How to Clean Golf Shoes – 7 Easy Methods Explained !

Are you having trouble to wash your golf shoes? Aren’t they lasting long? Don’t you know how to clean golf shoes properly? Then this article is just for you. A good pair of golf shoes is a must for a good golf player. If your shoes can’t support you, it’s very tough for you to perform well in field. So, you need to clean your shoes properly every time. If you don’t clean it in time, it will get stuck and damage the shoe. So, don’t keep your shoes in a dusty place or without cleaning after using.

How to Clean Golf Shoes


What is Golf Shoes?

Golf shoes are special types of shoes what golf players wear while playing. As golf players need to stand for a long time and walk a lot, their shoes are made as they can feel comfortable at that time. A pair of fit and comfortable golf shoes is a must for any golf player.

Methods of Cleaning Golf Shoes

  • Upper Cover: Whether the upper part of the shoe is made of lather or synthetic, you need to clean it. Use shoe cleaner or mild soap and water to remove dirt. Don’t put the shoe into water. Just wipe out the dirt. Don’t use detergent or rough soap.
  • Dark Shoes: Use a combination of shoe cleaner and applicable color shoe creme to keep your dark shoe safe. Different color shoes need different type of care. You can’t apply the same creme to every shoe. If your shoe doesn’t seem clean and shiny, you won’t be able to understand if they become unusable.
  • Wet Shoes: If your shoes become soaked you need to dry them quickly. Don’t apply more water. Put crumbled newspaper into your shoes. They’ll absorb the water. Put the newspaper for 8 to 10 hours. Don’t keep them into too much hot place. You can apply a little bit warm air flow to remove the vapor near the shoe.
  • Outer Sole: Do not keep your shoes into your car trunk. The extreme heat might hamper the material of your shoe. If the sole is too dirty, brush them away. Then clean the shoe with soft clothes or tissue.
  • Spikes: If your shoes are spiked you should clean them properly. If the spikes are removable, remove them while cleaning. If any dirt gets stuck in the spikes, you won’t be able to step properly.
  • White Shoes: In case of white shoes, use white shoe cleaner. This will help to condition the white lather too. White shoe cleaner removes every scar away from the cover and makes it shiny. Keeping white shoes clean is a bit challenging. So, you need to handle it carefully.
  • Keeping the Shoe: After cleaning your shoe, you need to keep the shoe into a clean and safe place. Don’t put the shoe into any high temperature or high-pressured place. It might change the size of your shoe. Keep the shoes into a dry place.


Before cleaning, you need to take some precautions. Don’t sink the shoe into water. If the shoes get soaked into water, the lather or fabric might get damaged. If the shoe gets too dirty, first remove them with brush. If the sole is removable, remove them while cleaning.


Now you know the steps of cleaning your golf shoes. If you don’t wash your shoes properly, you won’t be able to wear them the next day. For a golf player, their shoes are their best friend. So, to play with your full concentration you need to know how to clean golf shoes properly. Hope this article was helpful for you.