10 Best Shoes for Broken Foot Recovery Review in 2019

One morning you are doing your routine jog, and out of nowhere, something happens, and you suffer a broken foot – some things are just inevitable.

But what does a broken foot mean to your style?

Well, for starters, it says that you can’t wear your favorite boot or shoe just yet. You will need something that supports the heel and the whole foot in general to enable the recovery healing process.

Find The Best Shoes for Broken Foot Recovery (Top 10 Selection)

Best Shoes for Broken Foot Recovery

You will need the best shoes for broken foot recovery, and that is what we discuss in the below paragraphs – we hope you find the best one for you.

Choosing The Best Shoes For Stress Fracture in Foot

The type of broken foot injury you have is one factor you should consider when choosing the right shoe.

If you have broken toe, then you have the option of selecting either a tall or short walking boot. So which do you choose among the two?

Best Recommendations

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The short walking boots are ideal for digital and metatarsal stress fracture, as well as, post-operative surgery on foot. They are also perfect for soft tissue trauma on the leg and ankle.

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However, the walking boots are standard when it comes to lower leg soft tissue injuries and stress fractures, acute ankle sprains, post-operative and stable fractures of the foot and ankle.

Another critical consideration is choosing between closed and open boot. The closed variety keeps your foot from catching something like an infection and the like and keeps it warm. They also help maintain stabilization.

There are also open shoes for a broken foot recovery. They are the best to allow the injured area to breathe and often have ample space for your toes, enough to incorporate bandages. You find it more among postoperative patients given the amount of swelling it accompanies.

Another important feature to consider is the choice between pneumatic and non-pneumatic – now, what are these?

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The best shoes after broken foot come with the pneumatic feature allowing the wearer the option increasing stabilization by inflating an air bladder – quite functional, don’t you agree?

The walking shoe for the broken foot with the pneumatic feature is ideal, post-operative as it aids in controlling the swelling, reducing the pain and enhancing healing time.

But you can always go with the shoe that provides a decent amount of cushioning, especially if you are among those with a weaker foot. We are talking about the inner sole here. It should be memory foam, but you are good to go with EVA.

The outer sole should have a sort of gel or fluid for additional cushioning as this will take pressure off as you walk to and fro.

Shock absorption is another crucial factor to look out for. It would not be appropriate to have your foot jumping around as you walk – the horror!

And even though extra space may not be as critical as other factors, it is always worth a thought.

Additional space is necessary especially if you are having something like a brace or bandage – where do you think this would go through without adequate space?

best shoes for broken foot recovery - expert guide

Well, versatility is among those factors you might not give even the slightest consideration – you know, all your focus is usually on getting well and pain reduction. But your foot will undoubtedly not remain in the same situation for longer. It will heal, and the shoe will become useless.

Typically, having a versatile shoe that you can also wear after recovery is ideal – don’t you think so?

United Surgical Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot, Medium (Orthopedic Walking Boot)

With a stiff soled shoe for broken foot, you will be looking for something lightweight for ease of movement and sturdy to support the foot until it recovers. Well, United Surgical Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot is one product that perfectly fits the description and goes over and above.

But why do we say that?

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Well, the orthopedic shoe for broken toe has the versatility to help you walk appropriately despite the various injuries you suffer on your foot – it could be an ankle sprain, broken foot, soft tissue injuries and post-operative condition. But what is this that makes it sound so unique?

What is in the construction? Something we can trust?

The short walking boot incorporates sturdy plastic-molded uprights and reinforcement from spring steel – sounds pretty much decent. The sturdy plastic provides the necessary support for healing, and the strong spring offers high-level flexibility for ease of walking – you don’t have to turn into a couch potato because you have a foot injury.

It means that you can get on your feet and what you want to do without relying on anyone.

Things We Liked
  • Offers excellent support to help you walk appropriately
  • Ideal for ankle sprains, post-operative condition, and soft tissue injury
  • Durable materials and construction
  • A decent design and size that makes it suitable for both men and women
  • You can wear it on either foot
  • Offers lightweight comfort and shock absorbing
  • Cushioned insole to reduce the impact of strides
  • Features a rubberized rocker sole to support your natural gait and walking style
  • Easy to follow cam boot instructions. 
Things We Didn't Like
  • Sizing may be a little off
  • The air pump may not function too well
  • No warranty and no returns – not ideal

United Surgical Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot, Medium

United Surgical features yet again with this walker boot that supports your foot sufficiently until you can finally walk on your own – even make jogs here and there, eventually. But what is that this boot has, worth a consideration? For starters, it comes with a rocker sole that ensures your daily activities don’t stop just yet.

