Spike vs Spikeless Golf Shoes – 5 PRO Tips

Do you love buying new golf shoes like me?

Today, golf shoes give us a chance to choose difference between Spike vs Spikeless Golf Shoes. With so many opinions about the best among the two, it has become tough to know which to buy for your next game.

In this article, we seek to help you understand the difference between spike vs spikeless golf shoes so that you can choose the right for your needs.

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Spike vs Spikeless Golf Shoes | A PRO Tips

Here are some differences between the key features on both spike vs spikeless golf shoes.

Well, spike golf shoes are the ones that feature real cleats on the bottom of the shoe, which usually come in soft plastic material.

On the other hand, spike-less golf footwear’s comes with a flat outsole that is made of rubber dimples or studs instead of spikes.

In the past, there was a big difference, but over time the gap is closing with every type advancing to offer better comfort and traction. While the choice depends on personal preference, you need to consider some differences.

Is The Difference Between Spike vs. Spikeless Golf Shoes Worth To You?


When it comes to traction, spiked shoes offer the best experience. Since the spikes are large than the dimples that are found at the bottom of the spikeless shoes, spiked ones do better in a range of course conditions.

Spike design prevents your shoes from slipping as you swing to make a clean shot.

On the other hand, spikeless shoes have also evolved, their soles come with various patterns, and their rubber soles offer excellent grip to the surface. The shoes sole patterns are placed strategically and are also durable than spikes.

When playing on hilly courses or wet conditions, shoes with spikes are better since the spikes give you better stability in hard condition.

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In the past, shoes without spikes offer more comfort due to their casual design and the lack of spikes on the sole. Such shoes are also lighter adding to their comfort.

spike vs spikeless golf shoes (difference)

However, the spike design gave room for spike shoes to meet equal comfort since the spikes are so soft that they don’t affect the shoe’s comfort at all.

Considering comfort, both shoes offer exceptional comfort, and so I would say that they draw on this one.


The most significant advantage that comes with spikeless shoes is their versatility. Since they lack spikes, everyone can wear these shoes while in the house, while taking a walk around the park, and even go with it when going to play golf. No need of carrying an extra pair.

On the other hand, golf shoes with spikes are not very versatile since it is hard to walk around on them and after playing, you still need to change your shoes.

Even though some people still walk on these shoes, when it comes to versatility, I think this, spikeless shoes are better.


One difference between the two types of shoes that are usually overlooked is the longevity associated with spiked shoes. With these shoes, when the spikes wear out, it is possible to replace them, as long as you take good care of the rest of the shoe. That means that the spiked shoes last longer.

On the other hand, once the sole of the spikeless shoes wears off, you need to get a new pair.

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Last Words

Spiked shoes always last longer than those without spikes. However, as long as you take good care of spikeless shoes, they too can last longer, but when it comes to longevity, spiked ones takes it home.

When choosing between Spike vs Spikeless Golf Shoes, you need to make sure you get a pair that meets your every need. For an old yet sturdy shoe, go for the ones with spikes and if looking for a modern style and comfort then go for spikeless ones.

When it comes to performance, both shoes draw, but at the end of it all, it’s all a matter of personal preference.