10 Best Lineman Climbing Boots Reviews In 2020

Linemen put their life at risk every time they go up the pole to fix an electrical fault. As such, they need best lineman climbing boots, protective clothing, and equipment more than anybody else to ensure their safety.

Mostly, the work that linemen do helps keep the hustle going. If it weren’t for them, you would not be enjoying those little pleasures of life.

You can keep your friends posted about everything fun that happens in your life because the lineman did his work well.

Linemen are responsible for maintaining the grid system and ensuring that electricity is flowing efficiently. However, to maintain the system, these workers need to climb the pole on a regular basis. Typically, this is not as easy as it sounds.  It is fraught with danger.

Chances of slipping off the pole are incredibly high, especially if you don’t have the right climbing boots.  Furthermore, you are dealing with a possibly live wire that poses a variety of risks such as electrical shock and fire.

10 Best Lineman Climbing Boots – The Top Work Boots For Climbing Poles & Towers


Therefore, having the best lineman boots is never up for discussion, especially when your life is on the line. Safety comes before anything else.

To find the best pole climbing boots, we tested a variety of top sellers on the market, and the following is what we found.

Why You Need The Best Lineman Climbing Boots

There are many reasons to have the best lineman climbing boots for pole and tower climbing as electricity line servicemen. Among the most critical is safety.  Of course, there are others like going with the times and feeling cool while on the job.

There are numerous injuries and even death resulting from falls and electric shocks in the line of duty. Surprisingly, most of these injuries and deaths are preventable through safety equipment and clothing.

The best lineman climbing boots offer sufficient support to prevent slipping and falling. Typically, these boots are more about safety than fashion. In other words, they are more about functionality than aesthetic appeal.

The best lineman boots for climbing are comfortable, and you can concentrate on your work.  As such, you become more efficient and better in your work. Efficiency translates to safety, and you go home as healthy as you were in the morning, when you reported working.

Best Recommendations

Lineman boots help you climb to the top effortlessly.  Without the right footwear, climbing becomes difficult. You see, the lineman boots have the necessary features to support climbing and prevent discomfort and stress to your legs.

You cannot wear sneakers to the job and in particular the line servicing job.

You cannot compare the safety that you get from 16-inch lineman boots with any other type of footwear. Some of the lineman boots can even protect you from the risks of electric shock. No other shoe or footwear can provide such protection.

Red Wing Heritage Men's Iron Ranger Work Boot, Copper Rough and Tough,...
  • Triple stitched quality. 48 inch black or brown taslan lace
  • Features a bump toe for more room up-front

Our top choice goes to none other than Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot. The brand is not a new entrant and has made a name for themselves over the years. Such popularity translates to reliability.

It is something that you can trust to offer the necessary service and protection as you work on a line.

But which other features are worth highlighting?  We find out in the following red wing iron ranger review.

It is not unusual to find people searching for “Red Wing Iron Ranger sale” all over the internet based on the quality the boot demonstrates.  For starters, the Red Wing Iron Ranger, copper, or any other from the brand features genuine leather upper.

Typically, genuine leather is sufficiently sturdy to protect your feet from the falling spanner or bolt, and the Red Wing Iron Ranger black will not cause any injury to you.

There is also red wing iron ranger steel toe for better protection to your feet.

But the good thing about leather is that it is breathable. It allows a good flow of air to your feet to avoid sweating and discomfort. An uncomfortable shoe is a risk hazard, and you cannot concentrate on what you are doing.

In the iron ranger 8085 vs. 8111 debate, the main difference may be, comfort, and a little more features on the latter than the former.

A shoe like red wing iron ranger 8111 features a Nitrile cork sole, hard enough to protect the base of your feet from shock.  The sole offers adequate support so that you can climb easily without having to suffer through the pain. Good support is necessary as it helps you to stand for long hours until you complete the task.

The platform and heel on red wing iron ranger 8085 are not too high to cause discomfort. You will also find red wing iron ranger Vibram sole for better shock absorption and comfort.

