5 Best ELK Hunting Boots Reviewed In 2020

Focusing on your hunt is challenging, especially if you have to think of how cold, wet, or sore your feet feel.

Unlike a hunting jacket, it’s not possible to take off your hunting boots once your feet start blistering. Foot cramps and blisters can easily sideline even the most experienced hunter.

Also, brutally cold feet can significantly affect your hunting experience. That is why we believe in the best hunting boots since they are among the essential gears, other than your gun or bow.

5 Best ELK Hunting Boots Review (An Expert Guide)

Find the Best ELK Hunting Boots With Expert Review

The best elk hunting boots are the one that allows you to concentrate on the hunt, without having to worry about blisters, cold feet, or even cramps.

Whether you are a professional or a newbie elk hunter and you are about to invest in an elk hunting boot, you need enough information.

The reason is that with so many boots in the market claiming to offer the best experience, it may be hard to choose the best.

Best Recommendation

That is why we have come with a list of the best elk hunting boots that will help you concentrate on your hunt and not the feet.

Whether looking for the best early season elk hunting boot, or late season elk hunting boots, you will surely get the best here. Enjoy the read!

Kenetrek Men's Mountain Extreme 400 Insulated Hunting Boot,Brown,10.5...
  • TOP GRAIN LEATHER - One piece vamp of 2.8 mm top grain leather with no...
  • EXTRA SUPPORT - 7mm nylon midsoles provide extra support in rugged...

If looking for elk hunting footwear that will help you to walk for a longer period, you need to consider these boots. One good thing about the boots is that they come with an excellent fit with no waterproofing issues or ankle problems.

The boot may take some time to break-in, but it delivers fantastic results right out of the box. The boot is very comfortable and flexible.

Thanks to the 400 grams of insulation, the shoes come with a breathable lining that helps in keeping your feet dry and warm. The amazingly armored soles make sure your feet are comfortable enough, regardless of the terrain or condition you are hunting on.

In case your hunting involves walking or running in chilling temperatures or scorching heat, the Kenetrek hunting boots are the best choice for you.

Just like the Kenetrek Mountain extreme 1000, these boots are sturdy, reliable, and durable enough to overcome the rough and rugged trails up the mountains.

According to Kenetrek mountain extreme 400 reviews, the boot’s super light rubber soles houses a heave of pattern to keep your feet firm and steady on the ground.

Sweating or leaking is not an issue since the boot is entirely waterproof, which enables you to wear the bot during rain and sunny seasons. In these boots was a slip-resistant like any kind of roofing work boots and similar work boots

What We Liked
  • The boot is sturdy enough for high and rocky terrains
  • The boot’s ankle support offers awesome support since it is not too stiff
  • it’s breathable, and waterproof Windtex membrane along the 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation makes sure your feet are warm and dry.
  • There is no water breakage when you hunt in wet areas
  • The boot is durable, lightweight and offers excellent support
What We Didn’t Like
  • Needs time to break-in
  • It is also a bit pricey
Lowa Men's Tibet GTX Trekking Boot,Sepia/Black,11.5 M US
  • Lace-up hiking boot featuring D-ring eyelets and speed-lacing hardware
  • Padded tongue and collar

If looking for a waterproof, backpacking, and lightweight hunting boot that comes with a sturdy yet durable design, Lowa Tibet Boot are what you need. The boot is tough enough to trek through uneven terrains with ease.

The boot offers enough vital ankle support, primarily if you hunt more on hilly and rough terrains like badlands.

The built quality of Lowa Tibet GTX boots is skillfully made and outstanding when you compare it with other competitor hunting boots.

While the boot may need time to break-in, after a few days, the boot will conform to the shape of your foot and offer a great fit. As this happens, the flex-fit hinge will bend your foot while the outer side remains intact.

The boots large lug Vibram soles that are specially made to offer the needed grip will help your feet withstand uneven and treacherous regions.

According to the Lowa Tibet boots review, the boot’s lacing system is on point, with a center post on the tongue that helps you to lock the lace in place quickly. This Hunting Boots suitable for lineman climbing also.

What We Liked
  • The boots come with strong sole offering enough grip that does not wear out or gunk up over time.
  • The boot is perfect for rocky as well as sharp terrains since it offers a sharp foundation to pack lots of loads.
  • It offers enough toe room to protect your toes from rocks once they hit the boot
  • It is one hundred percent waterproof
What We Didn’t Like
  • The boot is a bit heavy
Irish Setter Men's 860 Elk Tracker Waterproof 1000 Gram 12" Big Game...
  • Lace-up full-grain waterproof leather hunting boot featuring kiltie...
  • Waterproof GORE-TEX lining

The boot is excellent for those people who hunt on chilly and cold days and in higher altitudes. This Irish setter elk tracker 1000g review explains why the boot is the best. Since you need to focus on your hunt and not the cold, you need to get this boot. 

The Irish setter elk tracker uninsulated makes sure your feet are warm and comfortable enough. The 1000g Thinsulate material makes sure your feet remain toasty warm as well as insulated.

The waterproof Gore-Tex lining keeps moisture away from your feet to help you trek through freezing grounds and come out warm and dry.

The boot comes with a thick tread pattern that offers an excellent grip on rocks as well as tree stumps. The Scent-Ban foot-bed helps in destroying all unnatural odors that any elk might detect for a more comfortable and successful hunt.

