The Best Shoes for Wide Feet That Look And Feel Good (2018 Updated)

Have you ever tried to wear stuff in your feet that really doesn’t give you the comfort? It is a big yes for almost everybody. Everybody among us has done some stupid fashion tendency that was never comfortable. But the first priority while wearing something should be the comfort factor. If you don’t fit into something you should not wear it. No matter how attractive you are looking. Now, the important thing that we always miss out. That is, our feet! In order to choose the best shoes for wide feet, we need to consider many things.

Best shoes for wide feet

I mean to say that we pay less care for our feet. But they are one of the most important parts of our body. So, we need to be wearing stuff that doesn’t create any unhealthy condition for our shoes. And comfort varies from man to man. Because our foot size is not the same for everybody. I have put the suggestions to buy the best shoes for wide feet.

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10 Best Shoes for Wide Feet Comparison Table


  • Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet
  • Puremotion
  • Cushioning and Flexibility
  • Rubber Sole
  • Editor Rating:4.8
  • Best Athletic Shoes for Wide Feet
  • Featherweight
  • GEL Cushioning System
  • Astonishing Design
  • Editor Rating:4.8
  • Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
  • Impact Guidance System
  • FluidRide MidSole
  • Seamless Construction
  • Editor Rating:4.9
  • Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet
  • Fully Leather Quality
  • Friction With Field/Grass
  • Water Resistant
  • Editor Rating:4.7
  • Best Hiking Shoes for Wide Feet
  • High Heel
  • Padded Tongue and Collar
  • Torsion Stability
  • Editor Rating:4.6
  • Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet
  • Shock Absorption
  • Soft Inner Build
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Editor Rating: 4.6
  • Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet
  • Gripping Facility
  • Dual Density Foam
  • Dynamic Fit
  • Editor Rating:4.8
  • Best Wide Running Shoes for Heavy Runners
  • Synthetic Material
  • Ability to Stretch
  • Ventilation
  • Editor Rating:4.5
  • Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet
  • Ultra-Durability
  • Superior Gripping Ability
  • The Perfect Dimension
  • Editor Rating:4.7
  • Best Nursing Shoes for Wide Feet
  • Dress Code Compatible
  • Heavy Endurance
  • Blood-stain Proof
  • Editor Rating:4.8

So, if you have a unique type of best wide feet shoes then wear something that fits your feet. If you have wide feet then wear shoes that give you extra space in the shoes. Now comes the fashion factor. And here in this article, I have put some advice for you if you have wide feet. Also, I have some shoe suggestions for you for every special use or purpose. So, don’t worry if you always feel it too tough to choose a shoe that fits your feet. Because I am going to make things easier for you in this article. Read through the instructions carefully and pick shoes according to your use and necessity.

How to Choose The Best Shoes for Wide Feet?

To choose the best shoes for wide feet you need to follow the instructions that I put in here. There are some certain facts that you need to keep in your mind.

Strength & Durability
Price & User Satisfaction
  • Comfort is the first thing. You should ask yourself if you fit in the shoe or not. Because it is not fashionable if it is not comfortable. So, when you are buying a shoe from online you must check the space it will provide to your feet. That means choosing the wide shoes.
  • Fashion comes in the second. Fashion is very important. And in case of shoes, it becomes more important. Sometimes people are judged by their shoes! It is said that one’s fashion sense comes out through the shoes one is wearing. To be fashionable you don’t need to keep a lot of pairs of shoes. To have the best shoes for wide feet along with fashion you can do that by just having some pairs of shoes. One pair of shoes is never enough. Keep that in mind. Because you don’t always want to look square fashioned. I mean you should have shoes according to the places you go to. Have special shoes for job places and different for the party. That’s what I meant.
  • Budget is also one very big concern for the buyers. It is necessary to cut your coat according to your cloth. You don’t need to try too hard to get a very luxurious shoe. I mean it’s good if you can already afford one. But you can have a very good matching shoe for you even if you are not very much well of. So, look at the budget also.
  • The price comparison is also very important. The best shoe for wide feet for you is the one that has the perfect price matching. Not too expensive for you then again not too cheap. Just perfect. SO do the math when buying the best shoe for wide feet and compare the prices.


Lastly, safety is also important. If you are a woman then don’t choose a too high heel shoe if you can’t handle.

The 12 Best Shoes for Wide Feet Reviewed In 2018

Best Shoes for Wide Feet in The Market (Men and Women)

What to Look for in A Comfortable Wide Feet Dress Shoes?


