Can You Wash Sorel Slippers? It’s so Easy

Sorel slippers!

Well, these slippers come with quality materials, but that doesn’t mean that they do not get dirty.

Any shoe material that includes fur, suede, rubber, and felt needs good basic care, and that is why you need to know how to clean this footwear.

How Can You Wash Sorel Slippers? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

The answer is yes, but you should never dip them in water. Instead, can you wash sorel slippers use other cleaning methods as we will discuss below!  

Wipe With A Towel

You cannot wash Sorel slippers with the machine or with hands by dipping them in water. In case you spill any dirt on your house slippers, you can clean them with a clean cloth or a towel to blot and then wipe the spill.

In case the slipper is waterproof, you may choose to use a damp towel and wipe off the spill and if not, stick to dry towel.

A Suede Cleaning Kit is Also Good

In case the stain or spill is sticky, and the towel may not remove it, then you can use a suede cleaning kit on the outer part of the slippers.

Why You Never See CAN YOU WASH SOREL SLIPPERS That Actually Works

Suede cleaning kit comes with a stain eraser and a small suede brush that is stiff enough to work in the eraser a nail file, a suede brush, or a soft sand-paper can also remove the scuff mark.

Bottom Line

Once the outer part of the slippers is clean, apply suede-safe waterproofing spray so that cleaning them in the future becomes easy.


Clean With a Baby Wipe on the Inner Side

Baby wipes help you scrub the slippers without wetting them. Baby wipes are low in moisture and come with mild detergents. Just use a few of them to work the inner side of the slippers until they are clean.

If you don’t have baby wipes, you can use a damp cloth and drop one or two of wool detergent or use mild baby shampoo and clean the slippers.

Bottom Line

You do not have to use strong detergents. By using the mild ones, you will not only ruin your slippers but will also keep them clean in an easy way.

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Use A Clean Damp Piece of Cloth

Once you apply a detergent on the slippers, use a clean cloth to wipe off the detergent. After that, clean the outside and wipe out the inside.

Make sure you remove any leftover detergent.

Bottom Line

If you use baby wipes, this step may not be necessary since baby wipes are mild enough. However, if you use baby shampoo or other detergents, it is necessary.

Leave the Slippers to Air-dry

You should never apply heat on your Sorel slippers. All you need is to give them enough time to dry naturally before wearing them. Newspaper Wads are great when it comes to absorbing moisture in the inside.

Also, make sure you do not leave your shoes in the open sunlight to dry or use any other direct heating since that can wrinkle or crack your favorite pair of slippers.

Just make sure they dry naturally, if possible in the house and away from heat.

Can You Wash Sorel Slippers - Your answer is Yes

Bottom Line

Stuffing newspaper in the slippers will not only help them dry faster but will also help them keep up their original shape.

There you have it. You do not have to worry about cleaning your Sorel slippers. While preventing stains is important and easier than having to clean the shoes, at times it may not be possible to avoid the dirt.

Besides, can you imagine working in the kitchen and still trying to stay away from stains?

Isn’t that impossible?

That is why you need to embrace the above steps and keep your slippers clean within minutes.

All you need is to spray your slippers with protecting waterproofing spray, and if you do so, you will keep your slippers looking new and stylish in the years to come.

Can You Wash Sorel Slippers? 

Hope you got the answer.

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