Shoe Goo Review – Best Adhesive for Fixing Worn Shoes

Are you looking for the best glue to fix your shoes?

Do not worry dear!

We are going to suggest the best shoe glue for your shoes. After wearing it a couple of times your shoe can be separated.

To fix your shoe you need to apply Shoe Goo glue onto the surface of your shoe.

Shoe goo glue is an amazing product. Lyman Van Vliet developed it back in 1972. If you are a tennis player, you will know that tennis shoes tend to be not very durable.

Shoe Goo Review | The Best Shoe Repair Adhesive

Shoe Goo Review - The Best Shoe Glue and Adhesive on Market

The shoe goo review will help you to know how it works and how to apply on your shoe. This glue is very strong and makes your shoe long-lasting.

Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive for Fixing Worn Shoes or Boots, Clear,...
  • Shoe Repair and Protective Coating for Leather, Vinyl, Rubber or...
  • Bonds, protects and rebuilds for a permanent repair

The soles of tennis shoes separate quickly after wearing a couple of times. It will be costly for you to buy new shoes. To solve this problem best shoe glue was invented.

Shoe goo glue is one of the best glue for shoes. Shoe goo is used specifically for repairs of footwear. It provides you durability, flexibility, and strength. This glue can repair all types of shoes. 

The most interesting part of the shoe goo glue is it can work on other materials just as effectively as it does on shoes. It has been scientifically formulated to repair, seal, and stick to a wide range of materials.

It can repair leather, rubber, wood, vinyl, plastic, and even fabrics. The main strength of this glue is its strength and flexibility for proper functioning.

Both shoe goo black and brown shoe goo can easily be removed without damaging the paint. Drive a little glue onto the glued joint with Otip, then lets it sit for a few minutes.

Shoe Goo 5510110 Mini Adhesive (4 Pack), 0.18 fl. oz.
  • Bonds, protects and rebuilds for a permanent repair
  • Excellent sealant - perfect for patching small holes

The glue will soften up enough after a while so that you can work it off with your fingers. When the piece has been removed wet a rag, let the glue set for a while then wipe it off.

Anything remaining of the glue can be scraped off with a fingernail. Or you can remove them with the GOO Gone soaking rag. Shoe glue review will let you know more information about the product.


  • It protects and rebuilds your shoe for a permanent repair
  • The excellent sealant is perfect for patching small holes
  • It is waterproof and the bond remains secure even when exposed to water
  • This glue can create extra traction
  • You can use it on skateboards
  • The glue is durable and strong
  • It is inexpensive
  • Fix damaged heels on any type of shoes
  • It works very well with running and tennis shoes
  • This glue is used to seal waders and rubber boots
  • It provides extra traction
  • The size of the glue is 0.18 fl. oz.
  • Product dimensions is 0.6 x 3.6 x 7.1 inches
What We Liked
  • It is convenient for quick fixes anything and anywhere
  • It works well for tough fixes
  • Do not dry out as the big tubes sometimes do
  • It is small enough to keep in the repair kit
What We Didn't Like
  • It is very thick and a bit messy to work with

Things That Make The Shoe Goo Glue Is Best

The shoe goo repairs your everyday footwear. The strong gel of the glue is designed to bond, protect, and rebuild your shoes for a permanent repair.

This glue can work all the areas of your shoes including the sole, the heels, or even the shoe tip. Using this Shoe goo, you can patch a hole in your footwear. 

The glue comes in a small red tube that stays handy. It can easily squeeze for application. The tube has a long list of instructions to apply to the shoe, but it is not important to go through all the things.

You need to grab the surfaces you want to stick and apply the glue in between. After that, hold both surfaces for a while. 

As it is waterproof glue, it can survive tough conditions itself and also act as a protective layer on the surface of the shoe. It helps to protect the original body of your shoe.

Probably the gel takes a bit more time to set than other gel. Once it sets onto your shoe, then your shoe will last for a longer time. Your shoes will remain comfortable after applying the gel and it also protects the shoes from abrasion.

It helps your shoe cope with stress to the joints.

How To Use

It is not much difficult to apply glue onto your shoe. You just need to follow some steps to apply it. if you do not follow the steps then it will not sit perfectly onto the shoe.

Let’s learn!

  • First, you need to clean the surface of the glue and have to make sure that no dust and dirt is remaining. If it is not free of dirt and dry then the glue will not sit perfectly and your shoe looks ugly.
  • The Shoe Goo comes with a cap painter. Puncture the tube to the glue using the can painter.
  • To repair the shoe, apply the glue between the surfaces of your shoe. 
  • Take something similar to a Popsicle stick and spread the shoe goo across the entire surface where you need to fix. The company suggests a tip and that is using an ice cube to spread the goo. Goo does not stick to the ice and the temperature will help to set the goo. 
  • After applying and spreading the Goo all around the surfaces, let it dry for a while. Then bring the two surfaces together and fix them perfectly.
  • Depending on the temperature and humidity, it will take its time
  • Recap your tube and store it at room temperature

Can You Use Shoe Goo In The Woods?

We always think that it is not possible to fix woods by using glue. The surprising thing is that shoe goo allows working on hard surfaces like wood quite well. Just apply the gel on the surfaces, spread the glue, and then let it dry for a few minutes.

The goo might take extra pressure to hold the wooden pieces altogether. And it also can take extra time to dry and set. Once it properly dried up it will not fall apart.


Shoe goo review will help you to apply the glue on your shoe. This glue not only is appropriate for your shoe, but also appropriate for any other materials. To fix anything you can use this glue. It is very effective to fix and repair your shoes and other materials.