For men who have wide feet is no big deal. Trust me. There are so many good shoes that solve the odds. But there are still some features that you must keep in mind when buying a wide feet shoe. The best shoes for wide feet are those which have the requirements filled.

Best Shoes for Wide Feet


You must see is the shoe wide enough for you or not. Then for wide feet, you need extra space. So, shoes made from leather or synthetic shoes are the best options. Also, you should check is the sole is made of rubber or not. Because shoes made of rubber are the best for the wide feet. One another great idea will be buying the shoe with padded collar and tongue that lets you with extra space just perfectly you need.


For the women, the features to look for may be the same. But as girls’ skin are touchier so breathable mesh is required. Also, shoes with a very lightweight are suggested. And for women, there are some shoes that come with a lot number of colors.

Features that You Should Look for-
  • Leather or Synthetic material: If your shoe is made of leather or synthetic material then it’s the best. Because this type of shoes compliments the wide feet. Also, this material is best suited for all type of skin.
  • Synthetic Sole: You must watch out for the sole. Sole is very important. The best shoes for wide feet must have solely made of synthetic material.
  • Breathable Mesh: Breathable mesh tongue and collar is highly suggested because it is necessary for any kind of shoes. Especially for wide shoes. Because wide shoes must have mesh for the air passing because the inner space is larger.
  • Flexible Outsole and Removable Footbed: A flexible shoe and outsole are very important for shoes for wide feet. Because it increases the comfort factor and lets us move easily.
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Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet (Men and Women)

What to Look for in Running Shoes for Wide Feet?


Both men and women who are conscious about their health do some jogging or daily exercises. So, here I am going to talk about those shoes which are perfect for exercises and running. When you are out for exercises you are the one who wants to look fit. So, the look is an important issue for you. And that is why I have put some fashionable wide shoes up here.

running shoes for wide feet

One thing that you should keep in mind is that your shoe for running has to be very comfortable. So, if you get cushioned sole it is very much preferable. Also, synthetic material is very supportive so that you can run or stretch very easily. One more thing, try to pick a flexible shoe which will help you for you stretching or other stuff.


For the women, the T-beam stability is very much useful. That means stable and supportive shoes are the suggested ones. Also, as the girls like a different sense of fashion. There is a unique color which is liked by women. These shoes are highly fashionable.

Features that You Should Look for-
  • Material: For the men leather or synthetic is suggested. And for the women, the synthetic and the fabric type of shoes are suggested.
  • Impact Guidance System: This feature is very much helpful for both men and women. Because of this feature running is much easier and safe.
  • FluidRide MidSole: This is an exclusive feature that lets you get ultimate comfort and it has the cushioning sole system. And the ultimate bounce back system integrated into it really helps you when running.
  • Seamless Construction: This great feature avoids any hamper to the skin. Because of the seamless build, there is no irritation and friction caused by stitches.
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Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet (Men and Women)

What to Look for in Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet?


Men like sports very much. And for sports, a perfect shoe is a must. To play any physical game a perfectly fitted shoe is a must. Also, fashion is important. Your shoe should match with the outfit. And for that reason, there should be a various type and color of shoes. Well, advanced fit shoes are the best in that case.

Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet


Women who like sports very much care about safety. So, a modern technology shoe with the ultra-safe system is the first priority. For women, there are also good shoes for basketball. Because you need to jump a lot a very supportive shoe is required. The best shoes for wide feet with sports must also be satisfied.

Features that You Should Look for-
  • Rubber Sole: It’s very important to have a comfortable rubber sole in the shoe for sports. Both men and women should look for rubber sole in order to ensure the comfort and safety factor.
  • Cushioning and Flexibility: The shoe must provide perfect cushioning because at the time of basketball playing. This exclusive feature doesn’t make you land hard from the jump. Also, the flexibility must be there. It is very helpful at the time of basketball.
  • Puremotion: It develops the barefoot for various things. Like traction, speed, and flex.
  • Lightweight:For basketball playing, you don’t want to feel too heavy. As you need to jump a lot. You should be careful and pick a light weighted shoe which is the best shoes for wide feet.
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Best Hiking Shoes For Wide Feet (Men and Women)

What to Look for in Hiking Shoes for Wide Feet?

