10 Best Skechers Walking Shoes Review in 2020

While there are numerous benefits associated with incorporating running into our lifestyle, many of us are typically not runners. Many people may feel that running is too strenuous an exercise.

However, no one said you couldn’t take up walking instead.

Yes, walking may be entirely different from running, but it has the same benefits. Walking is more natural and helps keep your weight in check, your blood pressure under control and heart illnesses at bay.

10 Best Skechers Walking Shoes Review (Expert Guide)

The following are some of the best skechers walking shoes that you can choose from and make walking more manageable for you.

For Men’s

For Women’s

Best Recommendations

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The Untold Secret To SKECHERS WALKING SHOES REVIEWS In Less Than Ten Minutes

Even so, you need the right footwear before you can take up the new challenge to keep healthy. Let’s check our Best Skechers walking shoes in-depth reviews.

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

Available in a variety of colors, the Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe is one of the ideal choices for women that want to incorporate walking into their lives.

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The shoes boast a unique design that cushions your feet adequately so that you can make that morning walks easily.

The rubber outsole features unique nodes that help maintain a good grip on a variety of surfaces. And unlike most other walking shoes, this variety of sketchers has a raised center to support the footbridge and make you more comfortable. The footwear has a breathable mesh to keep your feet cool at all times as you make that walk before heading out to the office.

The sleek design, with no laces or buckles, makes Go walk 3 women’s one of the most comfortable shoes. As a result, they are easier to put on and off. You will not waste your time dealing with the laces – this somehow contributes to the motivation to keep up the morning walks.

And to ensure your foot health, the footbed features an antimicrobial sock liner.

That means you will never have to deal with a smelly foot situation – some piece of good news for avid walkers, don’t you think?

As you’ll notice from various Skechers go walk 3 reviews, the pair is a good fit for those with wide feet – they stretch.

However, the shoes are not ideal when it comes to hiking. They are a bit too soft. The shoes do not have a hard toe, and so you may hurt your foot on a stone if not careful. They more also wear out quickly under constant use.

Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

The stylish looking pair of Skechers walking shoes men’s is one versatile pair. That means you can wear it on a variety of occasions such as the office during casual Fridays. You can still use the pair at the gym. The treadmill will love them.

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The Skechers sports men’s is also a pair that is ideal for walking to keep fit and healthy.

To ensure sufficient durability, the material is a blend of leather and synthetic. It is a shoe that you will wear for such a long time without needing to get another pair. The Skechers sports memory foam provides for better and smooth walking. The shoe will not make a lot of noise as you make that walk to the grocery store.

For additional comfort, the Skechers sports memory foam men’s feature a meshed upper, making it sufficiently breathable. The shoe also has a padded collar and supportive overlays for stability and shock absorption. Its insole is memory foam and will absorb shock to your feet sufficiently.

Thee shoe has shoelaces for a better fit and efficient walking. They are lightweight and will not weigh you down in any way. And in hot weather, the walking shoes will not make your feet sweaty, and uncomfortable. Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker will not cause blisters or feel uncomfortable for wearing them all day.

The shoes are sufficiently wide for those people that have wide feet. They are not however too big to appear baggy. The sneakers are comfortable around the toes and are ideal for people that spend most of the day moving or standing.

At first, the shoes may feel a little hard and the ball, but the feeling dissipates after a few wears – according to Skechers memory foam men’s reviews. It may also become uncomfortable with time as the heel part wears away, causing blisters.

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

The Skechers go walk 3 men’s are available a variety of sizes and colors. You will find the right fit, and if you require several pairs to match with different clothing, you can right ahead – how fun would that be?

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The traction in this pair is fantastic. It is a flexible rubber outsole with a low heel to make your walks comfortable – just what the doctor ordered. The Goga mat insole and cushioned heel make your life a little bit easier.

It is, therefore, not only comfortable but also lightweight. The breathable fabric makes the shoe quite fun to wear – your feet will not become toasty as a result of the hot and unbearable weather. Its mesh upper ensure adequate circulation of air.

Typically, wearing these shoes will make you feel as if you are barefoot – that’s how lightweight and comfortable they are, real joy.

The shoes have a lightweight and comfortable design that makes it ideal for a variety of physical activities. And to demonstrate the high-level comfort, you can choose to wear it with socks or without socks, the choice is yours. The arc support is pretty decent and will not tire your foot with the unnecessary tire.

The shoes do not have any laces, and you can slip them on and off quickly without wasting any time – some of us are always around the clock, and there may be no time to spend tying the shoelaces.

Some of the shortcomings that are apparent on Skechers go walk 3 men’s reviews include the sizing which may not be compatible with what you usually wear. The shoe may run shorter and may need to exchange wasting some precious time on you in the process. Skechers go walk 3 men’s wide does not have laces, and so it may not be sufficiently secure for rugged surfaces.

