10 Best Roofing Boots Review In 2020

Most people are afraid of heights and being on the roof sends shivers down their spine.

It’s natural. Roofing is among the riskiest work environment. A small mishap can send you tumbling down several feet into the ground causing severe injury.

As such, the kind of shoes that you wear when roofing matters significantly. They are the difference between safety and risk.

The best roofing boots are the first line of protection when working at heights.

10 Best Roofing Boots For Safety When Working On The Roof

Find The Best Roofing Boots Review And Details Guide To Work Safety All Day

A decent pair of best roofing boots can enhance your safety when working on the roof.

Various factors make one pair better than the others in the context of roofing. Among the most important include a secure grip, lightweight and rugged construction and comfort.

These are the very factors that we used to separate the wheat from the chaff.

You see, it’s not everyone that claims to be good is good, and the same case applies to roof boots. In such a risky work environment as roofing, you cannot afford to take risks to determine whether a particular pair of boots is excellent.

It is one learning experience not worth taking.

10 Best Roofing Boots For Safety Work (Comparison)

In our detailed and careful search of some of the best roofing boots, Ever Boots emerged at the top.

It is the kind of shoes that every roofing professional should have to prevent mishaps.

EVER BOOTS Premium Leather Waterproof Work Boots Insulated

EVER BOOTS Men's Premium Leather Waterproof Work Boots Insulated...
  • WATERPROOF: Waterproof leather and bootie ensure your feet dry,...
  • BREAK IN FREE: Soft leather take the pain out of braking into a new...

Serious workers need serious boots that protect their feet adequately. Nothing should come in the way of the perfect job, and that is why you need the best roofing boots like the Ever Boots, the best waterproof work boots you will find.

There are many reasons the footwear is our number one choice, but we will focus on some of them in the following ever boots tank review.

Comfort, Durability, and Appeal

A comfortable boot is ideal in any roofing job, and no other shoe demonstrates this better than the Ever Boots. We particularly love how the shoes feel, and you would never want to remove them.

It features a comfortable midsole that cushions your feet from any shock, and a rubber outsole to ensure durability and smooth walking.

Unlike most other boots on the market, this shoe features water-resistant leather that keeps your feet dry and warm. The waterproof roofing boots have excellent insulation that feels great, and also makes them ideal as roofing shoes for metal roofs.

Without sugar coating anything, the insulated rubber work boots are quite appealing boots that you can use on other non-work occasions like hiking and camping. The soft leather work boots look the part effortlessly.


While it has the looks and features, these boots may not be the best for backpacking and long distance walking. It is a little bit stiff and can cause blisters.

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Wedge Safety Toe Boot

Thorogood Men's 814-4200 American Heritage 6" Moc Toe, MAXwear Wedge...
  • Ankle-length work boot with handsome moccasin toe and cushioning wedge...
  • Slip- and oil-resistant outsole, Tobacco Gladiator Oil-Tanned Leather....

An impressive work boot – that is what Thorogood Boots Moc toe is all about, and the reason it is our second choice. It has all the qualities of a great work boot.

That means you can wear it to your roofing job and be completely safe. The boot best describes the American products – quality – as the following Thorogood roofer boots review indicates.

Comfort and Safety

With an impressive user satisfaction of 4.4/5, many users love the Thorogood roofing boots, not just us. It is quite comfortable, but you have to break into it first.

The insole is comfortable Poron cushion that absorbs shock easily and sufficiently. You are as comfortable as you can get on the roof – the best roofing shoes for metal roofs

For protection, Thorogood 6 Moc-toe boot features a steel toe that protects your feet from any falling objects. The tobacco oil tan leather is as sturdy as they can get to overcome abrasion.

It also comes with a fiberglass shank which adds to the shoe’s overall durability.


We noticed the boots are a little bit narrow and may not be the best for people with wide feet. Some customers have complained of falling soles after a period of use – not a good thing.

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Golden Fox Men’s Premium Leather Soft Toe Light Weight Moc Work Boots Insulated

Timberland PRO Men's 53009 Wedge Sole 6" Soft-Toe Boot,Rust,14 M
  • Lace-up ankle boot with rolled moccasin-toe stitching and contrasting...
  • EVA midsole for comfort

It is one of the few shoes that are quite ideal for roofing jobs. In other words, they have all the necessary features to make them suitable for your next roofing jobs.

But what makes it our first choice boot? Is it an attractive design?

Leather Upper

It is without a shred of doubt that this shoe is perfect on various aspects such as durability and comfort. In particular, it features oil grain leather which is durable and soft on the feet, as well.

