How to Cure A Sprained Ankle (Symptoms and Treatment)

Millions of people suffer sprained ankles every year since it is a common injury that can happen to anybody during sports or even when walking.

In most cases, ankle sprain doesn’t call for medical intervention, but severe foot pain or bone fracture needs a physician’s expertise.

Here is how to cure a sprained ankle in one day-

How to Cure A Sprained Ankle – Symptoms of Ankle Sprain

If you experience such symptoms after twisting your foot, here is how to cure a sprained ankle condition in one day.

  • Swelling;
  • Sudden pain once you twist or roll your ankle;
  • Bruising;
  • Tenderness when you touch;
  • Inability to walk normally;
  • Limited ankle motion.

Well, most people and most athletes are aware of this excellent remedy for minor sprain known as RICE, and the doctors recommend it because it works.

You need to proper treatment to sprained ankle in one day. Let’s check how to cure a sprained ankle home remedies.

Taking Rest

The R part of the word RICE stands for rest, which means that you need to limit your foot motion to avoid aggravating the injured part. If you cannot avoid walking, try supporting your foot surgery shoes with crutches to give your foot time to heal naturally.

You can choose to sit, lie or even sleep to take the pressure off your ankle. Never do anything that might worsen your sprained ankle cause more harm.

When dealing with a sprained ankle, the first thing you need to keep in mind is to protect your ankle by resting.


After resting, the next course of action is Ice, and the best way to apply ice on your sprained ankle is to take a bag of frozen corn or peas.

Fill a bag with frozen peas and wrap it around your ankle but do not apply ice for more than twenty minutes at a time.

Otherwise, you might end up with tissue damage or a freezer burn.

Other than helping when it comes to the ankle healing process, ice is also important in reducing pain after an ankle sprain.


Compression involves applying pressure to your sprained ankle and the surrounding tissues.

To do this, you need to wrap an elastic bandage from the toes to the way up in your mid-calf and wrap it around your leg as you go.


Always make sure you put enough pressure to get compression but don’t apply so much pressure. If you feel discomfort after wrapping the bandage, or if you notice lack of circulation, loosen the bandage your foot bandage slightly.

Compression is essential in reducing swelling while hurrying the healing process.

Elevate The Ankle

During the recovery period, you should elevate your leg as much as possible during the recovery time. The elevation is vital in improving blood circulation to make sure that it gets to the right tissues for a fast and complete healing process.

How to Cure A Sprained Ankle - Definitive Guide

While elevation helps in the blood circulation, you can do that by the use of a pillow or other items for both comfort and elevation.

Natural Poultices

While the above acronym RICE works, there are other ways to heal the sprained ankle fast and one of them is the use of natural poultices.

Various organic anti-inflammatory ingredients are available in your pantry. To rescue the swelling and heal your sprained ankle in one day, you need to consider garlic, turmeric, castor oil, onion, or olive oil.

Slightly heat any of these items and apply them on the twisted ankle and then wrap it with a bandage for come hours.

After applying any of these ingredients on your ankle, your foot will heal in less than twenty-four hours.

There you have it. An ankle sprain doesn’t warrant for a visit to your doctor. You can save both time and money by using the above methods and applied how to cure a sprained ankle in a day.

However, if the pain is severe and you are unable to step on the foot at all, then you need to seek medical help to make sure that it is not a fracture.