Boys and girls both like an adventure. Nowadays, hiking is a very common sport. But, hiking can be dangerous if you are not properly ready for it. So, a perfectly suitable pair of shoe is what you need for that. These shoes must have some specialties. These shoes are made with special care and with a stronger build for tolerating the extra load. But if you are using it on regular basis then it is no expected that it will remain in great condition. But one thing is highly suggested if you need to take extra care if you want to keep them in good condition. These shoes usually have very suitable rock lower part which helps grip for hiking.

Hiking Shoes for Wide Feet

Hiking is really fun and you need to keep the best shoes for wide feet that is perfect for hiking to stay safe.

Features that You Should Look for-
  • Rubber Sole:Sole plays an important role in keeping the safety factor of the shoe. And these shoes are made of rubber which is really long lasting and comfortable for hiking. This was put like this to obtain the maximum manufacturing success of safety.
  • High Heel: Everybody knows very well that the environmental challenges are not always easy for hiking. So, keeping that in mind you should look for best shoe for wide feet that are also given with high heel.
  • Padded Tongue and Collar: The padded tongue and collar for hiking provide extra easy features and this enables comfort factor. Padded collar and tongue become a must when you are looking forward to hiking.
  • Torsion Stability: The torsion stability feature is an advanced system that is very much suitable for hiking. For this feature, you will be able to keep you safe from an extra load on feet and accidents. In times when you put much complex pressure on your shoe, this feature saves your shoe from damage.
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Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet (Men and Women)

What to Look for in Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet?

When you go for sports you need the required equipment for that. And a suitable pair of shoe is one of them. It needs no telling that your shoe must also fit your feet perfectly. And for wide shoes here I have put the suggestions for tennis shoes.

Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet

When you go to play tennis, you need a shoe that is soft along with a strong build. I mean to say that it should also be comfortable and strong at the same time. And for this, I have given some features that you should look for in these shoes.

Features that You Should Look for-
  • Material: For the tennis purpose your shoe must have to be leather, synthetic or made of textile. This material suits your purpose very well.
  • Shock Absorption: When you play tennis, you need to jump for many times. So, keeping that in mind these shoes are made with shock absorption technology. This lets your jump to be safe and also protects your shoes from the hamper.
  • Soft Inner Build: It is obvious that you will sweat at the time of playing tennis. But as you need to play for a long time. It is sure that your shoe should be made of a soft inner build. This lets your skin safe.
  • Breathable Mesh: A breathable mesh is all you need to confirm that you are not sweating much. Because if you sweat too much that is not healthy for your skin. So, to save your skin from rasher or any other hamper try to select a shoe with breathable meshes. These shoes offer more air passing in your shoe.
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Best Cross Training Shoes For Wide Feet (Men and Women)

What to look for in Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet?

When you are up for training you are not complete if you don’t have the suitable pair of shoes. So, here I have suggested the shoes that you need while training. And that is why I have kept in mind that you are looking for the best shoes for wide feet.

Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet

Training shoes are the ones that are for the exercise purpose. Exercise and other stretching practices are done when you are in the training session. So, for that purpose, your shoes have to be very much strong and also comfortable at the same time. If your shoe has breathable mesh facility then the service becomes perfect than anything for the health.

Features that You Should Look for-
  • Gripping Facility: For all the tough stretching you are going to do in the training, you need grip. The grip is very important because it enables you to be free and comfortable. If your shoe has a perfect grip then you will get the safety factor with you and be confident. So, for the training shoe grip is something that you should look for.
  • Double Layer: Double layer is a very advanced technology put in the shoes for training purpose. Double layer in the lower part is very supportive for the feet. And this enables extra soft portion in the inner part.
  • Dual Density Foam: You need the dual density foam feature for the extra comfort and support. This exclusive feature is very useful for the training purpose. So, when you are looking for the shoe you should select this feature also.
  • Dynamic Fit: When you are up for training you need your shoes to be perfect. I mean it should be as it should be. The fit has to be perfect too! In that case, this feature comes. This feature enables easy fitting technique. For this exclusive feature, you are able to adjust your feet with your shoe very easily because of the modern laces.
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Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners with Wide Feet

What to look for in Running Shoes for Heavy Runners With Wide Feet?

When you are looking for the best running shoes, which means you have to put a lot of pressure in the shoes while running. All kinds of shoes don’t come with the advantage of superior pressure handling. So, you must choose carefully when you are going to buy shoes for heavy running.