Skechers Sport Men’s Stamina Nuovo Cutback Lace-Up Sneaker

For flat feet people and those looking for a walking shoe that boasts adequate structural support, and practical design, Skechers Sports Men’s Stamina Nuovo Cutback Lace-Up Sneaker is their shoe.

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The sporty design is something that will impress anyone interested in sports and training. Even if you are starting out on a walking regimen, the shoe will undoubtedly serve as motivation – some things are just like that.

However, its functionality does not end there. Other features that are entirely appealing include improved arch support, especially for people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Specifically, the shoe features a midfoot design for enhanced comfort on the part of the foot often ignored by other shoes. It means that the days of unstable and painful runs are no more.

Another highlight feature that these top of the range Skechers men’s walking shoes have is the highly supportive insole. Made for superior comfort, the insoles will make you feel as if you are walking on high clouds. But that is not the only thing that will impress.

Well, the fact that the insoles are removable, and can replace them with your custom inserts makes the pair genuinely versatile.

While some people may frown up upon the lace-up design in Skechers stamina cutback, it is a source of great support for walkers. You see, walking on different surfaces requires a decent level of stability. As such, the Skechers lace-up shoes hugs your foot adequately to ensure there’s no friction between your foot and the material.

Some users complain that the shoe is too sturdy as running or walking shoes. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The extra durability on Skechers Stamina Nuovo is something to applaud since it means you will be using it for some years to come.

The memory on the ball of the foot may be the first to go after a period of use, but everything eventually gives to wear tear.

Skechers Women’s Shape Ups Strength Fitness Walking Sneaker

The design behind the sneakers is to support walking. In other words, Women’s Skechers shape ups are a shoe that makes your daily walks easier and fulfilling. The framework of the shoe makes you feel as if you are walking on soft surfaces, even when you are not.

It is a truly innovative design.

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The features on Skechers shape ups wide width women that work together to provide this heavy-duty comfort shoes include the dual-density midsole, soft foam insert, and rolling bottom. The three features and the overall design of the shoe work together to engage the various muscles on your feet, no matter the surface you are walking on.

It is, therefore, not entirely impossible to find your legs well-toned and looking wonderful but that’s not all.

As other Skechers shape ups review highlight, the shoe reduces the impact of walking or standing for long hours, on your lower back and joints. It is a shoe that medical professionals may find useful.

The wedge-shaped insert, together with the rolling bottom are elements in the shoe designed to mimic walking barefoot. The comfort of the sneaker will make you feel the sinking motion of the heel, as the weight rolls forward, and shifts to center.

Pushing off with the front part of the shoe then becomes a breeze. The combined movement will then contribute to the abdominal, back and buttocks. If you are looking to lose some weight, the Shape-Ups shoe will make that more comfortable for you.

Regardless, some users highlight some quality issues with the shoe. It is not an inexpensive shoe, and some people may complain of the big sole. It is also not the most appealing design, but people are entirely different.

Skechers Men’s Equalizer 2.0 True Balance Sneaker

The good thing about the breathable mesh on Skechers Men’s Equalizer 2.0 True Balance Sneaker s that it helps you keep your feet fresh, at all times when taking that fitness walk.

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The fact that you are now taking up walking as part of your life means that you are ready to keep fit, and what better way to ensure that than with a breathable and comfortable shoe?

Let’s find out about the other features from the Skechers equalizer 2.0 review.

The Skechers equalizer boasts a supportive cushion that efficiently takes in shock as you walk. It means you will not have to persevere through the discomfort of walking on rough surfaces. The well-designed midsole is a source of impact cushion to ensure more enhanced heavyweight walking comfort shoes.

If you are a big guy, the Skechers sports men’s equalizer will still hold up effectively to constant use. And if you have bunions, the sneakers have adequate space on the top box for comfort.

The outsole rubber is highly flexible and has excellent traction for a sufficient grip. The overlay is a blend of faux leather and meshes fabric for durability. They also make the shoe appealing.

The Untapped Gold Mine Of SKECHERS WALKING SHOES REVIEWS That Virtually No One Knows About

Skechers Men’s Equalizer 2.0 True Balance Sneaker has a design that others cannot ignore. It is quite an attractive shoe with mesh ventilation. The sneakers are lightweight, and you can have them on for the whole day. Its shoelaces provide a good fit, sufficient for walking on various surfaces. And if you are among those shoes with wide feet, the shoe is also perfect for you.

Well, some of the drawbacks include the fact that insoles are non-removable, and while this may provide some level of stability, you cannot add your custom inserts – a disadvantage for some people. Furthermore, the shoe may not hold up under rigorous use. Signs of wear may start showing up on the seams and the rubber sole.

