How To Wear Brogues With Jeans – Men’s Outfit

Brogues are a unique collection of men’s dress shoes that go well with most casual and official wears. What makes the shoes outstanding are the patterns and perforation designs that run across their surfaces and edges. The perforations are designed with different patterns that spice up your style like how to wear brogues with jeans and adds to your taste of sophistication.

How To Wear Brogues With Jeans – Great Options That Makes Men’s Outfit Well

The brogues shoes are available in different designs and colors, which make them suitable for several formal and casual outfits.

How To Wear Brogues With Jeans - Men's Casual Outfit

There are a quarter, semi-brogue, and full-brogue shoes. The differences among these designs are brought about by the extent and design of the surface perforations and the presence or absence of wings. The article will take you through an exciting journey that will help you understand the different types of brogues shoes and how to wear brogues with jeans like an expert.

You can never go wrong with brogues and skinny jeans.

Types of Brogues

1. Full Brogues– These shoes have wing-like extensions that feature on both sides of the shoe.

2. Half Brogues– These shoes lack wings and have perforated toe caps.

3. Quarter Brogues– These shoes do not have detailed perforations on the toe cap. They are most suitable for work occasions.

Styling Up Your Jeans With Brogues

Casual and Informal Occasions

Here, the brogues can be worn with jeans in the following styles:

  • If you wear slim jeans, ensure that the jeans are short enough to emphasize the elegance of your brogue shoes. Wearing light blue jeans with a white T-shirt is a perfect combination that goes well with brown leather brogues.
  • Another excellent option for a stylish mix is wearing a grey sweater with a blue button-down shirt and a pair of black-white brogues.
  • Tan brogues shoes also go well with wine jeans and a black crew-neck T-shirt for a stylish look.
  • You can wear gold brogues shoes because they go well with short blue jeans, a gold-colored sweater, and a black leather jacket.

Formal and Work Settings

How To Wear Brogues With Jeans - The Ultimate Men's Outfit Ideas

Besides offering stylish combinations with casual outfits, brogues shoes can also add a taste of elegance in formal and work situations as stated below:

  • You can wear black brogues shoes with a white button-down official shirt and black jeans to achieve a great formal work look.
  • Another option that can enhance the taste of your office attire is a combination of brown oxford brogues, a brown leather belt, a black jacket, and wine-straight jeans.
  • Additionally, you can wear brogues boots with a light blue coat, a white crew-neck shirt, and short navy blue slim jeans.
  • Another combination that you can wear while attending an official meeting is a navy blue blazer, selvage jeans, and a pair of brown brogues shoes.

– If you live in a cold country, wearing an overcoat with either dark brown or black brogues to add up to your great style.

It is always vital that you combine your colors artistically when planning to wear brogue shoes. A professional color combination goes a long way in making your style pop out with more fashion. In addition, understanding how to wear brogues with jeans is a powerful tool that boosts your confidence and enhances your trendy look.

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