How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet – 6 Best Way

Do you need to know How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet?

Many decades ago, shoes were only used to maintain safety and to protect our feet from any kind of harm.

But today, the usage of shoes has gone beyond that purpose. Nowadays, shoes represent luxury; they represent a personality.

Finding a good wide feet shoes is not tough, but they don’t come in perfect shape all the time.

Sometimes we find our desired shoes after much difficulty but there remains the problem: “Size”. It is not possible to make the size of shoes smaller when it is bigger than the feet.

How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet That Are Too Small

But if a shoe is a little smaller, you can certainly follow some tricks about how to stretch shoes for wide feet and get rid of the problem. The 6 Easiest Way to Stretch Wide Feet Shoes at Home

  • Find a Cobbler
  • Using Shoe Stretchers
  • Using a Hair Dryer
  • Using Alcohol Spray
  • Wear Thick Socks
  • Water bags

Beginner Guides HOW TO STRETCH SHOES FOR WIDE FEET: An Incredibly Easy Method

Lack of Experience

This is the most important fact that we are being used for our daily life. We just ignore any problem and move on. But stretching a shoe also requires a minimum level of practice.

Lack of Knowledge

This may seem impossible but the lack of proper information about shoes can bring a problem in the way. There are a lot of methods on how to stretch leather shoes wider. But it is unknown to many as the information is not available.

Insufficiency of Proper Tools

There are some tools in the market which are unknown to us. Such as “Shoe Stretchers”. This is one of the many tools which can be used to make the size of the shoes larger. 

Afraid of Tearing the Shoes

Besides the lack of knowledge, there is also a lack of courage. There are always some people who are afraid to try any new experiment on the shoe. They fear that the shoe may get ruined.

How to Stretch Shoes for Wider – Most Effective Way

There are a huge number of sets of shoes out there. However, you just have two feet, and they’re one of a kind to you. Set aside the effort to make certain the shoes you purchase are directly for your feet.

  • Find a Cobbler

The most effective and easy way to stretch a shoe is to find professionals. They certainly know what they are dealing with.

They know about the most effective way on how to stretch shoes wider.

Find a Cobbler

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  • Using Shoe Stretchers

There are different kinds of the shoe stretcher in the market. Most of them are made of wood. These types of stretches are used in the shoes. Keeping them inside for a definite time will make the shoes overextended.

Using Shoe Stretchers

In this method also working on leather shoes so definitely you will get the answer to how to stretch leather shoes wider.

  • Using a Hair Dryer

Wear socks and put your feet inside the shoes. Then blow hot air from the hair dryer to the point where the shoe is tight.

Using a Hair Dryer

Now keep your toes and feet moving for about 3-4 minute. Then stop the dryer but keep your feet inside. The shoe will now fit your feet.

  • By Using Alcohol Spray

To do this, you need a spray bottle in which you have to take a mixture of 50% water and 50% alcohol. Then you need to spray the liquid mixture inside the shoes.

Using Alcohol Spray

Now wear shoes for about 20 minutes. This will do the trick!

  • Wear Thick Socks

One of the easiest ways is to wear thick socks and put on the shoes. This may feel a little uncomfortable but the result is remarkable. Wearing shoes, you just need to walk around for some time.

Wear Thick Socks

You can also walk in the house. After some time, the shoe will fit you just as your feet.

  • By the Help of Water bags

This is a unique scientific technique. You just need to put some water bags into the shoes and put the shoes in the fridge.

Strech with water bags

Once the water is turned into ice, the shoes will get stretched.

A day with tight shoes is a disaster. It harms your feet more than anything. Whether you are a student, worker, athletes or businessman- It is impossible for you to concentrate on your work with the tight shoes in your legs.

Last Words
Either you use a hairdryer, use thick socks or apply alcohol therapy, the solutions will surely help you to get rid of the problems of pressure and tension free day.

This is the best home remedis for How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet.  Hope solved tight feet shoes problem right now