Brooks Beast 16 Review – A Heavy Runners Shoes

For runners with broad or flat feet, Brooks Beast 16/Brooks Ariel 16 is a good running shoe. The Beast is a gender-specific model, it is particularly meant for the makes while the Ariel is for the ladies. It is truly a Brooks Beast 16 Review and a way of life for plenty out there.

The manufacturers have made quite a handful of updates to this shoe since the one of the 2014 edition. The shoe’s cushion has been improved, the aesthetic has been altered and the upper of the shoe has been revamped.

Although, Brooks Beast is most comfortable for overweight walker also.

The Heavy Runner Brooks Beast 16 Review

After 2 years of modification, the new model is much more updated than the 14. This runner shoe works amazingly well if you are trying to recover from an ACL operation or knee ache or swollen toe. It is often recommended by doctors and podiatrists for runners who are trying to cope up with some sort of injury or imperfect biomechanics.

Brooks Beast 16 Review – The Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners

It won’t be your best solution if you are looking for speed work but it would definitely check our Brooks Beast 16 Review what will be an ideal choice for you if you are looking for a great shoe to correcting your imperfections or solve your flatfoot troubles.

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There’s nothing that this shoe can’t fix.

Brooks Beast 16 Design and Materials

  • The stitched-on synthetic toe bumper is longer
  • The softer materials over the forefoot have been replaced with thicker strips, which make a difference from the 14 models.
  • The Brooks 14 had a gusset attaching its tongue to the upper, whereas the Beast 18 has removed the gusset. It is replaced with a sleeve-less tongue along with dual loops over it. Also, the tongue uses a different mesh lining.
  • A new fabric is used along with the partial usage of the 14’s heel lining mesh.
  • There is a foam padding behind the heel lining.
  • The counter of brooks beast 16 men’s is molded wider than the Brooks Beast 14.
  • Beast 16 also gets a plastic external heel counter.
  • Beast 16’s midsole is made completely of foam like all other Brooks shoes.
  • Beast weighs nearly 14 ounces and it’s probably because of the broad rubber-clad bottom.
  • Beast 16’s midsole is made of regular EVA foam.
  • Beast 16 has carried on the Brooks has left the 14’s insole untouched.
  • The ‘canopy’ made of soft synthetic which was present in Brooks 14 is no longer present in the Beast 16.

Sole review:


  • Spacer mesh
  • synthetic leather
  • fused urethane.


  • Quad-density compression molded EVA foam.
  • 12 mm heel offset.


  • Hard carbon rubber under the heel.
  • Softer blown rubber under the forefoot.


  • 385 gms/ 13.6 Oz for a half pair of Men’s US 9/UK 8/EUR 42.5/CM 26

Widths available:

  • D – regular (reviewed), 2E- Wide, 4E -extra wide in selected color ranges
If you are looking for a stable ride along with comfort, Brooks beast 16 vs 14 is sure to be the best choice for any runner. It is best suited for walking or as a slow-run shoe.

Things We Liked

  • Brooks Beast 16 offers comfortability at its best.
  • Excellent cushion.
  • Superb grip.
  • Good March support.
  • Presence of a supportive mid-sole unit.
  • Greater flexibility.
  • Awesome design, handsome to look at.
  • Offers relief for testers who have plantar fasciitis.
  • A lot of runners lauded this product for its traction-capability of the outsole.
  • A comfortable cushioning system of the shoe received a lot of appreciation from the consumers.
  • Available in different width profiles to accommodate various foot-dimensions.
  • Stability mechanics of this model helped people suffering from over-pronated foot motion.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Quite heavy.
  • An issue with sizes (as reported by several customers).
  • Rigid underfoot.

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Other Features:

  • Breathability

Beast 16 comes with an updated mesh that provides excellent breathability. The mesh positioned around the upper helps in keeping the runner’s foot cool and dry.

The Ultimate Sick Liner wicks away the moisture, giving comfortable wear to the consumers.

  • Comfort

The high degree of cushioning offers comfortable to wear to the runners. It is most suited for long distance training but the snug for box gives rise to a more common complaint about tight fit and narrow toes.

  • Style

The boring color options make the shoe pretty clunky. A lot of reviewers complain about the bland style and uninspired design of the shoe.

  • Durability

The outsole features durable rubber that is meant to handle heavy usage. The midsole provide support to the runners and the cushion inside helps you feel fresh at toe even after miles of heavy walking.

  • Protection

The durable rubber of the outsole prevents the sole from disintegrating even if it is used for high mileage training exercises. The midsole with the cushion protects the feet of the wearer from jarring effects. The upper not only ventilates the foot but also ensure preventing overheating on days with higher temperatures.

This makes a lot of health specialists to recommend using it.

  • Responsiveness

The cushioning altered from gel to that of super DNA foam from the 14 version to that of the 16 one. The Beast 16 has been reported by many consumers that they are not able to differentiate if they are running on grass or pavement as the shoe does not let one feel the ground so properly.

  • Support

The outsole is equipped with grippy rubber and is meant to deliver adequate traction to the wearer. The upper, too, is quite supportive and ensure that you aren’t feeling unstable on the run while wearing this shoe.

  • Traction

Brooks Beast 16 provides a full-contact rubber outsole that grips the pavement quite well. It offers a stable and comfortable ride to every wearer. No matter what is the weather condition, it would be a fair deal.

Bottom line:

I think all confusion moved after to see Brooks Beast 16 Review, This is an ideal choice for men for it has all the specs that would help you walk and run confidently. Besides, it will correct all your orthodontic issues and let you perform smoothly both on the grass as well as on the pavement.

If you are suffering from any such flat foot troubles or similar complications, do try this once and let us know if you got the remedy!