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Sometimes, the brand can be the difference between a quality product and a poor one. Well, United Surgical needs no introduction when it comes to walker boots for an injured foot. And to ensure the boot hugs your foot for added comfort, the United Surgical Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot (Medium) features an adjustable and contoured strut.

Furthermore, the walking cast boot for broken foot has a weight capacity of 250lbs – quite decent. You don’t have to worry about buying something that can’t support you sufficiently. It is light and will not add additional weight to your foot – the weight of the cast or bandage remains, though.

The Cam Walker Fracture Boot provides excellent traction to ensure walking stability – you know how these floor surfaces are, sometimes.

Things We Liked
  • A rocker sole ensuring that your daily activities don’t stop Comfortable to wear and remove reducing time wastage
  • Made by a reputable organization – obviously means something
  • An adjustable and contoured strut for comfort
  • The United surgical cam walker has a high weight capacity
  • It is a lightweight boot
  • Has excellent traction to provide walking stability
  • Has excellent height for sufficient support
Things We Didn't Like
  • May not hold up for long
  • The air pump may have quality issues

Walking Boot By Vive – Lightweight Shoe w/ Adjustable Straps – Durable Foot Cast For Support & Recovery – Vive Guarantee (Large)

Foot or toe post-surgery requires something supportive and flexible. Well, the Vive Walking Boot is one product with notable features for those that may be dealing with an injured foot situation. For starters, this boot carries an open shoe design to allow your foot to breath for rapid healing.

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The lightweight walking shoes are highly adjustable for wearing comfort – it hugs your foot to achieve the necessary walking comfort. It has three adjustable straps to accommodate the cast and the bandage. The walking cast boot for broken foot comes with a square toe design meaning that you can wear the boot on any foot.

And just like the walking boot for broken foot Walgreens, it is sufficiently sturdy and supportive to prevent further possible injuries on your foot – it would be quite painful if you were to hit your injured foot on something and the boot failed to provide the necessary protection.

Stability is critical, especially with an injured foot. Ideally, the walking cast broken foot has a non-skid tread to ensure that every step you make is smooth and stable – you don’t want a situation where you are going to fall over, do you?

Things We Liked
  • Open shoe design to allow breathing and rapid healing
  • Adjustable shoe for sufficient fitting
  • A square toe design meaning that you can wear it on either foot
  • Ideal for post-surgery wear
  • A non-skid tread for efficient and stable walking
  • The boot is lightweight and comfortable to wear
Things We Didn't Like
  • May not be ideal for ankle support
  • Lacks some of the essential features you may need and which are available on other competing products
  • There may be issues with the straps such as being too long and not lining well

Aircast FP (Foam Pneumatic) Walker Brace (Best walking cast boot for broken foot)

The primary role of a walking boot is preventing further injury and supporting the foot’s healing process. Well, this Aircast FP walking boot comes with a semi-rigid shell to provide the necessary protection, support, and flexibility to ensure an optimal healing process.

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An injured needs some dressing, and so the boot must have adequate space for this and this Aircast FP walking boot does.

The pneumatic walker boot comes with an air pump for inflation to ensure improved fit and comfort – you can guess how much comfort this is with shock absorption, and all. Other features that make your move easy include the low rocker sole – this ensures a more natural gait.

Having a versatile Aircast foam pneumatic walker is a good thing as it ensures you don’t have to move around a lot searching for a healing boot. The Aircast FP walker’s versatility means that you can wear for a variety of foot injuries.

Things We Liked
  • Has a semi-rigid shell to offer the necessary protection, support, and flexibility for an optimal healing process
  • Has adequate space to incorporate dressing
  • A rocker sole – low to the ground to ensure a more natural gait
  • The boot comes with a handy hand pump that makes customization to a comfortable level possible
  • It is a universal fit boot – you can wear on either foot
  • Easy to put it on and off
  • Well-priced
Things We Didn't Like
  • Relatively bulky and can feel a bit uncomfortable
  • May be a source of pain when it rubs on the wrong places

Aircast AirSelect Walker Brace / Walking Boot (Elite, Short, and Standard)

A broken foot requires the best walker brace you can find to provide the protection and necessary flexibility for smooth movement. The Aircast Airselect elite is a foot recovery product with the right features to ensure an efficient healing process. It features a rigid shell that supports your movement even with an injured foot.

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Another vital feature incorporated in the Aircast Airselect short walker boot or other sizes form the brand the soft-strike technology – so what about it? Well, the feature ensures the boot has a sufficient level of shock absorption, and you can finally walk with confidence. This is the another best shoes for broken foot recovery.

The shoe also features a pneumatic compression but what does that mean? Well, it means that the feature provides the right fit to control swelling – a great function! It also has an open-frame design to ensure your injured foot gets sufficient air.