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Flex Slip-On Walking Shoe

Every lady adores shoes with a high level of appeal and, of course, performance. Well, Skechers go flex walk women’s has both qualities making it ideal footwear for the ladies. Check out below the other features on the following Skechers go flex walk review.

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The grey color, the sporty design, and the slight heel all work together to give you that stylish feminine look. It is a shoe that underscores your female beauty and your new decision to take up walking as your new way to work out and remain active.

Like its counterpart the Skechers go flex walk men’s, the shoe has a flexible synthetic sole with a decent tread for walking comfort. It may not be rubber, but the outsole boasts the same level of traction and flexibility – you may not notice the difference.

The sneaker features a fabric material, breathable and more natural on foot. It makes the footwear lightweight. You can, therefore, walk for long distances without your feet becoming all sweaty and toasty. They are not difficult to clean, and you can quickly toss them into the washing machine – cleaning your shoes was never this easy.

The slip-on design makes it easier to wear and remove – a useful feature for those that don’t like dealing with laces. They have a Goga mat insoles that provide adequate shock absorption for comfort. They also conform to the shape of your foot adequately.

Furthermore, you can choose to wear socks or not – whatever feels comfortable for you.

Some of the highlighted shortcomings include the lack of laces to fit the shoe effectively. If it happens that the shoe does not fit snugly, the footwear may cause friction and produce blisters and bruises. The shoes may also be too big if you have narrow feet.

There also may be a problem with sizing; they may prove more significant than your usual sizing.

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoe

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4 is another superb walking shoe that you can rely on too provide the necessary comfort to fulfill those walking practice goals. If your waistline has been bulging gradually, a thirty minutes’ walk, every day will ensure you regain the lost fitness, and there’s no better shoe than this to help you regain it.

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The meshed fabric upper helps keep the feet comfortable. You know how walking in warm weather can make our feet toasty and uncomfortable, that is if you don’t have the right footwear. Other great features include the tapering midfoot section to help with effortless walking.

Skechers go walk 4 men’s is lightweight and will make you feel as you are walking on socks alone until you look down – how fun is that? As you will discover from the Skechers go walk 4 reviews, the shoes are so comfortable that you will choose to use them in place of indoor slippers. You can even have two pairs: one for indoor use and the other for outdoors.

The Skechers go walk 4 incredible men’s has a very flexible rubber sole that makes it possible to walk for miles. Its improved arc support protects your foot from injuries as you negotiate that staircase or incline.

The bamboo-lined footbed ensures your feet are odor-free. That means your feet will not produce that awful smell when you take the shoe off in a public place – how embarrassing it would be to remove your shoes at the office, only for your immediate senior to walk in.

Unfortunately, the shoes are not machine- washable. You will have to use the old-fashioned way of a brush and mild soapy water. Furthermore, the soft spongy insole may wear away too quickly for comfort. Some users complain of quality issues. They talk of the shoe disintegrating too fast.

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Aspire Slip-On Walking Shoe

Designed in a way to underscore femininity, the sneaker is ideal for ladies that want to adopt walking to keep fit or reduce their waistline. It has all the features to support your every day thirty minutes’ walk. We discuss some of the elements in the following Skechers walking shoe review.

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For starters, the sneakers have a breathable fabric upper. There’s so much that we can say about this but the most important is that the Skechers ladies walking shoes keep your feet adequately aired for comfort. It is lightweight to make your walks enjoyable.

The 1.25-inch heel is not too high to affect foot health and is not stiff for comfort. The synthetic sole is sufficiently comfortable and will conform to the movement of your foot, readily. It has outsoles with pod-treads to prevent possible slip-ups.

The cushioned footbed provide adequate shock absorption and comfort. You will not have to complain about uncomfortable surfaces – all surfaces feel the same under your feet. The Resalyte midsole easily absorbs any impact that your feet come across.

They have a slip-on design that ensures quick and effortless wear. You will not have to struggle with Skechers go walk aspire, like some shoes you have. You slip it on and head out to face the day.

Some of the possible shortcomings include the fact that the upper material fabric may feel too stiff and uncomfortable. However, this may not be too significant a problem as the shoe will eventually fit, and accommodate your foot.

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Skechers Sports Men’s Sketch Flex Sneaker

The sneaker is available in a variety of colors, and so you can choose your ideal color. Among the many benefits of having textiles as the primary upper material is that it is lightweight, breathable and easy to clean.

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You can use a dry cleaning machine to make spotless for the next round of walking.

Check the below Skechers Skech Flex review.

Skechers Skech flex boasts a very flexible synthetic sole that conforms to the shoe and style of walking. Its memory foam insole is a source of great comfort. And to add to this comfort, the shoe is lightweight and carries an appealing design. It is something that you would be proud of wearing on different occasions, and have others look at your sense of style admiringly.

