretty sturdy. The women’s shoes were an excellent support for the soldiers’ feet and were finally able to perform their task efficiently.

Much later, long after the  Second World War, the United States army would go the shiny black leather way.

The leather boots featured a lot during the Vietnam War where the soldiers had to fight their way through the jungle. But the polished versions seemed to stand out which was not always a good thing. It didn’t take long before the non-shiny version of the jungle boot took over.

Contemporary boots you see around are highly waterproof and are a source of excellent ankle support.

As a result, they are ideal for harsh terrain and all weather.

You will find the desert boot which can handle the hot desert surface and provide excellent breathability. There are also others perfect for keeping the water out – a soldier can choose between which boots is better them based on the environment the will be operating in.

Today, army boots are a fashion statement featuring a great deal in hip-hop culture.

It is not strange to see an artist wearing the shoe at a concert or when making a public appearance. And as you’re aware, whatever seems right on the musicians disseminates quickly among the fans. They are trendsetters.

Army boots are therefore becoming more mainstream with time.

#1.  Refresh WYNNE-01 Women’s Combat Style Lace-up Ankle Bootie

These are ankle booties that are sure to make everyone notice. They are stylish, sturdy and ideal for women that want to look pleasant and comfortable regardless of the weather. The extensively blended faux leather upper is something worth writing home about.

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The collar and knitted flip over are features that add a decent level of elegance to the boots. They are combat boots with a high sense of style – something that as a woman, you will much appreciate. And to underscore the high level of comfort associated with this combat sweater boots, you can comfortably wear it without a sock.

The footbed of the sweater cuff combat boots is also a good source of stability despite the different terrains you are on.

Some of us love walking and hiking now and then to keep fit. Well, this women’s combat lace-up boots will make a perfect partner while you stay healthy and enjoy the outdoors.

Things We Liked
  • Made from durable and sturdy synthetic material
  • Stylish collar and knitted flip over
  • The insole and the inside of the boot are quite comfortable
  • An elegant combat  boot made for women looking to make a fashion statement
  • Has a non-slip sole making them ideal for walks and hikes
Things We Didn't Like
  • The boot is not weather resistant
  • May have an unpleasant smell that will last for long
  • Faux leather material which is not as durable as the real leather

#2.  DailyShoes Women’s Military Ankle Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots Mid Knee High Exclusive Credit Card Pocket Booties

Some women look good in a short skirt and some decent footwear on. Combat boots come to mind when in such a scenario. However, they have to be the right women’s military combat boots and these daily shoe boots tick most of the right boxes to make it an ideal choice.

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It is made of a durable synthetic material and rubber sole and will give you a long service of use. However, these features are nothing compared to storage pocket it comes with – you can stow small essentials like keys, pocket knife, credit card, and cash.

Unlike men, the majority of women clothing come without pockets as a fashion statement – the idea is that they will have a purse to carry everything they need, but no every woman loves a bag and so the boots with hidden pockets are a good choice.

Things We Liked
  • A durable synthetic material
  • Rubber sole for durability, comfort, and flexibility
  • A zippered pocket where you can easily stow some of your essentials
  • A shaft measuring 9.75 inches and a circumference of 13 inches – fitting for most women
  • A padded insole provides optimum comfort to your feet
  • The combat boots with pockets are available in a variety of colors
Things We Didn't Like
  • The zipper may break making the shoe look unattractive
  • It is not watertight, and your feet may get wet
  • Not the most durable material

#3.  Top Moda Women’s Pack-72 Lace Up Combat Boot

For the women that want a more classic-looking combat boot, then the Top Moda boots are a perfect choice. The boot features a stylish side zipper and two buckles at the back.

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The Top Moda ankle boots are both stylish and rugged – have one of those ‘ready for anything’ look which can entirely be cool on a woman.

The Top Moda combat boots feature a lacing system ensuring they fit snuggly to your calves – a good thing as it enhances your comfort levels.

Things We Liked
  • It is available in a variety of colors
  • Stylish side zipper and buckles
  • A lacing system for a better and comfortable fit
  • It is an inexpensive boot
  • A cool classic design
Things We Didn't Like
  • It will not last that long but is quite  stylish
  • The boot is not waterproof
  • The may feel a bit stiff and uncomfortable for some
  • May not be ideal as a winter boot

#4.  Steve Madden Women’s Troopa Lace-Up Boot

Women that adore a classic look have another ideal choice for Steve Madden lace up boots. But unlike most on the market, the boot is pure durable leather which indicates a few things – for starters; it is quite durable and water resistant meaning that you now have a combat-ready boot.

