The Best Red Wing Iron Ranger Review in 2020

The history of the red wing shoe company goes hand in hand with that of iron mining in Minnesota.

The tough conditions associated with iron mining and its expansion paved the way for the development of a boot that was both comfortable and could withstand the harsh mining conditions.

Since the early years, the double-layered toe cap was the highlight feature of the iron ranger to protect the feet from hard falling objects.

The Hidden Mystery Behind Red Wing Iron Ranger Review

It would be unfortunate red wing iron ranger review for your fingers to stop the falling mining tools such as hammer – it would be a painful experience.

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The boot continuous to be a favorite of working men and women and underscores Red Wings’ commitment to quality products.

But what makes it popular in contemporary times?

We find out in the following Red Wing Iron Ranger review.


Undoubtedly, the upper material determines whether a particular pair is a quality or not. Workers need strong top material on shoes to prevent falling hard objects from the feet.

The oil tanned leather only these boots is among the best from S.B. Foot Tanning Co.

The material is sweat, water, and stain resistant for comfort and ensures durability. It has a more natural feel and looks and which is quite unlike other types of leather used by its peers. Typically, finishing materials used are less, and it looks adorable, something that various red wing iron ranger review from users underline. 

It has a rubbery feel on the hands. Also, it is smooth and feels exceptional.

RED WING IRON RANGER REVIEW - How To Be More Productive?

Fully finished leather does not pick up scuffs and folds, unlike the oil tanned leather. And that is what makes the boots so unique.

Natural is aesthetically appealing. Some people may not see this, but the few that know the benefits of natural leather over other materials will find it attractive. For example, the workers of various industries will find them appealing in every sense of the word.

The Vibram® 430 Mini-lug that you will find in red wing iron ranger 8085 is an improvement from the original. Initially, nitrile sole was the main component in the red wing boots. And while nitrile was great in hot weather, it was not so great in wet weather.

Red wing iron ranger Vibram sole is the all-weather outsole that provides adequate durability and flexibility no matter the weather. The rubber mini-lug sole is perfect on snow, ice and water. It adds a certain level of versatility to the boot that any worker will love.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for nitrile in Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot. The outsole may have its benefits, but it is almost impossible to match it with Vibram outsole with a rubber mini lug.

Let’s check a video to know Red Wing History


Without bias, the construction of these boots is quite solid. You may notice some faults with the welt construction, but that is nothing to worry about. The stitching is remarkable, and it is better than some of the boots on the market.

You will not find any quality control issues, and it is the kind of footwear that is amour-like. It is the kind that you can depend on when going to the battlefield – the sort of battlefield that workers go into.

But it if feels like you can drop a bomb on them and they emerge on the other end of the chaos unblemished – much like a comic hero that walks away from a burning building, triumphant.

There are no thin speed hooks, and which is a common problem with poor quality boots. The stitching is not redundant, and the components have sufficient reinforcements. 


Popular consensus among various users is to size down between 1/2 and one sizes of your dress shoes. Sizing down provide sufficient room for your heavy socks if you feel that the boots are a little tough for your feet. But I am not saying that the shoes are uncomfortable.

Tough construction is something that you should expect from boots made to provide the best protection for your feet when working.

However, it is always the best thing to try the boots in person. That way, you can determine whether they are the best fit for you. Alternatively, you should buy from a place with a good return policy.

Red Wing Iron Ranger Review - Detailed Guide

The online stores are now widespread, and it is always good to move with the times. Choose a place with a good return policy.


There is an emerging trend where the red wing boots are the main focus in fashion. It is not impossible to find people wearing the red wing boots with denim and leather jacket. I must admit the look is quite exceptional.

Part of the reason why it is growing in popularity in fashion is that it works well with denim.

The Shortcomings
And even though red wing heritage boots look fabulous with denim and leather jacket, they are not quite versatile. It is not something that you can wear on every occasion. The boot is used mainly for work boots as like roofing and logger works.

Various red wing heritage boots reviews from users point out that they have a large toe box. And well that is something that you may not need to worry about, the feature is not for everyone.

No doubt the craftsman of red wing boots is excellent. However, it is not what you can refer to as notable. Regardless, it is a perfect boot for every worker or fashion enthusiast with a test for heritage boots.

As mentioned above, the nitrile outsole is not the best component on these soles. Typically, it is not the best in wet conditions. It is not all weather.

Final Note

The above Red wing iron ranger review underscores some of the features that make the red wing brand so popular. Whether its red wing boots women’s or red wing iron ranger 8111, you are going to find the construction and overall quality of the shoes quite exceptional.

The above $200 price tag may not be what many people will consider favorable. However, the quality and build of the boot speak for itself.

It is well worth every cent that you spend on it.