How To Find The Right BEST SHOES AFTER FOOT SURGERY For Your Broken Foot

Best Shoes After Foot Surgery Reviewed in 2020

Foot Surgery is never a pleasant thing to have as it potentially sets you back a few steps. However, the goal is always a full recovery with the best shoes after foot surgery.

The kind of footwear you choose determines whether you make a rapid full recovery or if your injury drags through some time. The wrong type of shoe can rush you back to the operating table, but this is never what you want – do you?

Post-surgery foot requires all the gentleness and healing support it can get to make a full recovery. A bit of care and caution in your footwear choice is critical if your goal is to make your favorite jog sooner than later.

Best Shoes After Foot Surgery – The Ultimate Guide & Reviewed

Having a foot surgery does not mean that you get to watch your favorite series back to back. It does not confine you to the couch. If anything, it is healthy to make slight movements as they also help in the recovery process.

Best Shoes After Foot Surgery (Compared The Top 5 Selection )

You need to practice your foot tendons and muscles, gently. But which is the best shoes to wear after foot surgery?

We tell you in the following paragraphs.

  • Orthopedic Shoes

Not all but there are particular types of foot surgeries that require orthopedic shoes. These varieties of shoes often feature a full toe box and firm heel. Orthopedic shoes provide your foot with enough room for dressing and cast, if necessary. In the majority of cases, the heel does not exceed 1.5 inches or go below 0.75 inches.

Ideally, go for an orthopedic shoe that features a rubber sole for a sufficient grip – your movement should be stable if your foot is to make a good recovery. But why should the footwear have an adequate room for the foot?

As anyone that has gone under the scalpel will tell you, the foot, more than often, swells after the surgery. It is vital to talk to your doctor or a medical professional to determine which orthopedic shoe is the most fitting for you. Unfortunately, this type of footwear does not come on the cheap given that you are wearing them for just a short period.

  • Athletic Shoes

If your surgeon does not require you to wear the orthopedic shoe, then a decent pair of athletic shoes is what you are going to need. But you can’t just pick any pair. If anything, the footwear should not be too tight fitting to accommodate any kind of swelling you are going to experience. Make sure that your ideal shoe has sufficient space on the heel and toe box.

You may also need to talk to your surgeon or podiatrist for the correct arch type for your foot – it typically varies. There are various types of arches you will find on different brands of athletic shoes. The ideal one fits your foot and helps in the healing process.

  • Dress Shoes

Having a foot surgery does not mean that you cannot wear dress shoes for that high profile party you have been looking forward to for a long time. If it is necessary, you wear dress shoes, avoid heels at all costs as they will give your foot an unnecessary pressure. Ideally, go with flats that boast adequate cushioning.

Don’t go for the shoes with buckles or laces. Preferably, those that easily slip on the foot are some of your best bets. And if your injury and subsequent surgery happened during some of those hot summers, then dress sandals also make a good choice. However, they are not great support for your recovering foot and should ditch them after that – in other words, wear them occasionally.

#1.  Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace / Walking Boot

If you are looking for an ideal post-operative shoe or walking brace, then you are probably not wrong choosing Aircast sp walking boot. But why do we think it is among the best?

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Well, for starters, the Aircast walking boot instructions boast pneumatic support and foot protection to ensure a full recovery. But doesn’t this look rigid? Not at all!

The Aircast Airselect elite is a source of sufficient mobility to perform your activities without any problem successfully. It is a versatile walking boot designed to support a variety of foot injuries including bunion removal, midfoot injury, forefoot, soft tissue injuries and, of course, post-operative use among others.

Its locker sole is low to enable a more natural gait, vital in achieving a decent amount of mobility. The walking boot has adequate space to accommodate any possible swelling and the foot’s dressing.

And to ensure better comfort and fit, the product comes with a hand pump that allows you to customize it as necessary – your comfort level may be different from another person’s. But is this the only source of comfort? Far from it!

The fact that the shoe is relatively lightweight means a lot regarding comfort. Its semi-rigid shell gives you all the necessary protection you need. Chances of hurting your foot on a hard surface are quite minimal, and that’s a good thing – don’t you think?