What You Liked
  • Picking red wing iron ranger 8115 or any other from the same brand comes with a certain level of quality assurance and reputation
  • The climbing boot is sturdy and robust enough to protect your feet as you fix the lines.
  • We love the comfort associated with the boot.
  • Redwing iron ranger charcoal to feel good on your feet.
What You Don’t Like
  • It will take some time to break into the shoe.
  • Some red wing 8085 reviews from users complain that it takes too long or never to become soft.

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Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot, Sepia/Sepia

Lowa Men's Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot,Sepia/Sepia,11 M US
  • Mixed-media hiking boot featuring speed lacing hardware and padded...
  • Climate-control footbed

No doubt, this is one of the most attractive hiking boots you will find. Mostly, the good looks make them appropriate for a variety of activities.  In other words, you can use the boots as roofing work boots and also serve as great outdoor footwear. The Lowa Renegade GTX black is quite adorable.

The Lowa women’s hiking boots are ideal when it comes to outdoor adventure.

But our focus is not on the outdoor adventure, but instead, climbing. Well, the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Review may be ideal as climbing boots, but the Lowa work boots are not so bad either in that regard.

Typically, the Lowa men’s renegade gtx mid boot is a blend of leather and synthetic material.  It has the best of both worlds to put it simply. It is sturdy, breathable, and flexible. The kind of qualities you are looking for in the best climbing boots.

The Vibram sole provides sufficient shock absorption to keep your feet comfortable. Other series from the same brand like Lowa Renegade ii GTX mid Includes a padded collar and tongue for enhanced shock absorption and comfort.

So, where are lowa boots made?  

Well, the boots are handcrafted in Europe, and that pretty much explains the high quality.

In that regard, you may prefer Lowa steel toe boots, if you need better protection as you climb.

What You Liked
  • The boots are an excellent climbing footwear option that you can use anytime.
  • We particularly love that it is appealing and you can use it for any activity you are undertaking.
  • Those that work for long hours will find it quite comfortable to work in.
  • You will notice that the majority of Lowa boots reviews are positive.
  • It means that it is a favorite of many, and will make a good option for anyone, like work boots.
What You Don’t Like
  • Well, the shoes are not full leather and may lack the advantages associated with other full leather boots.
  • It does not also have some of the features you would expect in an ideal climbing boot, such as electrical hazard protection, durable outsole, and steel toe.

Chippewa Men’s 9″ Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot

Chippewa Men's 9" Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger...
  • Goodyear leather welt construction
  • Chip- A- Tex waterproof bootie

As our second choice, you can expect the Chippewa logger boots to give redwing a run for their money.  It is stiff competition between the two brands, but in our opinion, Chippewa boots take the runners-up position. However, the boot has all the right qualities of a perfect climbing boot.

For starters, Chippewa super logger boots feature a leather upper that is sufficiently rugged to protect your feet from any injury that you may encounter as you climb.  Typically, leather is many times better than synthetic materials.  

For example, it is flexible and breathable, as well as, robust to prevent objects penetrating to your feet.

Comfort is not an issue with the Chippewa work boots. Apart from the breathable leather, the boot has an orthotic insole that you can easily remove if you need to. The removable insole is among the best features that contribute to your comfort.

It cushions your feet in a nice way that you can finally concentrate on what you are doing. The Chippewa super logger ii has pretty much most of the same features.

Furthermore, the waterproofing on this boot is above board. That means it will keep your feet dry even when sudden downpour happens. The weather has a way of surprising us, but you can be sure it is not always a pleasant surprise.

But the Chippewa waterproof boots score highly when it comes to preventing water from finding a way to your feet. Drenched feet are slippery and a recipe for disaster.

You are more likely to sustain an injury when your feet are sweaty and wet.

