How to Clean UGG Boots Without a Kit – 8 Simple Steps

Ugg boots come from wool and sheepskin, materials that usually look shabby instead of fabulous and chic once they get dirty.

However, if thinking of how to clean Ugg boots without a kit, then you don’t have to worry since this article seeks to help you clean and support your ugg boot and UGG Slippers within minutes.

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How to Clean UGG Boots Without a Kit (8 Easy Step)

UGG boots have just gone from being a mere fashion fad in the previous century to become an important staple winter wardrobe. 

How to Clean UGG Boots Without a Kit - 8 Easy Steps
  • Brushing
  • Sponge
  • Cleaning Accessories
  • Spread Cleaning
  • Ringsing
  • Stuff the Boot
  • Natural Dry
  • Finishing Touch

We even saw celebrities wearing leggings and skinny jeans on them. Let’s check more details about how to clean Ugg boots without a kit.


You may choose to use a soft brush to comb the outer side of the footwear. Brushing helps in removing dirt and debris stuck on the outer side while at the same time softens the nap and prepares it for the cleaning process.

Sponge Cleaning

You should never dip ugg boots in water. Instead, use a damp cloth to sponge the outer part and the inner part of the boot. Just dip a cloth in cold water; wring the excess water out and gently rub the cloth on the shoe.

Make sure you wet the entire surface as this helps the boot to accept the cleaning product.

Use The Recommended Cleaning Product

Put a small quantity of the cleaning product on a wet cloth or sponge. Preferably, you may use a sheepskin conditioner or cleaner, products that are specified for ugg boots cleaning.

Also, suede shoe cleaner works well, and it is available in various local stores. In case you do not have any of these items, it is safe to mix plain water and white vinegar in equal measures and clean your ugg boots.

Spread The Cleaning Product on the Boot Surface

Start from the top and spread through to the bottom and work more on the dirty areas. Gently scrub the boot because we cannot ignore the fact that leather and the sheepskin are very delicate fabrics and so if you clean them harshly you end up damaging the boot.

Pay attention to all spots since if you fail to apply well may leave you with watermarks.

Also, if the wet cloth or the sponge gets dirty as you clean the shoe, it is good to rinse the cloth with clean water to make sure you do not re-deposit the dirt on the clean and stainless areas of the boot.

Rinsing The Boot

After cleaning the boot, always make sure you wash off the residue. You can rinse the boot by holding it on the running water or use a clean cloth to wipe off the cleaner.

If you like to use the method of rinsing under running water, rinse as soon as possible to make sure that the water does not damage the boot.

Stuff The Boot

After rinsing the boot, stuff it with a towel or newspaper since when they are wet, they tend to lose their shape.

Therefore, you need to stuff them lightly to make sure they dry in the right shape.

Leave the boots to dry naturally

You need to wait for 24 to 42 hours for your boots to dry naturally, away from the rays of the sun.


Besides, excess heat damages the boots by causing wrinkles or cracks, and this ruins the appearance of the boot.

Adding finishing touches

After the Ugg boots get dry, it is now time to use the brush to clean the boot surface and also to balance out the nap when removing any matting.

After brushing the surface, you can now use a protective spray to protect your boots and leave them healthy for durability and future cleaning.


Ugg boots are prone to dirt, but unlike other types of boots, you should not dip them in the water at all. That is why you need to follow the above steps and have a clean and fresh pair of boots.

While most people see dipping in the water as the best and easy way to clean boots and shoes, when it comes to ugg boots, you should never try that as you might end up running them completely.

All the best as you clean your ugg shoes and get that classy look that everyone desires!