Things We Liked:

  • A source of great mobility as the leg recuperates
  • A versatile foot recovery boot that you can use for a variety of injuries
  • It is comfortable to wear and remove
  • Comes with a low rocker sole for an improved level of mobility
  • Has adequate space for dressing and cast
  • A hand pump to customize the boot to your comfort level

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The shoe may be too hard and heavy for some people
  • Its sizing may be a bit off

#2. Walking Boot By Vive – Lightweight Shoe w/ Adjustable Straps – Durable Foot Cast For Support & Recovery – Vive Guarantee (Medium)

If looking for something supportive, then it may be your lucky day by finding this walking boot after foot surgery. But what is so unique about it? Well, at first glance, you’ll notice how compact and similarly lightweight it is.

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You may not need anyone telling you how comfortable the shoe could be.

It resembles your open shoes – don’t you think so?

We mentioned that support should come before fashion. But for some of us, a bit of style even in suffering is essential. The fracture boot sheds a bit of the hospital look to provide a certain level of fashion.

Enough with that, what about support and other medical needs?

You don’t have to worry about that as the surgical shoe after bunion surgery comes with three adjustable straps to ensure a decent amount of fit. It also means that the shoe accommodates the dressing or cast easily. The shoe has a good design that provides sufficient support to your foot – necessary for recovery.

A solid rocker sole offers excellent support to the heel and stability as you make small movements. It also relieves pressure and pain on the heel and arch for a quick recovery.

It is unisex meaning that a woman or a man can wear the shoe. You can also wear it on either foot – it is a universal fit.

Things We Liked:

  • Has a fashionable appeal
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Adjustable straps for a good fit
  • Is an excellent source of support
  • Nonskid rocker sole for adequate heel support
  • Lightweight and compact

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The straps may be too long for some people
  • Returns may not be possible

#3. Alegria Women’s Alli Flat

Some women and fashion are like two inseparable twins. What it means is that finding a shoe after a foot surgery that is both supportive and fashionable may be of critical importance to some ladies and that is where Alegria shoes for women come in.

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So what makes this shoe ideal? Is it the Alegria shoe reviews?

Well, it is multifunctional as you can continue using the pair after recovery, which seldom happens with orthopedic shoes. It also comes with a rubber sole to ensure adequate stability and support. But there is also a memory foam footbed for proper support and comfort.

The Alegria walking shoes have a leather upper to provide the necessary protection and durability. If you were to hit your foot on anything, the sturdy material might provide a certain amount of protection – but this may not be sufficient.

However, there are shortcomings associated with a shoe. Well, it may be a source of additional pain as it may be a little hard on the foot. The heel may also be a bit high to be ideal for a recovering foot. Typically, it is a shoe that you should only wear occasionally.

Things We Liked:

  • Multifunctional as you can continue using the shoe after full recovery
  • It is comfortable to wear and remove
  • A rubber sole for stability as you walk
  • A memory foam footbed for comfort
  • Comes with a leather upper for protection and durability
  • A fashionable shoe that you can wear to any event

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The 2-inch heel may not be the best for post-operative use
  • May not have sufficient space for bandages and possible swelling
  • The shoe may not provide the best support for your recovering foot
  • It may prove uncomfortable for a sore foot

#4. Premium Post Op Broken Toe / Foot Fracture Square Toe Walking Shoe – Womens – Medium

The product is another shoe designed to provide the necessary foot support as your foot recovers. It is one of the most ideal for post-operative use based on several features. The shoe offers solid foot protection following recovery.

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There is also a square toe design that provides additional protection to your toes – you will not need to worry about hitting your foot on the kitchen table – you can’t even imagine the pain that would give.

The walking boot for broken toe also features a padded heel and adjustable straps for stability and good fit respectively. But that’s not all; the toe walking shoes come with a hard rocker sole to minimize pressure on your foot and support your natural gait.

The post op shoe for broken toe has soft padding to ensure your injured foot gets all the necessary support – it also reduces chances of pain from rough encounters.

Its open shoe design ensures that your foot gets the necessary air for comfort especially during the summers – some final designs can be pretty uncomfortable.

The shoe has a particular appeal that beats other post-operative footwear. It looks just like the open shoes you been looking to buy.

Things We Liked:

  • Ideal footwear for post-operative use
  • A square toe design providing the necessary toe and foot protection
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Fashionable design
  • Comes with a padded heel to give the required foot stability
  • The adjustable straps ensure a decent fit
  • Soft padding to soothe your sore foot
  • Open design to allow your foot to breathe
  • It has a favorable price tag

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • May not offer the support you need
  • The straps may be too long if your foot has no dressing

#5. Slimline Adult Cast Boot in Black Size: X-Small

We are going to repeat the point we have been trying to make about purpose coming head of fashion in the case of best shoes after foot surgery.