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The Steve Madden women’s combat boots have a synthetic sole with decent traction for various terrains – you are finally set to take that camping trip you have been postponing. The distance between the shaft and heel is 8.25 inches – pretty decent to say the least.

The boot features a lace-up design ensuring a tight and comfortable fit. Your feet are finally dry and protected from the elements – the primary role of combat boots. But this military-inspired Steve Madden Troopa combat boots also feature a side zipper in addition to the laces making it chic and funky – trendy is more like it.

Things We Liked
  • The Steve Madden fame combat boot carries a stylish classic look
  • Made from a durable leather material to take years of service
  • A 1-inch heel and 0 inches platform – pretty comfortable and will prevent injuries
  • Features a lace-up design for a comfortable and tight fit
  • A side zipper and lace-up design making the boot entirely cool A suitable low heel
  • Has a smooth and comfortable sole
Things We Didn't Like
  • They are quite waterproof
  • They may also be the best of quality

#5.  Forever Link Womens Mango-31 Round Toe Military Lace Up Knit Ankle Cuff Low Heel Combat Boots

The round toe boots women’s footwear is from entirely synthetic materials which means that there no organic materials form animals – pretty comforting for those that love animals. The shoe’s arc is 7.5 inches from the heel.

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A round toe boot with a heel, side zipper, and lace-up design provides that cool feminine design. And it is quite exciting that it comes in a variety of colors – you can choose several colors to match your wardrobe.

The lace-up ankle combat boots are supportive and quite comfortable to wear – something that can be your perfect outdoorsy companion. They provide the foot support and protection you deserve as you take to the different terrains.

Things We Liked
  • Durable synthetic materials
  • It is 7.5 inches between the arc and the heel
  • The forever combat boots have a zipper and lace up for a cool feminine design
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • They are comfortable and supportive
  • Light shoes and comfortable to walk in
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not the most ideal as winter shoes – may also need to wear warm wool socks during the winter months
  • It is not that durable
  • They are not waterproof boots

#6.  Dr. Martens Women’s Pascal Leather Combat Boot

If you are looking for a leather combat boot, then you are on the right track. What this only means is that Dr. Marten combat boots are an ideal choice for those looking for something that will last through the years protecting your feet.

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Some of the desirable features on this Dr. Martens Pascal women’s boot include the 2-inch heel and the lace-up design. But the lace-up also functional as it ensures a tight and comfortable fit. The platform is only half an inch.

The real combat boots are waterproof and sturdy to protect your feet from injury and keep them dry – it is precisely what this boot does. And on top of it all, the boots are quite lightweight.

Things We Liked
  • Made from durable and tough leather material
  • Lace-Up design for a comfortable fit
  • An attractive design
  • Comes with an innovative, durable and comfortable sole
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • The boots are easy to clean
  • Lightweight and easy to walk in
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not fully waterproof according to the majority of Dr. Martens Pascal reviews
  • They are not the best as winter boots – not quite insulated

#7.  Soda Womens Dome Combat Boots

The soda dome combat boots are among those that look utterly stylish in shorts anything above the knees; you name them. It is synthetic material and synthetic sole. The subtle stitching and the double straps are some of the features that make these boots utterly stylish. And as if that is not all, there is a side zipper that makes wearing it to be such a breeze.

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The less than an inch and half heel make it comfortable to walk in. And to ensure a perfect fit, the mid-calf lace-up combat boots have both laces and zipper – you can quickly put it on and off.

However, don’t think to go out with them when it’s raining. You will feel the uncomfortable and disconcerting squishy sound with every step that you make – two words, ‘not ideal!’.

Things We Liked
  • Side zipper, double straps and subtle stitching that make the shoe make it look all stylish
  • Has both laces and zipper for a decent fit and comfort
  • The heel not too low nor too high – just the perfect size for comfort
  • The Soda Women’s Dome Combat Boots  are comfortable inside
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not waterproof
  • The zipper quality is not among the best
  • The heel may feel too hard and stiff
  • They may feel too snug for wide feet

#8.  Taos Women’s Crave Boot

Doubtlessly, this is one of the most comfortable and durable women’s boot you will find out there. And why do we say that? Well, it is leather, has a suede upper and it is in a pretty durable design. The sole is synthetic, and it carries subtle stitching.

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The upper suede collar, rubber outsole, and adjustable rear buckle are other great features that make this Taos crave boots stand out – it is not just an ordinary, but rather an exceptional one. It has a 2-inch heel that provides that feminine stride – pretty stylish!

The Taos combat boot comes in a variety of colors which also means that you can get several to match your varied wardrobe.

