How to Polish Shoes – Make Shine Like Glass

Do you remember your childhood school days where you used to grab a box of shoe polish and brush to shine up your shoes to bright up your day? Polishing shoes is a fun part, and you can enjoy doing it. A well-polished shoe looks fantastic and shows the hygienic part of the person.

Professional attire is entirely useless if your shes looks dirty. To look great, you need to learn the right technique of how to polish shoes.

HOW TO POLISH SHOES: This Is What Professionals Do

How to Polish Shoes - Brief Make Shoes Shine Like Glass

Learning how to polish shoes gives you a great sense of satisfaction and happiness. It also saves you a lot of money and helps you to look good always. But this needs good skill, materials, time and a little bit of patience.

If you would like to know how to polish shoes at home, here is a step to step guide for the polishing process:

Choose The Right Kind of Polish For Your Shoes

There are different kind of shoe polishers that are sold in the marketplace. ost of the companies manufactures shoe polishers in the form of wax, liquid and cream forms. If you wear leather shoes, creams and waxes work best.

The Hidden Mystery Behind HOW TO POLISH SHOES

Also, this form of polishes protects your shoe from water and moisture damages. Liquid polishes come in a bottle and give a quick way to shine your shoes. Also, there are various colors and specific shades to match up with your shoe colors.

Black is the most common shoe color but if you wear any other color, choose the right color that suits your shoe.

Gather All The Materials You Need

Choose a polishing brush which you can hold without any discomfort. You can also grab an old cloth or old t-shirt to polish your shoes. Most of people like to use old cloth because it spreads the polish smoothly and evenly. Some polishing brushes have sharp and rough bristles.

If you would like to polish your shoes with a brush, choose a brush that has smooth bristles. You can also use q tips or old toothbrush to polish your shoes. Take a soft lint-free cloth that gives a shiny finish to your shoes.

How to Make Shoes Shine Like Glass

How to Make Shoes Shine Like Glass

Use a soft cloth or brush for dirty work shoes and dip it in the shoe polish. If you want to use an old t-shirt for cleaning, then take a bit of polish with one end of the t-shirt. Slowly start stroking the shoe in one direction and brush it evenly around. Place the shoe with one hand and gently brush it.

Apply little lukewarm water on your shoe and rub it around to make it shine like a mirror.

How to Polish Shoes With a Lighter

Have you ever heard about fire shining?  Yes, it is an ancient trick of bringing the shine back in your shoe.

As it involves fire and lighting it is a bit risky and dangerous task, but with proper precautions and concentration, you can learn this shoe shining tricks. You need to fire up the shoe polish on fire for a couple of seconds to melt it a bit and enhance the polishing molecules. Apply this heated shoe polish on the shoes by using spit shining technique.

Apply several layers are this polishing wax and apply little fire on your shoe to spread everything evenly ( Do not touch the shoe with fire, heat it a little) After doing this, rub your shoe with a soft cloth, and you can see a pair of shining shoes instantly.

How to Use Shoe Cream

How to Use Shoe Cream

The shoe cream is the best solution if you are in a hurry and thinking about how to make polish shoes without polish. Shoe creams are very easy to use, and you need to apply it on your shoes and wipe it with a soft cloth.

You can also use a potato peel or wet newspaper to clean your shoes neatly. You must polish your shoes twice a week to keep up the shine and make them look like a new one. Do not avoid this step in your everyday life cause dirty shoes can kill the vibe. Stay Hygiene and look good always!