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Well, don’t dismiss this Darco boot just yet on that account.

Darco surgical shoe is ideal especially if your foot has some of those bandages and dressing that can’t fit on a typical orthopedic shoe. In other words, it is excellent for those injuries that require the bulky compression bandages – it is that special!

Is this the only highlight feature of Darco walking boot?

There is also the square toe design that acts as a shield to toe and foot knocks – quite functional! The rocker sole gives the necessary support and ensures that you maintain your natural gait – vital in the recovery process.

And to add to your comfort as a patient, the show comes with EVA sole – quite comfortable, removable and easy to clean. There’s also the adjustable forefoot closure for a decent fit and accommodation of the cast or dressing.

Things We Liked:

  • Darco cast shoe is ideal for those with bulky compression bandages
  • A square toe design to offer adequate protection to your injured foot
  • Has a rocker sole to ensure decent walking and support for recovery
  • Offers sufficient cast or dressing support
  • The Slimline cast boot is comfortable to wear and remove
  • The shoe is a universal fit and unisex

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Not the most appealing shoe
  • There is no cushion on the heel section
  • It may become too big for a recovering foot without the bulky bandage

What to Look for the Best Shoes after Foot Surgery

Not every shoe is ideal for your recovering foot. Some of them can aggravate the injury, and so careful choosing is essential. But what criteria do you employ when choosing to end up with the right pair? Well, this may be your lucky day. The following are some of the factors.

Best Shoes After Foot Surgery - The Ultimate Guide & Reviewed in 2019

  • Purpose:

There are various foot surgeries you can have depending on the injury. An individual that suffers a knock on his Achilles on a motorcycle accident may not have the same kind of operation with the one having a procedure to remove bunions – you get the point! For examples, there are surgeries where immobility is critical to rehabilitation and should get a shoe that comfortably accommodates a cast.

  • Rocker Sole:

One of the features that you will often hear in post-operative recovery shoes is the rocker sole. Well, this has nothing to do with hardcore music, fortunately, or unfortunately.

The rocker sole relieves your foot tendons and muscles of the significant task of holding and moving you. However, different recovery shoes have varying degrees of the feature.

Therefore, depending on the type and extent of the injury, you can choose the right shoe with sufficient rocker for you.

  • Material:

In the post-surgery footwear market, function precedes fashion in the majority of times. However, the design and equipment are of critical importance. For example, surgical shoe after bunion surgery should be soft and at the same time, supportive.

It should not be abrasive but rather, gentle to allow recuperation of the surgery spot. But other features such as weather resistance and ‘easy to clean’ are decent but your primary focus should always be support for your recovering foot – after all, this is not a shoe that you are going to wear for a long time.

You also don’t plan on having another foot injury – or do you?

  • Support:

This feature is one of the most underrated as most people focus on the rocker feature. However, it is equally important. The thinking among most people is that the cast is there to provide the necessary support.

But the cast eventually comes off, and your foot will need continued support for several additional days. Don’t deprive your foot more support by choosing a shoe that doesn’t focus on the feature.

Velcro-strapped and high side varieties provide the necessary support for your bandaged or recovering foot requires.


Q: How long after foot surgery Can you walk?

Ans: Six to 12 weeks after foot surgery. Six weeks your bones should be set in place

Q: How soon can I drive after foot surgery?

Ans: Minimum 4 Weeks after minor arthroscopic knee surgery.

Q: How long do you have to wear a boot after foot surgery?

Ans: While recovery after bunion surgery, then takes about six to eight weeks, full recovery from bunion removal surgery can take a minimum four to six months. You need to must wear a surgical boot or cast to protect your foot.

Q: How long do stitches stay in after foot surgery?

Ans: Approximately 14 days

Q: How long does it take to recover from metatarsal surgery?

Ans: After foot surgery using a cast, boot or hard-soled shoe. These fractures tend to heal within 6 to 8 weeks.

Q: How long is recovery after foot surgery?

Ans: It’s Depends on the injury and surgery, it typically takes two to three weeks.

Final Verdict:

The best shoes after foot surgery ensure you get full recovery to your foot. They help you make small movements here and there. Typically, the shoes in this review will offer excellent support and protection to your foot in the process of making a recovery. As a rule of the thumb, pick the shoe that most suits your foot injury and you will be on your way to full recovery.

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