Running Shoes for Heavy Runners With Wide Feet

The mass people like us usually need to run 20-50 miles per week according to health. So it does not need a lot of pressure on the shoes. Though 50 miles per week is a lot of running the regular shoes can handle it efficiently. But when it comes to the matter of Elite Running, a runner usually needs to run for about 70-100 miles per week. This is a lot of pressure right?

Not each kind of shoe in the store are manufactured to handle this lot pressure. You need the best shoes for wide feet that will be able to last for a very long time even though you are running for about 100 miles per week.

Features that You Should Look for-
  • Synthetic Material: The shoes of your choice must feel premium while using. The main feature of synthetic is that it is totally artificial but it will always feel like natural.
  • Ability to Stretch: Running requires a lot of flexibility of the foot. Therefore, if your shoe lacks the ability to stretch much in different point, it will tear apart in a few days.
  • Ventilation: Your feet will get sweaty and stinky if you don’t have the proper air flow through the inside of your shoes. So, it is more important than any of the points listed above.
  • Softness & Comfort: This is the point I do not need to mention, right? When it comes to the matter of running, comfort should be our first most priority.
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Best Athletic Shoes for Wide Feet

What to Look For in Athletic Shoes for Wide Feet?

To keep our body healthy and mind sound outdoor games are the most effective medicine than all others. But today, games are not just played for fun. It holds the reputation of your country, the hope, and expectation of the whole nation.

Athletic Shoes for Wide Feet

A lot of people depend on an international player, right? So, either you are willing to play cricket, or football, you can be a hockey player or basketball or even golf player- proper choice of shoes is always more important as it is the part and parcel of every athlete in the world. We are here to help you choose the best shoes that are best for all kinds of athletes.

Features that You Should Look for-
  • Featherweight: The first property of a ‘Good shoe’is lightweight. Without a light shoe, you can’t focus on the game properly.
  • Padded Tongue and Collar: When it comes to the matter of comfort, padded shoes are on the list of top priority of an athlete. Collar provides the proper grip needed to play a game properly.
  • GEL Cushioning System: Without the proper comfort, you can never play a game perfectly. You will lose your concentration when the shoes will start to bother you. Therefore, the new technology of gel cushioning system will help you get the ultimate comfort.
  • Astonishing Design: Of course when you are in the field, millions of eyes and hundreds of cameras are monitoring your position. That’s why perfect made design is compulsory to make the perfect impression on everyone.
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Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

What to look for in Golf Shoes for Wide Feet?

Playing golf is fun, right? Whatever age you are in, golf will always keep the adrenaline of your system flowing. You will always find an enormous pleasure in golf. Now the question remains- What kind of shoes you need to play golf.

Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

It is estimated that you need to walk for about 5 miles in an average golf game. It is a long way, right? Moreover, when you hold the club in your hand and stand in the position of shooting a ball, your right foot will always bend a little. So, you can see that you need a pair perfect quality shoes in order to play golf accurately.

Features that You Should Look for-
  • Fully Leather Quality: The main material of different shoes is always different. But to play golf, you need something different than all. Only a leather quality product will be the perfect choice for any golf player.
  • Sole Should be of Rubber: The sole of a shoe plays a very important role to characterize a shoe nature. The soles bear the identity of the shoes. For the golf player, rubber made sole will provide the greatest benefit.
  • Friction with Field/Grass: Of course, it is sure that the friction of the shoe with the grass must be high. Otherwise, it will slip in the rainy condition and the user may feel the danger to mud and wet grasses.
  • Water Resistant: A golf field is included in various sector. Each and every sector has a unique property of themselves. Sometimes the user will find sand, and sometimes mud. So, the shoe he will be wearing must have the ability to resist water.
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Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

What to Look For In Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet?

Is climbing a fun, isn’t it? But it has a lot of risks. Before saying any other word, I personally want to tell you- Always take all the safety needed for any kinds of climbing. You may be a professional level climber. But sometimes a little lack of attention can harm in the worst way possible.

Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

When you are preparing yourself to go on a climb, among all others safety equipment- proper choice of shoes is necessary. The greatest shoes always come with the proper combination of, quality, endurance and hard-working. Even when it costs some more penny from your pocket, you should buy the best. Because your life is priceless.

Here we are, to help you choose the perfect pair of shoes that will provide the utmost safety and security in the way of your journey.

