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David Johnson

David M. Johnson is currently a writer and blogger with great passions for footwear, health, and fitness. He's an avid weightlifter, travel enthusiast, and lover of espresso. Currently, he splits time between writing and helping transform lives' wellness business. David also a passionate runner and triathlete who has worked for many years in the sports footwear industry.

More specifically, worked at Rockport shoe company as a quality control officer before in gone bankrupt in May 2018. It was a great company ran by great people. I had really good old memories with them.

So what is my identity now?

I find myself here at as an avid contributor as an expert in the footwear industry. In my entire life I did a lot of things, connected with different industries, but what I loved most is a new beautiful pair of shoes, you wear always.

I got a mania! (It's not a joke), I can't remember the name of the people I barely meet ever, but I can remember the pair of shoes he or she was wearing last time.

So no doubt it's great fun sharing my experiences with

Keep yourself in touch with us, hope the best.