How to Wear Combat Boots With Jeans (11 Outfit Ideas)

There is one thing that is for sure, no one ever goes wrong with boots and jeans. No wonder we have endless options when it comes to creating a style that will make your combat boots and jeans create a fashion statement. In this article, we aim to look at how to wear combat boots with jeans.

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How To Wear Combat Boots With Jeans (11 Women’s Outfit Ideas)

There’s no uncertainty how to wear combat boots with jeans are a winter staple, and one style we see year after is the combat boot. They’re a simple method to in a flash toughen up and outfit and include a cool-young lady edge.

Ripped Knee Jeans

Pairing your regular-wash jeans with two rips on your knees makes your outfit look fashionable while adding some flair to the entire outfit. These jeans go well with ankle combo boots of your choice.

Ripped Knee Jeans Outfit Ideas


While wearing ripped jeans, make sure that the jeans do not cover your boots and you are good to go

Dark Wash Jeans

Looking forward to making an outstanding look?

Well, go for a bold boot in a bold pattern or bright color to add some liveliness to your dark jeans. You can choose to add color on your top or keep it neutral.

Dark Wash Jeans Outfit Ideas Women


Dark jeans go well with colorful or brighter boots. Therefore, make sure you get footwear that will brighten your outfit.

Cuffed Jeans

To make sure that everyone notices your favorite boots when you pass, then you should roll on cuffed jeans to make sure that the focus s on your footwear.

Cuffed Jeans Outfit Ideas


However, do this during hot seasons to avoid freezing your ankles.

Black Jeans

Snakeskin is trending this year. All you need is to get a good pair and get ready to wear them with your combo boots. You can add a sweater or a fur coat, and you are good to go.

Black Jeans Outfit Ideas for women


While the look is great, avoid wearing dark boots to enhance their visibility.

Medium Wash Jeans

You can add a sparkle to a passive outfit by getting a jewelry tone combo boot. For example, choose a green or a burgundy one this winter. You can pair the boot with your medium wash jeans to add style.

Medium Wash Jeans Outfit Ideas


If you want these combat boots to make a fashion statement on their own, get black or white skinny jeans and you will get what you want.

Cropped Jeans

Combo boots and cropped jeans can do wonders since they elongate the legs. These jeans are great since they give a less polished look.

Cropped Jeans Outfit Ideas for Women


These boots offer the precise amount of edge and will make you stand out everywhere you go.

Ragged Jeans

Ragged jeans are now trending, and you will look great when pairing them with these boots. Become the center of attention by wearing combat boots intentionally torn jeans! The look of the boot paired with jeans that are slightly torn is the best way to meet an elusive dress-down appearance.

Ragged Jeans Outfit Ideas


Raged jean gives a younger and classy look to the one who wears it. Just make sure you don’t wear these jeans during winter unless you want your legs to freeze. But, they are very fashionable and will look great on everyone.

High Rise Jeans

To create a fashionable look, get comfortable high rise jeans and pair them with this trending boot.  You can wear this pairing even during winter, and so even when it snows, you will still look great. To make sure that your footwear stands out, get bright-colored jeans and pair them with dull colored boots to make sure that everyone notices your classy boots while walking.

Alternatively, you can choose to wear dull pants with bright-colored bots. Either way, you still look stunning.

High Rise Jeans Outfit Ideas


High rise jeans look great with boots. All you need is to make sure that the boot’s color goes well with the color of your pants to get the look you have always wanted.

How to Wear Combat Boots With Jeans

There you have it! Why spend hours thinking of what to wear with your favorite pair of jeans. Just grab your combat boots and hit the road. You will be surprised at how many compliments you will get.

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