What You Liked
  • Chippewa insulated logger boots come with leather that goes all the way up the foot
  • It protects not only your fingers and foot but also a significant part of your leg
  • Chippewa steel toe logger boots have an electrical hazard rating
  • Chances of electrical shock are minimal
  • the steel toe shank
What You Don’t Like
  • The Chippewa men’s 9 waterproof steel toe super logger boot, like its counterpart, Chippewa super logger 25405 and Chippewa 25410, may take time to break in. It is a little bit too tough for some people.
Georgia Men's 8" Loggers G7313, Tumbled Chocolate, 11.5 M US
  • Waterproof work boot featuring protective steel toe and lace-up...
  • Logo patch at tongue

You can never go wrong with the Georgia boot brand as it has everything that works boots should have. For example, it has a leather upper. Not just any leather, but pure leather.

That has some implications for its quality. The pure leather is sturdy and will stand the test of time. But does that help in any way regarding safety when climbing?

Of course, it does.

The sturdy material protects you from grazing in case you slip when climbing.  Even the best of climbers make mistakes, and when that happens, you should have sufficient protection like what Georgia work boots provide.

Apart from the leather material, Georgia boots steel toe, provide adequate protection for your feet.  The steel toe is impenetrable by the falling objects. Even better, you can choose Georgia giant steel toe boots, if you have some big feet.

The rubber sole and deep treads provide a good grip. That means Georgia logger boots are not a slip risk – a good thing provided that you will be working above ground.

What You Liked
  • But of course, we like the sleek look that this boot has.
  • We love the sturdy design that makes the boot look like it is ready for combat.
  • Georgia boots farm and ranch based on their waterproofing.
  • Georgia boots composite toe is still a decent choice, even without the steel toe.
  • The point we are trying to make here is that the shoe has more than one quality, and which help you when it comes to climbing.
  • The great look that Georgia work boots steel toe carries is among the best.
What You Don’t Like
  • It has a bigger platform and heel that may feel uncomfortable for some people.
  • The Georgia boots logger may experience a sole separation, according to several Georgia boots logger reviews from customers.

Danner Men’s Quarry USA Black Work Boot – 8-Inch

Danner Men's Quarry USA 8-Inch AT Work Boot,Black,10.5 D US
  • Handcrafted to provide a wider platform, legendary stitchdown...
  • Through research and evaluation of previous styles, the Danner®...

The well-made Danner work boots are a favorite of many people as various Danner hiking boots reviews from buyers indicate. As you will find out, the Danner boots are quite attractive and have all the features of a great work boot.  For example, it is quite sturdy and robust.

The Danner Quarry 6 inch features a breathable and waterproof liner that keeps you dry even as you climb. Linemen are prone to sweating given the long hours they spend fixing a section of the power lines. What is even more startling is that they may have to work in the extremes of weather.

Come rain come sunshine; the power lines have to work efficiently.

The Vibram sole enhances your comfort as you work for long hours, and that is a good thing.  Don’t you agree? Together with the inner sole, the Vibram sole act as the perfect cushion for your feet.  

As a lineman, you will encounter different surfaces with some of them harder than you think.

You will also notice that the boot has a triple stitch for strength, pretty much like Danner hiking boots. The feature protects against the separation of the sole from the upper after a long period of use.

What You Liked
  • Danner rainforest if the area you will be working is within a forest.
  • As a lineman, you will be working in different locations, with some of them featuring extreme weather patterns, such as the forest and near big water bodies.
  • Danner brand based on its versatility and functionality, more than its aesthetic appeal.
  • This shoe with an added perk of aesthetic appeal.
What You Don’t Like
  • According to several Danner quarry boots reviews, it will take some time to break into them.
  • The Danner work boots reviews from users say that it is not the most comfortable.

La Sportiva Men’s Makalu Mountaineering Boot

La Sportiva Men's Makalu, Natural, 43.5
  • Sportiva used a 3.0mm Idro-Perwanger leather upper for classic...
  • This is a full steel shank boot that will accept an automatic crampon...

The La Sportiva hiking boots may be one of the most attractive boots you will find. But there’s more to the appealing look. The La Sportiva mountaineering boots are sturdy and comfortable too.

