Spit Shine Shoes Like A Military Soldiers

Spit Shine Shoes is an art that has not been mastered by many people. For you to become proficient in the skill, you need to be ready to invest your time and some energy in the process to give your shoes an elegant gleam.

Besides making your shoes shine, spit shining is critical at enhancing the condition of your shoes.

How to Spit Shine Shoes (5 Easy Procedure)

How to Spit Shine Shoes (5 Easy  Procedure To Make Shining)

For this reason, your leather shoes will serve you longer and boost your confidence when you walk out of your house. Read on to discover how to spit shine shoes like a military soldier. The entire process takes approximately 45 minutes.

1. Assembling Your Tools of Work

For any task to be successful, having the right tools in place is crucial, and spit shining is no different. To obtain an outstanding shine, you need the following essential tools:

  • A toothbrush which will be used to polish the hard-to-reach parts.
  • Shoe polish for applying on your shoes.
  • Polishing cloth for spit shining.
  • A regular shoe brush.

To achieve a spit shine, use a shoe polish that is similar in color to the original color of your shoes.

2. Brush Shine Your Shoes

For brush shining to be a fruitful exercise, start by removing dirt from your shoes using a wet cotton cloth. Use another dry cotton cloth to dry your shoes. Dip one end o0f your shoe brush in the shoe polish and make patches of shoe polish all over the surface of the shoes.

Using the shoe brush, sweep over the shoes in circular motions, and lightly distribute the shoe polish over the shoes.

3. Polishing The Hard To Reach Areas

The next step is to spread the shoe polish on the hard-to-reach parts. Dip the toothbrush in the shoe polish and spread the polish evenly into the groove where the shoes come into contact with the soles. Repeat this process on the two shoes until you achieve a clean look.

Ensure that you do not apply the shoe polish to the lower parts of the sole because this can make you slip on the floor when you wear the shoes.

4. Spit Shine Your Shoes

Brush your shoes with a shoe brush to remove any extra shoe polish from their surfaces. Take your polishing cloth and add some water to it to make it dump. Ask someone to hold your shoes for you. Using the damp cloth, make quick side to side movements with the cloth across the surface of the shoes.

A Guide for How to Spit Shine Shoes

Repeat this procedure in the fronts and backs of the shoes to give them a beautiful shine on their toes and heels. The damp polishing cloth works by creating heat in the presence of moisture, which makes the shoes shine.

Repeat the exercise on the shoes until you achieve the shine that you want.

5. Fire Shining Your Shoes

Heating the surfaces of the shoes with a blow dryer machine is another technique of spit shining the shoes. Switch the dryer on and move it all over the surfaces of your shoes, taking care not to burn them. When the shoe polish melts slightly, stop the heating and set your shoes to dry for approximately 15 minutes.

Apply a final layer of shoe polish after this and your shoes will be super shiny.

Last Words

In summary, understanding how to spit shine shoes is essential because it enhances the appearance of your shoes and at the same time, boosts your confidence as you walk in the shoes.

Let’s start your shoe shining using spit methods and make yourself as a soldier!