Quick Tips For How To Lace Shoes For Wide Feet

Suppose, you have wide feet and you use shoes with lace. And you aren’t feeling comfortable with it. Are you curious to know why this happening? There are a huge number of factors which can secure your feet and make it comfortable. Lacing technique may be probably one. As all the shoes available in the market are not same and each couple of feet is different. Now, are you thinking about how to lace shoes for wide feet? Then you can go through the whole article to get the desired answer. So, you have to choose the right lacing techniques which suit for your feet.

How To Lace Shoes For Wide Feet

Why Do You Need To Know The Process To Lace Shoes For Wide Feet?

  • To make the use comfortable

Suppose, you have to pass the whole day putting wide feet shoes on your feet. Then you need a comfortable use. Comfortable use certainly depends on the lacing process.

  • For increasing your running performance

Are you a runner or like to cover little distance by your feet? Then running efficiency or performance is very important for you. An appropriate lacing technique can increase your running performance.

  • Support your shoes

If you are conscious of your health and for this reason, you give some time for running every day. It can damage your shoes. But a right lacing technique can be a protector for your shoes.

  • To protect your feet

Running every day is obviously good for your health. But is it good for your feet? Excessive walking can damage your feet by fatigue and screech. You can solve this problem by lacing your shoes perfectly.

  • Reduce foot pressure

Sometimes foot pressure can be a burden for you. But a right lacing process can minimize it significantly.

Step By Step Process For Lacing Shoes For Wide Feet (Video)

  • Collect a pair of shoes with untie laces

Shoes and laces are the primary elements of the entire process. So, for continuing the whole process, at first, you should collect a pair of shoes with untied laces. If the shoes are for wide feet, then it is better for you.

  • Determine the number of holes available in your shoes

Then you have to determine the number of holes available in your shoes. The number of holes is very important because the lacing technique partially depends on it. Keeping a balance with the number of holes, choose a suitable cross connection technique.

  • Make a cross connection with the laces in those holes

This is the most important part of the overall process. The number of holes will determine either it’ll start from below the hole or from above the hole.  Then fill the holes with a lace in such a manner that the lace can make some cross connections like ‘X’. Ensure that every cross connection is same in size.

  • Then make two loops with the right and left laces

After making the cross connections, pull the lace tightly up to it is comfortable for you.  Then make two loops with the two heads of the lace. Make sure that the sizes of two loops are same.

  • Create a knot with the two loops

Successes of the above processes depend on a good knot. So, you should try to make a knot properly.

  • Confirm that the knot is secure and comfortable for you

Make sure that the knot is secured and it’ll last a long time. If you feel comfortable with the whole process, then finish the process.

lace shoes for wide feet

Lacing techniques for different feet shapes are different. To keep your feet safe and sound, choosing a right lacing technique, is very important. If you’re a person of wide feet, then the article of ‘how to lace shoes for wide feet?’ will be very fruitful for you.