And for additional durability, the boot features a Goodyear welt construction.


For comfort, the boots feature a pigskin collar and mesh lining which will keep your feet warm in cold weather – you don’t need to work in freezing feet.

The sole wedge cushion is lightweight and oil resistant, as well. It contributes to your overall comfort, adequately.

Another thing we love about the boot is its lightweight design. The shoes feel light and comfortable.


The outsole has the excellent traction that gives you the necessary grip on the roof as you work. The leather upper can take a few beatings without an issue.


The shoe feels a little bit too warm to use well in scorching weather.

Timberland PRO Men’s Wedge Sole 6″ Boot

Caterpillar Men's Argon Composite-Toe Lace-Up Work Boot,Dark Brown,10...
  • Nylon mesh lining to keep you cool. Removable EVA sock liner for...
  • Feel the unparalleled protection of a safety boot and the swiftness of...

There various features that make this good-looking timberland work boots men’s our top choice for roofing and it includes a leather upper.

But what else would make anyone fit on this on this boot and head for the roof? Let’s find out in the following timberland Pro review.

Durable and Comfortable

We found this timberland pro boots anti-fatigue to be quite comfortable, allowing sufficient air circulation and proving relatively lightweight. The leather is a durable fabric to protect your feet from falling nails and other objects.

The shoe also has a rubber sole for flexibility, durability and excellent grip.

Other comfort features on these timberland roofing boots include the EVA midsole and lace-up design for a snug fit.


The shoe features a rubber outsole that provides good traction. It gives you a good hold on the roofing surface, and you don’t have to be afraid of slips. Rubber also offers adequate grounding, reducing risks of electrocution in the process.


According to a good number of users, the boots are not the most durable. The sole can easily split or peel off.

Caterpillar Men’s Argon Comp Toe Lace-Up Work Boot

Danner Men’s Bull Run 6” Work Boot,Brown,10 D US
  • Made in the USA with imported components
  • Durable, oiled, full-grain leather upper

The first thing that strikes you the moment you lay your eyes on these caterpillar boots men is the attractive design.

Simply, it is something that you can wear for a roofing job, as well as, your friend’s wedding.

Safety and Comfort

What makes the caterpillar argon boots comfortable is the blend of leather and synthetic material. We loved how lightweight they felt. They have a rubber sole which proves a great feature to provide sufficient traction and comfort.

Caterpillar lace-up boots feature an SRX compound for slip resistance and comfort. 

The composite toe is an excellent feature to protect your feet from falling objects, and if you need to go through a metal detector. Furthermore, its low-top design is a source of safety assurance.

Most men, as opposed to women, feel more comfortable in low shoes in comparison to high boots.

The boot looks well-made and with the features to make it last for years.


The boot feels a bit uncomfortable in hot weather. Most reviewers say that they come apart quickly, especially the eyelets and insole.

Danner Men’s Bull Run 6” Work Boot

Golden Fox Steel Toe Men's Lightweight Work Boots Moc Toe Boot...
  • Steel Toe Moccasin for toe protection and Mesh lining Pig Skin Collar...
  • Oil Resistant Lightweight Wedge Outsole Cushion Removable Insole

A comfortable and robust boot is always a blessing to have, whether working or just strolling around. Danner Bull Run Moc toe is not only a comfortable boot but also a real gem for roof working.

It is not every boot that you can take to the roof.

Check out the Danner Bull Run review for other features.

Comfortable and Strong

The first impression of the Danner Bull run steel toe is that it is durable. It has some decent stitching with leather and wedge sole. However, it is quite breathable and well-cushioned, featuring OrthoLite footbed.

The Danner Bull run boots easily take to your feet like no other boot and are not so bad to look at – quite appealing.

The ‘made in the US’ label tells you that you have a boot for a long time. Danner Bull run has a full-grain upper and wedge sole for adequate longevity and grip.

The outsole is oil and slip-resistant, a feature to ensure your safety. But it also has a steel shank for additional protection.


There are a bunch of complaints from users regarding cracked soles. They could also do better with the insole. It is not among the best.

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Golden Fox Steel Toe Men’s Lightweight Work Boots Moc Toe Boot Insulated

Red Wing Heritage Men's Beckman 6-Inch Round Lace Up, Cigar...
  • Plain-toe ankle boot featuring waxed leather finish and contrast...
  • Style No. 9016

One highlight feature of the Golden Fox boots is its lightweight design. The golden fox work boots are a shoe that most roof workers will find easy to use.

