How Long Do You Wear Boot After Bunion Surgery

Research has proven that a significant number of women fall victims of bunion surgeries. Do you know the recovery period to wear boot after bunion surgery?

The high number of women is attributed to the fact that most women wear tight and pointed shoes which cause their toe bones to enlarge and elongate, resulting in painful bunions.

Bunion surgeries are mainly conducted to correct the misalignment of bones and soft tissues at the base of the big or little toe.

The bone misalignments occur when toe joints are subjected to excessive physical stress over prolonged periods. In contrast, there are other non-lifestyle factors which may cause bunions such as genetics and inheritance.

Essential Details About Recovery Period To Wear Boot After Bunion Surgery

The article will expound on how the recovery period is affected by the type of bunion surgery you undergo and how long do you wear boot after bunion surgery.

The Recovery Period

There is no definite period for complete healing after bunion surgery. However, several factors affect the type of surgery you undergo and the duration that you take to recover fully after the surgery. The factors include the level of activity of your toes, your age, conditions of the connective tissues of your bones, and the severity of the condition.

Type of Surgery

Undoubtedly, the above factors also play a crucial role in determining the type of bunion surgery that you undergo as stated and explained below:

  • Arthritic Bunion

Arthritis ensues when the bone joint is damaged beyond repair. In this case, the affected bones are fused to eliminate the pain that results when they slide across each other.

  • Severe Bunion

Severe bunion does not involve fusing bones. The affected bones and cut and realigned again. In addition, the positions of the bone tendons are corrected for proper articulation of bones at the joint.

  • Moderate Bunion

In this case, the affected bones are cut and repositioned. Muscle tendons and ligaments are adjusted correctly to assume normal bone movement.

  • Mild Bunion

In this case, the surgery procedures remove the elongated bones with minimum muscle invasions.

How Long Do You Wait Before Wearing Boots?

Although different bunion surgeries take different times to recover, full recovery usually takes place between 4-6 months. Immediately after the surgery, your leg will be covered with a cast material. The foot cast minimizes joint movements as much as possible.

Wear Boot After Bunion Surgery - 6 Essential Details

After approximately 14 days, you should wear a brace to support your foot as you journey towards complete healing.

In addition, you will walk on crutches to help you support your full body weight.

To quicken the healing process, you should periodically ice your foot to minimize the risks of inflammation. During this period, it is advisable that you wear shoes with an adequate room to reduce pressure on the affected bone joint.

After about six months, you can wear boots and resume your healthy lifestyle. However, you should be careful to avoid activities such as hiking in risky terrains, which might subject your feet too hard impacts.

Point To Note
Bunion surgeries do not come without side effects. After the surgery, your big toe might bend upwards or outwards, you might experience constant foot pain around the affected joint, and a feeling of toe numbness might be inevitable because of damaged nerves.


How long do you wear boot after bunion surgery? Although different bunion surgeries take different durations to heal fully, it will be safe for you to wear boots after approximately six months or more.

In one statement, you should take care of your toes after the surgery to prevent the recurrence of bunions.