The shoe is quite supportive, and you can stand with it for long hours. It is a joy to have.

Having a versatile pair is always ideal, and Skechers Skech Flex men’s is what we are referring to as versatile. That means you can use the pair for a variety of activities such as running, attending various outdoor events and even going with it to the office.

However, the insoles are not removable, a disadvantage for those that would want to customize it with their orthotic insoles or something like that. Force removing it would not be appropriate and can potentially damage the shoe. The outsole also seems to wear out too quickly, and which is a disadvantage. You may need another pair sooner or later. But ideally, you should have different pairs to interchange frequently.

What to Look For When Buying a Pir of Walking Shoes

The famous saying that all the walking shoes are the same is not true. Some shoes easily support your walking, and there are others that will prove problematic.

5 Things To Do Immediately About BEST SKECHERS WALKING SHOES

But how do you know the right walking shoes for you? The following factors will direct you to the right path.

  • Check The Heel

The heel is among the critical factors to look out for in walking shoes. If not checked a high heel can cause a foot injury. It can also discourage you from making more walks because of the discomfort it causes.

  • Twists Easily

Before you can make the final decision on the kind of shoe right for you, try twisting it latitudinally. Then attempt bending the shoe. It should turn comfortably at the ball of the foot. Not at the arch.

  • Fitting

An expensive walking shoe that does not fit well is useless. Ideally, you should not send your friend to purchase the shoes for you. Go personally so that you can fit it yourself.

The ideal time to fit the shoe is late in the evening after you have been walking for a while. Carry the same socks that you will be wearing the shoe and wear them when fitting.

The best place to purchase your ideal shoe is where there are various options and with a professional fitter. You need to make the right decision and such a location is perfect for making you choose the right walking pair.

Another important tip is to measure both feet. One foot is always more extensive than the other, and you should choose the pair the fits the larger foot.  Stand up as you fit the shoe as you can only get the accurate reading when standing. The shoes should also be broad enough to ensure that you are comfortable as you walk.

Best Skechers Walking Shoes – Features What You Liked

Each brand of walking shoe is different from the next. Some will be breathable while others will not. Typically, choose a shoe that feels comfortable for you, but the difference will always reflect in the price.

Another important feature you should check is the upper. The upper section that typically sits above the sole can either be suede, the leather or other material. Your choice here depends on the budget and preference. But fabric material is lighter, breathable and, therefore ideal for running shoes.

The insole is the first contact point for your foot and should be soft durable and supportive. In the majority of cases, the insole is EVA foam material, and whatever choice of shoe you choose, the insole should be high-density.

The midsole provides shock absorption, cushioning and protection for the foot. In the majority of cases, the midsole is Phylon or EVA material. And while EVA is comfortable and lightweight, Phylon is denser will offer a more prolonged service than its counterpart.

The construction of the outsoles can be from a variety of materials with the most common being rubber compounds. The majority of rubber shoes will have a thin sole that wears quickly. Vibram insoles, made from a blend of silicone, rubber, and carbon, is more durable than its counterpart, the rubber.

The Benefits of Walking

With time, walkers start to notice their waistline is diminishing, and to a good effect. What happens is that the exercise improves your body’s metabolism and use of insulin, eventually burning a significant amount of belly fat.


Apart from keeping your body weight at a healthy level, walking helps manage or keep certain health conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and others, at bay. A thirty-minute brisk walk every day is sufficient to get the associated benefits. The seemingly simple walking regime strengthens your bones and muscles adequately.

If you are feeling downcast, and nothing seems to cheer you up, walking can lift your moods. According to research, walking has a positive effect on your nervous system so that you experience reduced hostility and anger. But that’s not the only way that walking helps with our moods. A simple stroll can lead you right into the paths of relatives and friends and enjoy a few laughs.

A few strolls around the office blocks or neighborhoods are enough to get your creative juices rolling. If you are feeling stuck on something, a few minutes’ walks will get you feeling better, energized and with a stream of ideas flowing.

The numbers don’t lie. Well, according to the American Diabetes Association, walking enhances the conversion of insulin into energy, thereby reducing the risk of developing diabetes.

Walkers also experience lowered levels of blood pressure and its associated risks such as stroke. And if you walk a minimum of five days every week, your risk of cardiovascular disease lowers by as m much as 30%, that is according to research.

Walking also enhances the functioning of the digestive system. It keeps things moving in your gut. The surgeon first requires you to move around before an abdominal surgery to help with the gastric movement.

A healthy digestive system then helps with the breakdown of food for easy absorption. Your health and energy levels also improve, as a result – walking enables you to achieve all this.

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