How To Heal A Broken Foot – 6 Warning Sign

How do you heal a broken foot?

Well, while this is a common question among many people, there is need to understand that healing a broken bone takes some time and it will also depend on which bone is broken, the age of the patient, blood flow to the bone, nutrition, health, and treatment.

How To Heal A Broken Foot – 6 Important Healing Process

Stop Smoking

According to the studies, smoking increases morbidity that links to fracture and delays the healing process. After the study, patients who smoke have longer recovery time and a higher risk to develop a non-union, which is a non-healing bone.

Stop Smoking - How to healing broken foot

Smoking interferes with the blood flow to the bone, and we all know that blood transports essential nutrients to the surrounding cells and allows the bone to heal.


The best way to avoid prolonged fracture is to quit smoking and if you have a relative, who smokes and has a broken foot, please encourage him or her to quit.

Balanced Diet

For your broken foot to heal, your body requires more nutrients to support bone health for quicker recovery. What this means is that you need to eat a balanced diet to make sure adequate intake of nutrients of every food group.

Balanced Diet Broken Foot Healing Tips


Once you eat a balanced diet, your bone will get the necessary nutrients for it to make a fast recovery.

Watch Your Calcium

Calcium is the most essential nutrient in the body when it comes to bone health. The reason is that you need calcium to strengthen and heal your bones, but you need to keep in mind that excess calcium intake won’t help your bone heal faster.

Watch Your Calcium Healing Your Foot Tips

Make sure you consume an ideal calcium dose, and you can also go for natural sources of calcium such as milk and fish.


Calcium is very crucial to the body as it helps in making your bones strong and so you need to watch your calcium intake.

Stick To The Treatment Plan

Once you follow the above tips means you are trying to make sure that HOW DO YOU HEAL A BROKEN FOOT

After you break your foot, the doctor will come up with a treatment plan to help you heal faster, and you should always stick to that plan. He may recommend foot surgery boot, cast, crutches, and many more.

Always stick to the plan since if you alter the treatment that may delay your recovery.


Never remove a cast or stop using crutches before the doctor says so as you may be delaying your healing time.

Exercise And Fracture Healing

Exercise rarely comes to people’s mind when it comes to accelerating the healing process after a broken foot. Basically, by exercising your foot, you can help in the healing process since bone tissues follow a specific pattern when undergoing a repair.

Exercise And Fracture Healing - Advanced Tips HOW DO YOU HEAL A BROKEN FOOT

By exercising, you are helping your foot tissues to work effectively and thus an improved healing process.


Fracture healing calls for adequate blood and nutrients flow to the damaged tissues to help in the healing process. That is why you should always exercise your broken foot.

Alcohol Abuse

When not taken in moderation, excess alcohol is toxic to the broken bone. Alcohol is also associated with fracture incidence, fracture healing complications such as infections and more.

Alcohol Abuse Exclusive Broken foot healing tips


During the healing process, make sure you drop alcohol for a fast healing process.

When we all want our bones to heal faster, the truth is that enough time is needed for the foot to get healed entirely.

Last Words
However, how to heal a broken foot once you follow the above tips means you are trying to make sure that your foot recovers sooner. Besides, you still want to get back to your normal activities.

All the best!