The boot, however, has several safety features that are an excellent addition for any roof worker.

Check out the following golden fox boots review.

Comfortable and Durable

For starters, the boot feels lighter than most of the other boots in this review. The oil-resistant outsole has a grip for sufficient support and flexibility.

The non-slip roofing shoes are the kind that you quickly feel comfortable in when working in the hot weather. 

Golden Fox steel toe boots allow a good flow of air within, and the insole and footbed provide sufficient cushioning to protect your feet from the shock, and for additional comfort.


You will love the several safety features that the Golden Fox Moc toe boots packs including a steel toe and sturdy upper. That means your delicate feet are safe from the falling hammer or any other tool.

The heavy-duty leather is the kind that protects your feet from hot tar, and equipment.


The boots may be a little too rigid for some people, especially those with Achilles issues. They may also not be ideal for walking for long distances.

Red Wing Heritage Men’s Round 6″ Boot

WHITIN Men's Mid Soft Toe Leather Insulated Work Boots Construction...
  • A sock liner which can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic.
  • Slip resistant rubber outsoles and a durable welt construction.

With a buyer satisfaction rating from Amazon, you will agree with me that the Red Wing work boots are a decent quality show.

There’s something that users find quite appealing as a working and everyday boot, meaning that it will be a good choice for you.

They can’t all be wrong.

Comfortable and Strong

Red Wing Heritage Moc 6 boot is without a doubt a durable boot with full-grain leather, triple stitching, and Goodyear welt construction. 

For comfort, the Red Wing Heritage work boots features a round toe styling and crepe sole. The boot has a decent footbed and is not too warm to make you sweat and uncomfortable.

Its lace-up design provides a snug fit to prevent shoe movement and friction.

The treaded outsole on this Red Wing boots men’s fashion is flexible and provides sufficient grip even as you work on the roof. It is the kind of boot that any worker can depend on as they produce their best work.


One sticking disadvantage of using these boots is that they feel too hard on the heels. A good number of users also complain about this issue. They are also not quite as lightweight as you would expect.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Roofing Boots

How To Choose Best Roofing Boots For Safety Works Including Buying Guide

There are a handful of factors that will help you select a decent pair of roofing boots. Your ideal pair should have all the safety features such as the design to deal with a variety of hazards.

A firm, safe and comfortable boots allow you to be the best you can when working on the roof.

A Solid Grip

The first thing to look at when choosing your ideal roofing pair is a solid grip. In essence, falls are the primary cause of fatalities in the roofing industry.

They account for up to three-quarters of the deaths. As such, a good grip is essential to prevent slides and slips, especially when you are on the roof.

Invest in a boot that has a secure grip to prevent slips when you are more than ten feet above the ground. Ideally, the outsole should be rubber or synthetic material, and sufficiently thick.

Choose the pair that features thin but aggressive tread design.

Shock Resistance

Working on the roof also exposes you to risks of electrocution. See, some households utilize an overhead line to connect to the grid, and a mishap can make live wires fall on the roof.

Good rubber soles are poor conductors of electricity and will help keep you safe from electrocution.


Roofing materials like asphalt shingles cause abrasive damage to the roofing shoes. Your shoes will not last long if the upper is anything less than durable and rugged.

The leather is a good choice of material. It is tough and will protect your feet from various risk hazards. It is also lightweight, as well as, breathable.


Your level of comfort determines efficiency and safety, as well. A work boot should feel comfortable for hours to enhance your concentration. Choose your boots depending on the local weather.

For example, if you will be working in hot weather, it’s best to choose an adequately ventilated work boot that allows smooth flow of air. Go for the insulated boot if working in cold climates, and a waterproof boot in places where it rains a lot…

It’s best to make all the comfort features for proper support and cushioning. That means shoe design with a decent amount of arch support, a comfortable footbed and the toe area that allow foot flexibility.

Snug Fit

You have no time to deal with your shoes when working on the roof and so it’s best to stay off any footwear that doesn’t provide a snug fit.

Avoid slip-on or sandals and opt for a lacing system that goes all the way to the top of the tongue to allow easy adjustability and snug fit. A loose boot is an injury risk.

You can get blisters and wounds that can cause pain and discomfort in the long run.

Final Thoughts

There are countless boot options on the market that you can use for roofing, but not every one of them is ideal. A boot like Ever Boots, our top choice, has all the features you would expect from a decent work boot.

We are talking about cushioned footbed, durable leather, and lightweight design.

They are the kind you can rely on for support and foot protection – roofing jobs are awash with risks, and you need to feel safe to produce your best work yet.