Adidas Duramo 8 Reviews – Best Performance Men’s Trail (Runner) Shoes

Adidas Duramo 8 Reviews

Famous for sportswear, fashion brand Adidas is never going to stop amusing us with its new additions. These are very famous among the young generation because they are comfortable, stylish and at the same time ideal for sports. Keeping these in mind, Adidas brings to you their new addition to the family Adidas Duramo 8. As expected this pair from Adidas offers comfort and good looks at the same time as like Skechers walking shoes.

If you are a regular runner this pair will make your running easier than ever. Not only running, but this Adidas Men’s Duramo 8 is also ideal for an everyday workout and other outdoor activities. Limitations in colorways and outlook options and the sole of Adidas Performance Men’s Duramo 7 M Trail Runner are surpassed in Duramo 8. Breathable, relatively lightweight and durable these three make a stunning combination. Although some people complained about being little restricted at the width and also some of the female customers thought it was little wide in the fore part, bit otherwise this pair can be a perfect companion for your daily life.

We researched about this pair for you to save your hassle to find the right pair. Discover the Adidas Original Duramo 8 M in this article.



Adidas Duramo 8 Reviews – Materials & Key Features


  • This pair is made of textile or synthetic fabric
  • The lining is made with fabric
  • The outsole is rubber and non-marking which gives excellent traction
  • Upper is the durable fabric
  • Synthetic forefoot
  • Includes an Adidas cloud foam midsole


Key Features

Let’s check out what features Adidas Duramo 8 has to offer:

  • The upper synthetic fabric makes it durable and the mesh construction allows to breath
  • The forefoot fabric allows wiping the moisture and sweat
  • Midfoot TPU cage provides lateral support to the foot
  • Ortholite sock liner allows extra cushioning to manage moisture and keep the foot dry and smell free
  • Also provides antimicrobial function thus no bad odor
  • The construction of Adidas Duramo 8 is seamless thus less chance of destruction
  • The high wear areas are promised to last longer because of the Adiwear outsole
  • Flexibility and support are ensured by the construction of this pair.
  • Sleek and neutral



  • The weight of the shoe: 289 gm or 10.20 ounces (UK size 8.5) for men

243 gm or 8.5 ounces(UK size 5.5) for women

  • Runner type: Neutral
  • Midsole drop: 10 mm
  • Heel: 22 mm
  • Forefoot: 12 mm
  • Colors: 12 colors available
  • Size: A wide range of sizes available



  • Very comfortable, no inconvenience even after a long time use
  • Great for cardio days
  • Breathable and lightweight, ideal for long-term running
  • Provides support and stability to the foot during running
  • Just the right amount of cushioning to make the feet feel good
  • Can be used not only for running but also for various other activities
  • The stylish and spectacular design makes a strong statement
  • Affordable price can be pointed as the ideal pair at this price range


  • The toe box width is little larger in women’s shoe
  • Further little bit of narrower in overall width which might seem to restrict
  • Takes time to get adjusted, feels tighter at first
  • Puffy tongue tends to stick out when tied


Overall Adidas Duramo 8 Reviews & Features


It is such an inconvenience for runners to have sweat because of the shoe. But Adidas Performance Men’s Duramo 8 M ensures such construction with synthetic fabrics that it makes it so breathable and allows optimum airflow to keep the foot cool and dry for a longer running experience without discomfort. 



The lightweight might be one of the best advantages for running shoes. Heavy shoes slow down the running speed as well as tires the runner. Being lightweight Adidas Duramo 8 for men’s allows the runner to run as much as he wants, he won’t feel a thing.



The midsole cushioning as well as extra cushioning sock liner promises to provide a step-in comfort. The Ortholite insole provides some more cushioning. This will make your running experience better even after a whole day running.


Moisture management:

One of the most embarrassing situations for runners to face is a bad smell from their feet. Wearing a running shoe for longer time produces sweat and sweat produces the bad odor. Adidas Men’s Duramo 8 comes with moisture management which keeps the foot dry and avoids the bad odor.



This pair comes at a very affordable price compared to other hi-end running shoes. With this price, this pair offers relatively good features and comfort. A large number of customer expressed their satisfaction with the price.



Adiwear outsole allows this pair to be durable. You can wear it for a longer time and it will suit well for sure. Also, the upper synthetic fabric promises longevity.


Supportive and stabilizing:

This pair ensures all the features and provides support during walking and running as promised. It is stabilizing and supportive to the foot which includes the feature of TPU cage in the midfoot area for lateral support during side to side movement.



It reflects a very stylish look which is not only good to eyes but also makes a fashion statement. It has 12 colors available. From dark black to light pink, everyone can choose their favorite color. Especially Adidas duramo women, who are very choosy about color, will also love this pair.



The outsole is made of rubber thus it gives an excellent grip and traction while running. With this pair, you can run on any ground.


Multi-purpose use:

This pair is not only useful for running but you can use it for other outdoor activities such as evening stroll, daily work, walking or even playing. It will help you avoid using different shoes for different activities.


Bottom line:

If you are looking for a budget-friendly but durable as well as the iconic pair, Adidas Duramo 8 might be the right choice. Researching through a lot of reviews, this conclusion can be made that at this budget, this is probably the best running shoes one can get. From long time running to everyday work, from evening stroll to daily light exercise,  all can be covered with this one pair. It definitely worth trying.