Can You Walk On a Broken Foot With a Boot

Can You Walk On a Broken Foot With a Boot?

Well, the answer is Yes and No, depending on the bone that you broke, and whether the broken bone involves a sprained foot or another soft tissue injury.

To know if you can walking on a broken foot with a boot you need first to see a doctor for a diagnosis.

Until a doctor comes up with a treatment plan, you should not walk on a broken foot with a boot as you can increase damage to your foot.

If the doctor gives a go ahead, then you can walk with the boot.

Can You Walk On a Broken Foot With a Boot – Important Guide

While one of the idealist ways to help your foot heal faster is t rest it, it is not always comfortable to rest and continue with your normal activities.

Most of these walking boots come with straps, built-in air cushions to hold the injured foot in place, and are lightweight for easy walking.

Orthopedic Walking Boots

That is where walking boots come in while it may not be possible to walk on a broken foot with the regular boots; there are medical walking boots that allows you to rest your foot while walking.

These boots protect the broken foot and other injuries in the lower leg by preventing more damage while helping the area to heal.

The doctor may ask you to use the boot for one to six weeks. How long you wear the boot depends on the seriousness of the injury.

Can You Walk On a Broken Foot With a Boot

These boots are removable and are also adjustable. Once you decide to use the boots, your doctor will show you how to wear them, remove, and even how to adjust them.

What Makes it Possible to Walk on Boots With a Broken Foot?

The boots come with adjustable straps to make sure they fit well, settings that control your foot movement to avoid injury. The boots are known as the controlled ankle movement boots that are lightweight enough for proper walking.

The walking boots are soft or stiff, depending on the immobilization or the level of support you need. Some boots come with a rocker sole that makes the forward motion easier as you walk.

Others come with a flat and a skid-proof sole that is important when standing, but it can become difficult o walk for a longer period.

How To Wear A Boot For A Broken Foot  

Breaking a foot is never fun and regardless of the type of walking boot you wear, always make sure you get enough support for a comfortable healing experience.

When wearing a boot on a broken foot, you need to wear a shoe that is equally tall as our walking boot. If the shoe that you choose to wear it shorter or taller, you might get more contra-lateral pressure on the foot.

Always wear a shoe that supports the impact of the pressure from the medical walking boot.

Another way to add stability to the foot is to wear arch support with your air boot cast. Foot inner soles come in various sizes, shapes, as well as the materials.

The best innersole for a broken foot walking boot is the one that is made of gel or foam to make it easier for them to conform to the broken foot.  

As you wear the cast boot, it is essential to put on foot liners to get rid of the irritation.

Always make sure you wear these boots as per doctor’s instructions to avoid problems with your foot.

Final Verdict
There you have it. Now anyone understands how can you walk on a broken foot with a boot is possible.

However, always make sure you seek the doctor’s advice before pitting on such shoes if you want a faster and successful foot recovery.