What You Didn’t Know About Walk On Roof Tiles

With the latest advancements in the housing industry, many houses are being designed with elegant roof tiles which give them a unique touch of modernization.

Although roofing tiles are expensive to purchase and install, they are durable and long-lasting.

In fact, most roof tiles are designed with materials that can last up to 100 years. Roof tiles have evolved with time to incorporate different shapes and designs which can be customized based on your housing preferences.

Can You Walk On Roof Tiles? How to Walk on a Concrete Tile Roof?

Can You Walk On Roof Tiles? The response to this question is subject to discussion because roof tiles vary in terms of the strength and the impact they can take.

How to Walk on a Concrete Tile Roof

The article will help you sieve through what housing research says about walking on roof tiles, and what you should consider when walking on your roof tiles is unavoidable.

Walk on Roof Tiles – 5 Outstanding Tips

Although most roof tiles are designed either using clay or concrete, which are sturdy materials, stepping on them is not advisable. Tiles are brittle, and they can easily break when subjected to hard impacts.

Hard impacts can come from falling trees or people walking on the tiles recklessly.

Besides breaking your tiles, stepping on them can render them loose, leading to annoying leakages during rainy seasons.

Therefore, you should always use long poles to recover items that are trapped on your roof. Alternatively, you can use a tall ladder to install your antenna without having to step on the roof tiles.

However, some circumstances force you to walk on your roof.

For instance, when there is a leakage in your roof, you might be obliged to walk to the exact spot of the leakage to seal it.

Also, it might be difficult for you to retrieve your cloth from the roof using a pole forcing you to walk on the roof tiles. Whatever the reason, walking on top of your tiles is not a walk in the park.

Considering the following proven tips will help you walk on roof tiles without risking breaking them:

Check On Your Weight Distribution

While walking on roof tiles, always distribute your weight evenly to minimize the pressure that you exert on the tiles you step on.

Avoid Jumping From Tile to Tile

Avoiding jumping ensures that you experience a smooth transition from tile to tile, minimizing the impact you exert on your roof.

Wear Boots With Soft Soles

Always ensure that you put on roofing boots that have smooth soles that possess a good grip. Smooth soles play a significant role in distributing your weight evenly across the tiles.

Walk With Your Shoe Balls

Feet analyses have revealed that balls of feet exert less pressure on the ground than heels. As a result, walking on your balls could be the turning point that will prevent your roof tiles from crashing as you walk on them.

Walk Slowly On The Tiles

Speed and impact go hand in hand.

Therefore, to minimize the force that you exert on your tiles, walk as slowly as possible. Even more, sauntering gives you ample time to analyze where your next step will land before you move your feet.


As has been noted from the points above, the response to the “Can You Walking On Roof Tiles?” is YES.

However, walking on roof tiles is not recommended because of the fragility of tiles and should be considered as a last option. Furthermore, if walking on the roof tiles is inevitable, considering the above tips will go a long way in protecting your roof tiles from damage.