How To Get Rid of Bunions (5 Easy Ways)

Bunions are most painful body lumps that form at the base joint of the big toe. Bunions occur due to multiple reasons like uncomfortable footwear, inheritance and any injuries. The major things you must know about how to get rid of bunions.

When the bunions enlarge and swells, it creates a painful bump. Everyone may get affected due to bunions. Even Children might suffer from this health condition sometimes.

It is a common problem in women cause they wear uncomfortable heels and narrow shoes which is not good for the health of the shoes.

Also, people who have gout rheumatoid arthritis conditions, it often leads to the formation of the big toe. It causes disinformation and swelling of the joints.

How To Get Rid of Bunions (5 Proven Ways)

Most of the people prefer surgery to remove the bunions, but if you want to know how to get rid of bunions without surgery, you are in the right place.


  • Bunion Treatment At Home
  • Shrink Bunions Naturally
  • Wearing The Right Kind of Shoes
  • Get Rid of Bunions On The Pinky Toe
  • Bunions Home Remedy

Following a few steps can help you get relieved from the bunions.

#1.  Bunion Treatment At Home

Do Foot Exercises:
Exercises can do tremendous help in the matter of bunions cause the bony bump can be cleared by simple exercises. Exercises slowly progress the reduction of bunions and prevent reformation.

Do this exercise every day morning or evening after removing your shoes or after coming back from long day work:

  • Stretch your big toe slowly. Flex your toes deeply and press your toes against wall or floor until they bent back. Hold it in the same position for 10 seconds and repeat the same process several times.
  • Use your fingers and pull your big toe back into the proper place to align it with the rest of your toes. Perform the same step for some time, and it creates a movement in the bony bump which leads to the reduction.
  • Stretch rest of your toes and keep them in a straight position. Curl them around for 10 seconds and repeat it several times. It helps in the alignment of the big toe.
  • Using a towel, pick your toes up and drop it again to the back. Pick it again and again for a few minutes.
  • Take a ball and keep it under your feet. Rotate the ball around with your feet. It releases stress developed in your feet and decreases the pain quickly. We love the comfort associated with the boot. Therefore, you can expect your red wing iron ranger charcoal to feel good on your feet.

#2. How To Shrink Bunions Naturally

Along with exercise, you can use these natural steps to reduce the pain and to shrink the bunions.

  • Use a pack of ice cubes and place it over the bunions for ten to twenty minutes. Ice cubes decrease the pain and also numbs the feet area.
  • Take a bowl of warm water and soak your feet in it for twenty minutes. Warm water has a natural power of absorbing the pain in bunions and gives you a temporary relief quickly.
  • Take anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers to get relieved from the pain.
  • Apply relief gels on your bunions. These creams are available at drugstores. These els are made up of menthol and cooling ingredients that penetrate the skin and relieves quickly. Topical Analgesic has arnica and Aesculus hippocastanum that have anti-inflammatory properties. If you are thinking about how to prevent bunions from getting worse purchase these creams to solve your problem.

How To Get Rid of Bunions (5 Proven Ways)

#3.  Wear The Right Kind of Shoes

Choose the Right kind of shoes that fit you properly and makes your feet to feel comfortable. Wrong footwear is the primary cause for the formation of the bunions. Check whether the shoes fit correctly or not before making the purchase.

Also, you can get bunion recovery shoes that are sold by many manufacturers. The shoe must provide excellent support and comfort to your feet.

Choose a shoe that has less pressure inside and makes sure there is good space for your toes. Don’t forget to wear a bunion pad inside the shoe that prevents friction between your toes and feet.

So, next time you are worrying about how to get rid of bunions and corns, don’t forget to wear proper footwear.

#4.  How To Get Rid of Bunions on Pinky Toe

Bunions not only effects the big toes, but it also affects pinky toe. Bunions formed on pinky toes are very painful cause it gets hits every time while you are walking. Do exercises or drugs to reduce pinky toe bunions.

#5.  How To Get Rid of Bunions Home Remedy

Along with the steps, you need to make some changes in your lifestyle to reduce bunions. Try to walk on barefoot around your house which increases the blood circulation in your feet. Go outside and walk in public parks for some time.

If the bunions are getting worse, it is hard to walk on barefoot. So, make sure to take your precautions.

5 Major Thinkgs You Must Need to Know How To Get Rid of Bunions


So, here is your ultimate guide about how to get rid of bunions. Do not neglect the formation of bunions cause it leads to surgery and painful removal procedure.

If the bunions keep getting back, you must consult Doctor to solve this problem.