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What We Liked
  • According to the Irish setter boots reviews, the boot works perfectly for any season
  • It is lightweight and comfortable
  • Comes with a 100% Gore-Tex and it’s also waterproof
What We Didn’t Like
  • A bit heavy
Danner Mens 45003 Pronghorn 8" Gore-Tex Hunting Boot, Brown - 11 D
  • Durable, waterproof full-grain CamoHide leather upper with rugged and...
  • Full-grain leather toe and heel cap

Danner hunting boots are the best in the market. They feature a camo hide leather material as well as a rubber sole that offers excellent traction while you hunt.

The best part about the boots is that they are lightweight compared to other leather boots. That means you can wear them during mid-seasons. The Danner pronghorn insulated boots are skillfully designed to offer great flexibility, comfortable fit as well as fast speed while hunting.

The boot also comes with a breathable Gore-Tex lining that protects your feet from the water.

The boot’s rock gripping outsole offers an efficient hunting experience. For a secure fit, the boot comes with a Field-Lock as well as a load lacing on the forefoot since the locking-speed hooks give room for easy and fast lacing.

While this danner boot offers enough cushioning with its EVA mid-sole for comfort, its angle support with a strong tread offers an excellent grip.

What We Liked
  • The boot is lightweight, warm, breathable and waterproof
  • The boot’s Thinsulate insulation offers enough grip and traction
  • The boot is designed to keep the feet warm and dry
  • According to the danner pronghorn review, it features a rubber outsole compounds to offer enough grip in the slick mud or the rugged underbrush.
What We Didn’t Like
  • The danner pronghorn is a bit narrow and not very flexible
  • Some reviewers said that the waterproof does not last longer
LaCrosse Men’s AeroHead 18” 3.5mm Hunting Boot,Mossy Oak Break-Up...
  • Patented AeroForm technology delivers extreme comfort and durability...
  • Molded polyurethane over a 3.5mm neoprene core for ultra-lightweight,...

Lacrosse hunting boots are knee-high boots that are great when it comes to elk hunting. The bot is warm and comfortable and offers a significant cushioning. The boot also offers excellent protection against the rough and rocky terrains.

Designed on an update, this landscaping boot offers significant ankle support as well as outsole support. It also comes with an integrated shank below the arch, and the boot is also flexible and comfortable to help you trek for long hours.

The opposing wedges on the boot’s sole usually grip like glue to metal grates found on most stands. The boots fit true to size and can easily be worn by any hunter; even those with large calves can still get enough room to tuck socks inside the upper.

The lacrosse aero-head boots are available in four camo choices to help you choose the ones that fit your taste and preferences.

What We Liked
  • According to lacrosse aero-head boots review, the boot offers excellent traction and comes with great quality design.
  • The boot is very comfortable to help you trek for hours without getting tired.
  • The footwear is made of sturdy material for durability and improved performance.
  • When it comes to comfort, the boot is simply the best.
What We Didn’t Like
  • At first, the boot feels a bit tight, but with time it becomes comfortable on foot.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Elk Hunting Boots With Tough and Comfortable

Best ELK Hunting Boots - Advanced Review

With so many elk hunting boots in the market, it is not easy to choose the best. That is why you need to get the right information to help you make the right purchasing decision.

Read on for more!

Make Sure You Get The Right Boot for The Season

Then buying an elk hunting boot, consider the season you wish to hunt on.

For example, if you want to hunt during the early season during November or December, you may need to get over one pair of the boot to accommodate temperature changes as well as the weather conditions as the days go by.

The bottom line is to make sure you get the right boot depending on the season. During the colder season, get an insulated one and during the hot season, make sure you get a breathable one.

Right fit

Some hunting boots offer comfort straight from the box while others may need a break-in period to get comfortable. The important thing is to choose the boot that fits not too tight and not very snug. Just make sure you are comfortable in the boot.


Any experienced elk hunter will tell you that a terrain varies significantly over the day. From slopes to deadfalls, a hunter can go through any form of terrain challenge.

With that in mind, never ignore the soles since they are the ones offering traction, lateral stability, shock absorption, and comfort.

With that in mind, never ignore the soles since they are the ones offering traction, lateral stability, shock absorption, and comfort.

That means that it is important to balance the need for stability as well as durability.

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Waterproofing Features

When it comes to elk hunting, a waterproof boot is a must-have, especially during the cold or wet season. The reason is that the boots prevent water from finding its way into the boot. A boot that comes with rubber materials offers the best waterproofing experience during a hunt.


Price is always a factor to consider before buying anything. Everyone wishes to get a bot that falls within his/her budget and still offering unique and top quality material.

Whether looking for the best elk hunting boots under $200 or even the best hunting boots under $100, you will surely find a boot that matches your budget.

All you need is to compare prices from highly reviewed products, and you will get the best.


Elk hunting means trekking long miles in search of prey, and once you spot it, you may need to run or rush towards the animal. That means you need boots that will not challenge you as you walk for hours.

Get a boot that comes with materials that are lightweight enough and the ones that can easily resist extreme abuse on the rough terrains.

In conclusion, There you have it! Elk hunting boots are the hunting gems! Besides, like an elk hunter, the most important thing to get once you decide to go hunting is the right boot for the task.

In this blog, we have already done the work on your behalf by reviewing the best elk hunting boots for you.

All the above products are amazing and come with outstanding quality as well as build. In short, the boots come with everything that a hunter yearns for in a hunting boot. All you need is to pick one from the above list and become an elk hunting guru.