How to Make Rubber Boots Shiny Again – 5 Tips

Rubber boots have gained significant popularity recently. Do you need to know How to Make Rubber Boots Shiny Again?

The boots have striking advantages that make them the best choice of shoes for use as work shoes, hiking, and motorcycle riding shoes during rainy seasons.

One striking advantage of rubber boots is that they can survive harsh weather conditions without deteriorating in quality.

Also, most rubber boots are designed with sturdy and waterproof materials which keep your feet warm when the outside is wet and flooded.

How to Make Rubber Boots Shiny Again – Easy to Follow Guide

The article will list some of the benefits of rubber boots, an easy-to-follow guide on how to clean them, and how to make rubber boots shiny again.

Advantages of Rubber Boots

  • You can walk through debris without hurting your feet.
  • The shoes are comfortable to wear.
  • Rubber boots are effective shock-absorbers for cushioning hard impacts.
  • Rubber boots are easy to clean.
  • Rubber boots are resistant to chemicals.

The Cleaning Procedure

Undoubtedly, it is difficult to talk about how to make your rubber boots shiny again without mastering the art of cleaning them. Stated below is a guide on how to remove dirt from your rubber boots to make them sparkling clean again.

Wiping the Boots With a Damp Cloth

Mix a small amount of dishwashing soap with water. Dip a cotton cloth in the mixture and work on the surface of your boots to eliminate dirt particles and debris.

Use a Medium-Pressure Hose

After applying the soap solution uniformly on your boots, place them in a suitable area, and thoroughly spray them with water using a hosepipe. In case you do not have a proper place for spraying them with water, you can wash them in a bathtub.

Brush Off the Tough Stains

Using a smooth-bristled brush, gently work on the surface of the boots to remove stubborn mud/dirt stains.

To enhance cleaning, add one teaspoon of baking powder to a half cup of water in a small bowl and use the solution to work on the tough stains with the brush.

Rinse the Boots With a Wet Towel

After eliminating all the dirt from the boots, soak a small cotton towel in clean water, and use it to work on the surface of the rubber boots.

Air Drying the Boots

It is advisable that you keep your boots outside to air dryer for several hours. However, if you want them to dry within a short period, using a blowdryer set to minimum heat would quicken the process.

Before drying the rubber boots, stack old newspapers in the shoes to help in maintaining them in their shapes as they dry. Even more, the papers serve to absorb more water from the shoes.

Making the Boots Shine

The following steps will help you make your boots shine like those of military soldiers:

How to Make Rubber Boots Shiny Again - 5 Simple Tips

1. After drying the shoes, apply boot polish all over the shoes and leave them for approximately 10 minutes to absorb the boot polish.

2. Look for another clean cotton cloth, roll one of its corners into a ball, and dip it in water. Ensure that the cotton cloth is wet but not too wet to start dripping water.

3. Work on the surface of your boots in small circular motions until the boot polish begins to shine. Repeat this process until the entire rubber surface is shiny again.

4. Apply another thin layer of boot polish on the shoes, and keep repeating this process until you achieve the gleam that you want.


As seen from the points above on how to make rubber boots shiny again, it is clear that the process is a more straightforward exercise that you can do at home.

Furthermore, to make your rubber boots last even longer, you should regularly clean them and apply a rubber treatment substance on them to extend their life.