How to Wear Socks With Booties (8 Mega Tips)

We always want to look amazing every time we go out. So, need to know how to wear socks with booties?

Our wardrobes are full of different clothes for different occasions.

Being trendy is the new norm. One of the trends that we so much adore is wearing the bootie. There are several ways you can wear this fashion item. But to stay classy and on top of your game, you need to have the right combination of attire to go along with the bootie or ankle boot.

How to Wear Socks With Booties (8 Tips for Beginners)

There are some killer ways on How to Wear Socks With Booties and Jeans

There are different kinds of ankle boots. Each of them gives off a different style. They include; how to wear socks with booties.

Cowboy Ankle Boots

These boots are for the lady looking for a countryside look.

Flat Heeled Ankle Boots

These boots are for the Boho-chic. Trendy with a touch of modern.

Low Heeled Ankle Boots

If you are looking for a more urban look, these are the boots for you.

High Heeled Ankle Boots

For any classy modern city lady.

If you are all about booties, you probably have tried to wear them with every attire in your wardrobe. (Even though you never let people see you in some of them.)

5 Things To Do Immediately About HOW TO WEAR SOCKS WITH BOOTIES

There are many different pairs of socks. Not all of them can easily go along with the bootie. A good example is gym sock. The padded bottom makes it too thick and would spoil, the look. Also paring the boot with trouser socks may get you arrested by fashion cops. Knowing the right kind of socks to adorn is the first step of the game.

How to Wear Socks With Booties (3 Killar Ways)

However, have you tried paring the booties with socks? Yes, Socks! It may sound odd especially when you think about wearing socks with ankle boots any other season apart from winter. Still, when paired in the right way, you can give out a killer look.

1. Sheer Ankle Socks

These thin pieces of socks are fantastic as they provide just the right amount of cover needed to make your foot feel comfortable in the boot. They work well especially when you want to wear ankle boots with a pair of jeans or even dresses.

Even though they do not show over the top of the boot, they are a valuable possession to have.

2. Long Slouch Socks

This look belongs to the bold. When wearing boots with slouch socks, always select a pair that is a little bit longer. You want the non-elastic part to rest into folds especially when you wear your skinny pants.

HOW TO WEAR SOCKS WITH BOOTIES: This Is What Professionals Do

Experiment with contrasting colors. When wearing a blue pair of jeans, socks can be grey. Matching colors socks are fantastic as they give off a bolder statement.

3. Medium Sized Socks

If you lack the experimenting nerve, the best way to dress is by getting a medium-sized pair of sock that is slightly revealing on top. It provides a non-destructive look.

When wearing jeans, make sure to tuck your pants into the socks. You can as well pair the look with a long skirt to get some cowgirl vibes.

A different way to elevate your look and stand out is by using a pair of sock that has a design on the visible part. Also, using a different colored pair of sock gives your look a touch of spontaneity.

By matching your socks to your outfit, you can maintain a formal look.


The most common paring when it comes to booties is with a pair of jeans. It is especially so during winter as everyone dresses to keep the cold away.

So, how do you wear socks with booties and jeans?

There are two ways you can do it. One, you can let the jeans flow down with no rolls or creases at the bottom while wearing no-show socks or tack the jeans into the boot. If the jeans are slightly shorter, you can wear a medium sized sock as only a small part of it will show. The second option is by crunching the jeans at the bottom and pairing them with long slouch socks.

Let the creases of the socks rest on the boot.

Bottom Line
Bottom Line One look to avoid is pulling the trousers over the boot. It is not stylish especially when you are wearing skinny jeans. Hope you will get the answer how to wear socks with booties.