No doubt about that.

The 100% leather material ensures its durability and breathability, which is pretty much the same quality that you will get from La Sportiva Mountaineering boots womens.  That means your feet will be dry as you work on a problematic line.

For comfort, the boot features a Vibram sole which feels good on the feet. The lugged outsole is flexible and robust to cushion your feet as you stand on hard materials. However, some workers prefer the dedicated La Sportiva Makalu lineman boots.

What You Liked
  • La Sportiva Makalu reviews indicate that the boot is a favorite of many people.
  • It is lightweight compared to other brands and will not feel a burden to many people.
  • As such, they are what you can refer to as the best lineman climbing boots for beginners.
What You Don’t Like
  • According to users, the shoes may be a little wider than La Sportiva Trango womens and hence not the best climbing shoes for narrow feet.

La Sportiva Men’s Karakorum Hiking Shoe

La Sportiva Men's Karakorum Hiking Shoe,Green,43 (US Men's 10) D US
  • Karakorum used a new tapered 8mm high density Nylon® that provides...
  • The 2.8mm Idro-Perwanger leather upper is ideal for water repellency,...

The thing about the brand is that they never fail to impress. But of course, they can’t help it.

How can anyone resist the good looks of La Sportiva work boots?

But apart from the looks, the hiking shoes are some of the most comfortable.  They are the kind that you want to spend the whole day with. Not kidding!

The polyurethane sole and tapered nylon give the shoe some good flexibility and durability. It features a leather upper that provides a decent amount of breathability and protection.

What You Liked
  • Of course, we love how the boot looks and several La Sportiva Makalu reviews from customers feel the same.
  • It is a sturdy boot with the necessary comfort to support climbing and standing for long hours.
What You Don’t Like
  • However, the shoes may not be the best for climbing. The sole is a bit soft to stand on hard materials or surfaces.

White’s Boots Men’s 400VLTT Smoke Jumper Lace-To-Toe Boot

White's Boots Men's 400VLTT Smoke Jumper Lace-To-Toe Boot,Black,12 D...
  • Ten inch height with whites patented arch ease design
  • Premium full grain oil tanned all leather construction

The boot shouts quality by the way it looks. It has some of the best features to ensure your safety. Individually, the Whites work boots feature full tanned leather that is not only durable but breathable as well.

Even better for your protection, the shoes meet the requirements for wildfire protection.  That means it can withstand a significant amount of heat and stress. They have leather laces to complement the durable construction.

From the White’s smoke jumper boots reviews, you will notice that the boots are not quite popular. That means minimal information as to their quality over a long period. You see, you can only learn some things from people that bought and used a product.

What You Liked
  • You will notice that many users have no problem with how the boot looks. What is important is its functionality.
  • Furthermore, the Whites’s boots reviews from users indicate that they are comfortable.
What You Don’t Like
  • The boots may not have a steel toe, but the durable leather upper pretty much serves the purpose. You will also need to give them time to break in.
  • That means several days of discomfort.

Danner Men’s Quarry USA 8-Inch BR AT Work Boot

For professionals and beginners that require dedicated boots to work on electricity poles and lines, Danner 8 inch lineman boots are what they need.

They are the kind of quality that serious lineman requires to work with a sense of safety. The risk increases when you are anxious, and it is understandable especially when you are working with power lines.  

However, that would be a thing of the past with these Danner work boots.

The Danner lineman Pac boots are the ideal footwear for working with the power lines. You see, other varieties may not have the stability to support your climbing. You step on hard surfaces, as well as, uneven objects on your way up.

The climbing tools are not the easiest to use, and as such, they may be uncomfortable on your feet.

The Danner Pac boots come with door steel shanks to provide unequaled support as you climb.  It is one feature that linemen love and appreciate.  It is what we can call a winner.

The blend of Cordura and leather upper make the boot comfortable.  It is lightweight and breathable, such that you won’t feel any weight as you climb. That is if you don’t have other equipment or tools altogether. But we are talking about your feet.