Features that You Should Look for-
  • Ultra-Durability: Climbing is the hobby that requires a lot of pressure both on your body and your nerve. But the most pressure is gone through your shoes. So, the shoes should be rough and tough.
  • Superior Gripping Ability: A hill climbing is full of thrill and dangerous Buta simple mistake can be life-threatening. A simple slip on the mountain can cause death to anyone. Shoes are the main equipment for safety. A perfect grip can save your precious life from any kind of danger.
  • The Perfect Dimension: You can’t climb thousands of feet wearing loose shoes. They will bother for each foot you climb. It’s not only uncomfortable but also risky. Always try to buy the perfect size that suits you.
  • Shoes that Take Care of Your Feet: Whenever you are wearing shoes, they should not give you pain through the period of climbing. The shoes must take proper care of your feet.
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Best Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet

What To Look For In Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet?

Soccer is the most exciting game in human history. There is not a single person who did not watch one game of soccer. The total 90 minutes of the game is just full of excitement. So, the 22 players who are in the field has truly an enormous pressure on the head in the whole 90 minutes. Proper choice of shoes is the most important of them all.

Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet

Now when it comes to the matter of shoes, you must choose to keep all the variables in your mind. You should think about the field, the grass, the humidity, the temperature of the current weather and so on. Really hard, right?

Not to worry, simply just follow our guidelines. Today I’ll show you some products that are made especially for all the soccer players.

Features that You Should Look for-
  • Underfoot Traction: When you are a football player no one else knows better than you about how much traction is needed to play a soccer game properly. Proper friction is a must to achieve the best performance through the whole game.
  • Thicker Wedge: Wedges of a shoe are the needle-like things that are mounted beneath the sole of the shoes. The denser the wedges are, the more you will gain control over both yourself and the ball.
  • A Perfect Fit for Wide Feet: When you are running at a stretch for more than 90 minutes in the field, you always need the proper placement of your feet in the shoes. Else you will get stumbled frequently. The ultimate result will be a loss in the game.
  • Usable in All Types of Grasses: A soccer player has to play in hundreds of countries every year. Different countries have different grasses according to the weather. So, a shoe must be able to suit well in all kinds of grasses.
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Best Nursing Shoes for Wide Feet

What To Look For In Nursing Shoes For Wide Feet?

Nursing is one of the most honorable professions in any part of the world. How would you choose the best shoes for nurses? Let’s see what you need to know before buying a pair of nursing shoes.

Nursing Shoes For Wide Feet

A nurse has to run through a whole hospital by many times in a day. In all day she/he needs to keep on running. A nurse also needs to run through the staircases all day long. Running through operation theater, cabin to cabin, floor to floor for different purposes.

Though there are a lot of shoes in the market that is durable when it comes to the matter of dress code, only a few companies make the strongest and toughest shoes for nurses. Here are some of the shoes that will fit best for nurses.

Features that You Should Look for-
  • Dress Code Compatible: For nurses, almost all the hospitals and clinics provide a fixed dress code. Such as some hospitals give them instructions to wear white shoes while some prefer black. Therefore, the best nurse shoes must come with the proper dress code.
  • Comes with the Best Price: Though you need durable material for long lasting, you should not choose the shoes that have a high price range. Because sometimes the color of the shoes gets spoiled. Sometimes blood may damage the material properly. So, you may need to change the shoes frequently.
  • Heavy Endurance: Not to mention, of course, a nurse has to go through a lot of running and walking. Therefore, durability is a ‘must be’ property of the shoes for nursing.
  • Blood-stain proof:Almost no shoe has the feature of blood stain resistance. But when you are a nurse, there is a lot of blood spattering in every operation and emergency case. If it gets to the shoes, they will get spoiled. So look for the shoes that are best for stain proof.
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The Bottom Line

I guess by the time you have got a complete idea about how to choose the best shoes for wide feet. But lastly, I want to add some notes to your mind. There are some more things that you should consider. These are

  • Color: You must have to fix what color of shoes you want. Color becomes a very important issue in case of wide shoes. SO, obviously keep the color selection in mind.
  • Style: Your shoe may be very nice but it won’t work out for you if you don’t wear the perfect dress with it. So, wear the shoe that matches with your upper body clothing.
  • Purpose or Use: Don’t wear a sneaker on an important official meeting. I guess you got my point. You need to wear the perfect shoe according to the environment and occasion.

One more thing always is prepared for various occasions. So, have suitable shoes for that occasion. I mean to say don’t have the same pair of shoes for every time. Have shoes depending on the occasion you may need to go to.

Finally, go comfortably. A perfect pair of shoes with suitable comfort is the best shoes for wide feet. Because it makes you a much more confident person.