Things We Liked
  • The durable and sturdy leather upper that will give you years of service
  • Lace-Up design and zipper to provide a comfortable fit
  • It is a very stylish boot that you can wear to outdoor events
  • A platform of about 0.5 inches – comfortable
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • An adjustable rear buckle adding to the beauty of the boot
Things We Didn't Like
  • The sizing may be a little off
  • May not be available in a wide size
  • The boots may be a little bit tough for some people

#9.  Sully’s Women’s Sharper-1 Combat Boot

The women’s flat combat boots are made from synthetic material and have a synthetic sole. Its platform is about 0.5 inches – adequate for most women.  The boot blends feminine style and toughness. These are boots that every lady will be proud to show off.

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The sully’s boots come in a variety of colors and are the highest quality leather – these are boots that will last a very long time.  They are worth the investment. The fold-over cuff adds to the style and elegance. And if you examine it thoroughly, you’ll discover that the lining goes all the way to the toes – a good thing for those chilly days that keep you in bed.

Other excellent features include the platform which is approximately 0.5 inches and the heel which is about 1 inch – not too shabby and will not hurt your foot. It is ankle-high with a round foot.

And if you are among those that don’t like animal products on any clothing items then this boot is ideal for you – it is al synthetic.

Things We Liked
  • An attractive design
  • Sturdy and durable Boots that will last for many years
  • The lace-up design and cuffs add to the overall appeal
  • The boot does not contain animal products
  • The footwear comes with a decent amount of lining perfect for the chilly days
Things We Didn't Like
  • The sizes may be a bit smaller than the actual
  • The boots are not waterproof
  • Does not come with a zipper like the rest of them
  • There is a lead warning on the box, and that may be disconcerting for some people

#10.  Women Military Combat Foldable Cuff Faux Leather Plaid/Quilted Back Zipper Lace Up Boots

The all-synthetic material and true-to-size boots are an ideal choice for women who want to blend a bit of style and toughness. Some of the highlight features include a buckle strap, round toe, and an elastic band to ensure a proper fitting – pretty functional to say the least.

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To ensure optimum comfort, these women’s fold-over combat boots have a rubber sole, soft interior lining and cushioned insole – these features provide adequate shock absorption and support. These can also be women’s fold-down combat boots if need be – this is much like the fold over combat boots with plaid inside.

Things We Liked
  • Side zipper closure and lace-up for comfortable wear
  • The shoe has an attractive design
  • It comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from
  • The heel is 1.25 inches for comfort and safety
Things We Didn't Like
  • The zipper may not be of the best quality
  • May run smaller than your size

How to Choose the Best Combat Boots for Women?

Combat boots are without a doubt durable and sturdy – no question about that! However, there are some other factors to consider so that you will end up with the right boot for you. Durable and sturdy are not the only factors to think about when choosing with combat boots.

10 Best Combat Boots for Women Review

So what are the other factors?


as a woman, you want something that compliments your femininity. Combat boots are now a famous fashion statement. You are sure to find a fashionable and comfortable combat boots women’s wear for every occasion.

Heels may not be a priority in combat boots but having it greatly enhances your overall look. But let not all your attention fall on the heel – you know how women are!

Check also the lining, the sole and the buckles.

Give particular attention to the lining as there can never be a fashionable shoe that feels terrible from within. Fitting the shoe before the purchase is a great way to determine whether you’re getting something good or not.


When it comes to combat boots, remember that you are dealing with something that is a little different from your everyday shoe – this is not a kind of sneakers that you can send your friend to go and purchase for you. Typically, there are different sizes of military combat boots women can choose from. You will find something such as the knee length, mid-calf, and the standard length.


The basic design of the combat boots is to provide excellent support for your feet in combat situations. But as you are aware, you are not getting one to go into battle. What we are getting at is that your ideal choice of combat boots needs to support your feet in your current situation. Always, the priority should be to maintain healthy ankles, feet, and calves – never compromise on this!


Sometimes the excitement of getting the most fashionable shoe can get your eye off one critical factor – ventilation.


Combat boots women’s wear are without a doubt thick and made of sturdy leather – they are more likely to heat up and make you feel significantly uncomfortable drenching in sweat.

The ideal pair should at least incorporate the moisture wicking technology and achieve a decent level of breathability.

The Insole

is one of the most critical parts if any shoe. Insoles determine how much comfort a particular shoe can provide. In the case of combat boots, the insole is as essential as ever. They decide whether or not you have a sure footing and stand tall or not.

There are different varieties on the market, so it’s essential to determine which among them is ideal for you regarding comfort.


The best combat boots for women are sturdy, comfortable and comfortable to wear. They are now a fashion statement, and every woman wouldn’t mind having a pair for themselves, would you?  The above review hopefully gives you a better idea of the kind of boots you should be getting for yourself and look all stylish and comfortable.