What to Wear With Combat Boots (8 Best Tips)

Are you a fashion enthusiast who love standing out wherever you go?

Well, you can never go wrong with combat boots. Your wardrobe wears to include some pieces that will take your fashion to the next level and Combat boots are the best to have.

Maybe you have seen girls and other classy women rocking this look, and you wish you can do that.

What to Wear With Combat Boots (11 Women’s Outfit Ideas)

Well, in this article we are going to tell you what to wear with combat boots.

  • Summer Dress
  • Overcoat
  • Camo Pants
  • Leather Skirt
  • Lace Stocking
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Side Striped Pants
  • Shirt Dress

Let’s do this!

What To Wear With Combat Boots On Summer Dress

What I love most about combat boots is that unlike the usual winter boots, these bots work with almost every outfit and you can wear them throughout the year.

Wear The Boots With A Summer Dress

Your summer dress doesn’t have to flow for you to clad this look. A black or white summer dress will surely go well with these boots.


You will look good in this outfit, provided you do not wear a long dress that covers the boot.

What About An Overcoat?

When talking of boots, one thing that crosses everyone’s mind is boots, and yes, you can look stunning with an overcoat.

To look more stylish, you can pair this outfit with subtle jewelry.

What I love most about combat boots is that what to wear with combat boots for women's fashion


To successfully meet the look, consider going for an oversized overcoat, a winged liner, a heavy leather bag, and heavy combat boots. Awesome!


Camo Pants

Of course, pairing camo or military pants look great on everyone. You can rock this look when riding, hiking, or walking around with friends.

Camo pants - Women's Outfit

A plain white T-shirt and Camo pants with no other accessory will look perfectly fine.


Military or Camo pants will work on both men and women. With that in mind, don’t shy away from the outfit for you will look just fine.

Leather Skirt and Lace Stockings

Neutral looks are trending now and while trying to keep up with the fashion, choose to take the less common one if you want to stand out. A fitting leather skirt and a turtle-neck T-shirt that shows your curves together with lace stockings will give a stunning look.

Leather skirt and lace stockings - Women Outfit


You can choose to go with bare neck tops and no-makeup and leave your long hair to fly with beach waves.

Skinny Jeans

No doubt, jeans are the best to wear with combat boots! This is because jeans go well with almost every footwear and when it comes to boots, you can never go wrong.

Ragged Jeans Outfit Ideas


While jeans will go very well with your boots, make sure that the height of the boot does not cover your boots. Go for slightly shorter jeans pant.

Side Striped Pants

Currently, most people are going with side-striped pants. Gone are days when trousers, shorts, and jeans were the only option. Strip pants will look gorgeous and comfortable with combat boots and give you a diva look you always wanted.  


Strip-side pants will give you a classy yet fashionable look. Try out the look and enjoy what comes with it!

Shirt Dress

There is no much styling when it comes to shirt dress, but the easiest and the best way to be at the top of the game is pairing the outfit with classy footwear.

Shirt-dress Women Outfit

If you are the kind that loves to wear shirt dresses with sneakers or converse shoes, try these boots, and you won’t regret!


As you pair short dress with these boots, make sure that the shirt color goes well with the color of your boot to get a perfect look.

There you have it! Combo boots is a must to have in your wardrobe, as long as you want to be on top of fashion. The good thing about what to wear with combat boots is that they go well with many clothes and you can never go wrong with them.

Try them today and become a fashion guru!