Difference Between House Shoes and Slippers

Looking for warm and fuzzy footwear to relax in all day long?

Well, when resting in our houses, we usually love to have a pair of shoes on to avoid slippage when doing our daily chores. That is why you need to get the right footwear like house shoes and slippers to make sure that you are comfortable and safe while in the house.

However, we cannot talk about indoor footwear without thinking of house shoes and house slippers.

Difference Between House Shoes and Slippers – 7 Easy Way To Choose

That is why this article seeks to differentiate between house shoes and slippers to help you make the right decision as you think of investing in one.

  • Construction
  • Flexibility
  • Styles
  • Comfort
  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Soles

House shoes and slippers are not the same. Slippers are fuzzy, warm, and come with non-breathable material.

You can wear slippers anywhere, from the store around the corner to the mailbox.

House Shoes vs. Slippers – What’s The Difference?

Their sole is strong enough to withstand touch city streets and functional enough to look like a usual shoe.

Construction and Flexibility

In short, slippers are both indoor and outdoor footwear. That means you can wear them as you wish, whether in the house or outdoors.

On the other hand, house shoes are strictly house shoes. They come with soft soles that cannot withstand touch grounds. However, they are better than slippers when in the house since they keep the floor clean since you cannot go with them outside.

Besides, the floors are cold, socks are slippery, and slippers are also expensive.

House shoes merely solve the problem.


House shoes come in different styles and colors. However, the styles are not so many since the shoes are strictly indoor shoes.

On the other hand, slippers come in various styles including mules, clog slippers, boot slippers, and more. With such shoes, you can choose from multiple styles since you want to look stunning when walking through the streets grab a pair and treat your feet with a unique style and comfort.


Both house shoes and slippers are lightweight and comfortable. Besides, both men and women love wearing slippers or house shoes for both indoor jobs as well as outdoor jobs.

However, when in the house, house shoes are more comfortable than slippers, considering their soft sole. You won’t even feel as if you are on any shoes.


On the other hand, slippers come in sturdy soles and may cause discomfort when wearing them in the house for the day.

However, when it comes to outdoors, slippers are more comfortable than house shoes.


When it comes to cost, slippers are costly than house shoes.

Considering their construction and functionality, slippers will cost more than house shoes.

With that in mind, if all you want is footwear to use indoors only, why should you pay more on slippers while house shoes are more comfortable?


Slippers are durable than house shoes. The reason is that house shoes come with soft materials including the sole which can wear out quickly while the slippers come in the sturdy sole for outdoor walking.

However, considering that house shoes stay in the house all day, they are safe from abrasion, unlike slippers that can wear out quickly due to the outside pressure.


If you need a shoe for walking around the house or for sleeping on the couch with a blanket, choose house shoes but if you want to go outside with the shoes, choose slippers as they come with soles that are strong enough to offer extra traction when walking outside.

We all would like to get cozy and comfortable house shoes or slippers. While both slippers and house shoes are great for indoors, always make sure you get the perfect shoe, and you will never want to take them off.

All the best!