Other comfort features that make it ideal for climbing include the water-resistant inner. The implications of this feature include keeping your feet dry despite the high humidity.

What You Liked
  • If you are familiar with Danner armor pro boots, then you will appreciate the improvements in this boot.
  • They are for the sake of your safety.
  • And unlike other varieties, especially in this review, the work boot comes with an EH rating.
  • That is an electrical hazard rating, designed to offer protection from electrical shock – a critical feature for linemen.
What You Don’t Like
  • Unfortunately, they are not very popular, especially with linemen.
  • But, it is a decent shoe, worth the investment, especially so if you have wide feet.

Factors to Consider When Picking The Best Lineman Climbing Boots

Secrets To Getting BEST LINEMAN CLIMBING BOOTS To Complete Tasks Quickly And Efficiently

In contemporary times where globalization has taken effect more than the local market, finding the right product may sometimes be difficult. Unlike in the past, there are millions and millions of products fighting for the same market share.

As such, they use every marketing trick in the book to attract customers and among them is using attractive packaging and convincing jargon.

The only way that you are safe from poor quality products is by having the wisdom to pick certain qualities associated with good outcomes. But which are these factors that will help you choose the right products, in this case, the best climbing boots?


In the majority of cases, many people would pick the most attractive shoe they see. Science tells us that human beings are more likely to make their decisions based on first impressions. They use their vision to judge a product.

Unfortunately, manufacturers and marketers are aware of this and use it to their advantage. However, the best lineman climbing boots is most comfortable. It doesn’t necessarily have to be attractive, but must be the most comfortable.

Linemen spend long hours hanging by the pole and adopting unnatural postures to reach a problematic line.  

And if a shoe is not supportive, then chances of hurting your foot increase. Sweaty feet are slippery and a risk hazard.

You cannot imagine trying to balance on a line with sweaty feet inside your footwear.

The right climbing boot is breathable. It allows good circulation of air into your feet to dry them and feel comfortable. The shoes also have good cushioning to shield your feet from hard surfaces.

Rugged and Durable

The lineman boots for sale are not as cheap as many may think. At least, they are above the average price of most shoes on the market. As such, purchasing lineman boots is an investment, and you should buy something durable.

Not anything that will crumble at the least stress!

The best lineman climbing boots for the money have rugged upper to protect your feet against falling objects.  You can never be too careful when it comes to working with heights.

A hammer or any other tool mayfly and land on your big toe, putting you out of service for a considerable amount of time.

But ruggedness is not only on the upper part of the shoe but also on the sole. Typically the sole must be strong enough to support your feet as you climb. It must also have good traction to prevent sliding.

A good grip when working with heights is critical to safety.

Other Safety Features

There are other safety features that an ideal climbing boot must have includes electric shock protection. You will find some good quality climbing boots with an electrical shock rating. Mostly, the higher the rating, the better it is for your protection.

Lineman boots with steel shank are also a good option and offer better protection for your feet than your ordinary office shoe or running shoe. The steel shank is the best protection that you can give your feet when working with heights.


Well, an expensive product does not mean it is the best quality. However, good quality goes hand in hand with premium pricing. But what does that even mean when it comes to lineman boots?

Typically, the work and material that goes into producing lineman boots are not insignificant.  As such, you will always find the footwear to be a little expensive than your ordinary sneaker. Beware of cheap boots that claim to be lineman boots.

But that does not mean you cannot find the best lineman climbing boots under 100. They are there but don’t expect them to have some of the top features you would in premium climbing boots.

Concluding Remarks

Safety is the most important thing for workers when it comes to selecting footwear and other protective equipment. The best lineman climbing boots are comfortable, and rugged enough to offer the necessary protection to your feet.

No doubt, you need to be at your best when working on electricity lines and you can only achieve that with the right footwear.

The above information pretty much summarizes what you should be looking for when selecting the right lineman boots. Get the best, and you will not have to worry about safety.