How To Clean ECCO Golf Shoes – 6 Easy Tricks

Golf shoes are usually made of synthetic or leather, which are materials that are prone to dirt during a single round of golf. Let’s check some easy step for how to clean ecco golf shoes.

Since golf shoes are expensive, it is essential for you to extend their lifespan by merely keeping them clean.

Just like your skin, Ecco golf shoes need nourishment and proper care to be able to keep up their durable texture and suppleness.

As long as you care well for these shoes, they will get better with age.

How To Clean ECCO Golf Shoes – 6 Easy Step

Regardless of whether you play golf regularly, appreciate cycling or just need a couple of shoes for work, you might probably discover the Ecco shoes that suit you.

  • Remove Shoe Lace & Inner Sole
  • Clean Uppers
  • Scuff Marks
  • Outsoles
  • Drying
  • Treat The Golf Shoes

What’s more, after you buy your new pair of Eccos, you’ll need to do everything you can to keep your shoes putting their best self forward.

Removing The Shoelaces And The Innersole

Before you clean the shoe, it is always good to remove the laces first, to make sure they do not get on your way once you start cleaning the shoe. If your shoe comes with removable innersole, remove it too for easier cleaning.


Shoelaces might come in a different color and cleaning the shoe with the laces on may end up damaging the laces. If the insoles aren’t removable, make sure you clean them appropriately.

Cleaning The Uppers

Clean the upper part of the golf shoe with the use of mild soap and water or Ecco shoe cleaner. Wipe away any dirt with the use of a damp towel. Never soak golf shoes as that might ruin them.

If your shoes are white, use a white shoe cleaner to get rid of the unwanted scuff marks as you condition the leather at the same time.

Get Rid of HOW TO CLEAN ECCO GOLF SHOES Once and For All

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For dark shoes, clean with a mixture of an applicable shoe color creme and a shoe cleaner to keep up the shoe’s look and to also condition the leather, giving it a newer look.


If you soaked your shoes in water when playing on wet grounds, clean the shoes quickly and stuff newspapers inside to support the shape as you wait for them to dry.

Once the dry a bit, remove the newspapers and hang the shoes on a cedar tree to absorb the remaining moisture and shoe odor.

Removing The Scuff Marks

Scuff marks can ruin your golf shoes appearance and health. To remove them, you need to get a matching color of shoe polish and apply it on the marks to cover up the marks that usually appear after regular use.

Shoe polishes typically come in various colors and so it won’t be hard to choose the one that matches your golf shoes. All you need is a brush to do the task.


As you choose the color of shoe polish to apply on your golf shoe, make sure you select the color that fits leather.

Clean The Outsoles

After polishing the golf shoe to cover up the scuff marks, it is now time to clean the outsoles. Mix soap water and a piece of cloth and wipe away the dirt that is visible on the outsole with the damp cloth. Make sure you wait for about 10 minutes after applying the shoe polish to go ahead to this step.


After cleaning the outsole, to get a clean shoe you can choose to clean the spikes on the soles after completing this step.

Drying The Shoe

After cleaning the shoe, you need to make sure that your shoe is completely dry before wearing it again. Never dry your shoes in direct sunlight and instead, allow them to dry in the shade or indoors. Also, never dry golf shoes with a blow dryer.


Excessive heat or direct sunlight can damage the shoe’s outsoles and the uppers.

They may even crack.

Treat The Golf Shoes

Once you clean the shoe and get it dry, it is now time to treat the shoe. The best way to treat these shoes is by using Ecco leather oil. You need to do so to help the shoes keep their usual shine.

All you need is to apply a small amount of leather oil on the upper and the outsole and use a polishing cloth and massage the oil to the shoe.


After treating the shoe, it will look as pretty and shiny as new.

Final Words

Why spend money while taking your golf shoe to experts for cleaning while you can do it on your own?

Just follow the above how to clean ecco golf shoes steps and get a clean swing with clean and shiny golf shoes!

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