And to ensure stability as you walk, the boot comes with a rubber tread. It is durable and offers excellent traction. But what are the main differences between Aircast Airselect standard vs. elite? Well, it is all in the sizing.

Things We Liked
  • Comes with a rigid shell for adequate protection and support
  • Soft-strike technology for a reasonable level of shock absorption for protection
  • A pneumatic compression for the reduction of swelling
  • Open-frame design providing sufficient ventilation
  • A universal fit meaning you can wear the shoe on any foot
Things We Didn't Like
  • The aircast airselect walker brace may be uncomfortable for some people
  • It may not be the best for specific conditions

Ossur Rebound Air Tall Walking Boot Medium

For the Achilles tendon and other foot injuries, you can rely on Ossur air equaliser walking boot. This is one of those products that fulfill their functions adequately – they are quality products.

So, what’s in the package worth the mention?

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The Ossur equalizer air walker comes with a fully integrated air pump so that you can always inflate to the right level – we have different comfort levels. But it’s not just the pump; the equipment incorporates easy inflation and deflation, so you attain the proper level easier and quicker.

And to ensure high-level stability as you make the strolls, the Ossur Rebound Air Tall Walking Boot Medium supports a natural gait through a rocker bottom. The shoe for broken foot incorporates a moisture-wicking interior for a high-level comfort to keep your skin dry and comfortable. It is easy to put on and off – you will waste your time struggling to fit it.

If suffering from such foot injuries and conditions as Achilles tendonitis, then you are better off with this shoe for broken foot recovery – most of the Ossur rebound air walker reviews highlight this fact.

Things We Liked
  • A premium quality product with a high-level reliability
  • Comes with an air pump
  • More natural inflation and deflation so fine-tune to an ideal level
  • High-level stability through a functional rocker bottom
  • A moisture-wicking material to ensure you are adequately comfortable
  • Ideal for Achilles tendonitis and Achilles post-surgery
  • It is quite easy to put in and off
Things We Didn't Like
  • The air pump is not of the best quality and can easily break down
  • The price is a bit on the high side
  • May not be ideal for a sprained ankle

Ovation Air Cam Walker Walking Boot (Small, Blue Sole) by Ovation Medical

One highlight feature of Ovation Air Cam Walker Walking Boot is its lightweight design – in fact, it is one of the lightest you will find on the market, and you can walk easily with it.

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And to ensure a comfortable walking, the hard-soled shoes for stress fracture come with a well-designed rocker bottom – you don’t have to change your walking gait.

Best Shoes for Broken Foot Recovery ( Exclusive Guide)

Its inflation bladders are easy to use to ensure a comfortable fit – an injured foot demands all the comfort it can get if you know how to walk in a walking boot. Easy pump inflation also helps deal with the swelling.

But there are other additional features to ensure high-level comfort such as the bowed struts – these provide comfort around the struts.

Things We Liked
  • Lightweight design
  • The ovation cam walker has a well-designed rocker bottom for more comfortable movement
  • Incorporates inflation bladders that are pretty easy to use – it doesn’t have to be hard
  • Bowed struts for additional comfort around the foot
  • A variety of colored soles so you can choose your favorite and which matches with your attire
  • The foot recovery boot is quite comfortable to put on and off
  • It is a universal fit boot, and you can wear it on either foot
Things We Didn't Like
  • The straps may not be among the best
  • Does not give an orthopedic type insole
  • Not the best foot support you can find

The closed boot also protects your foot from the elements and reduces chances of open hits from surfaces – you know how painful these are. It is quite common among postoperative patients as it helps control the swelling and offers foot support.

Injuries to the foot are inevitable, and you need a product to support a rapid healing process. Typically, the best shoes for broken foot recovery helps you make small movements and do your activities usually – nothing needs to stop with your injured foot. All the best!


Q: How long do you have to wear a boot for a broken foot?

Ans: Normally takes 6 weeks to heal

Q: Can a foot fracture heal without a cast?

Ans: Minor fractures can heal without surgery

Q: Can I drive with a broken foot?

Ans: Yes, and No. If you drive with a broken foot this is especially illegal and the doctor also advises for No drive when your leg or foot was broken.

Q: How much does a walking boot cost?

Ans: It depends but basically walking boot price around $59.97 – $444.83

Q: What is an air cast boot used for?

Ans: Aircast boot is a brand which is pneumatic walking brace used after foot surgery or injury to the lower leg or foot. This boot working on air cells in the brace and it will be adjusted by the patient for a custom fit within a strong plastic shell.

All the above are products that will help make a quick recovery process so that you can be back too living life at your best – you deserve it.