How To Clean Sloggers – 5 Must Know Steps

How To Clean Sloggers? Do You Want to Make Your Sloggers Shine Again?

Dirt and mud accumulation on/in your shoes is an issue that you cannot entirely avoid.

It is, therefore, critical that you master the art of cleaning them to maintain their elegant and fashionable appearances.

Sloggers have come a long way in the history of shoes. Even more, sloggers are designed with exceptional plastics that keep your feet dry, clean, and free from dirt particles.

Besides this, sloggers accumulate dirt with time when working on landscaping, and learning how to make them clean again is equally crucial.

The slogger garden shoes are designed with waterproof materials that help to keep your feet dry during wet and rainy seasons.

How To Clean Sloggers – 5 Easy Steps

The article will expound on how to clean sloggers and how you can do the cleaning like an expert.

The Cleaning Procedure

Cleaning sloggers is an art that you should master. Beyond extending the longevity of your shoes, the cleaning plays a significant role in improving your general outlook and the elegance of your outfits.

Cleaning the Outside of the Sloggers

  • Using a wet cotton cloth, gently work on the surface of your sloggers to eliminate debris and dirt particles.
  • In case tough mud stains are present on the surface of the shoes, use a tough-bristled brush to remove them gently.
  • After removing both the gentle and tough stains from your sloggers, dip a clean cotton cloth in warm water and use it to rinse the outside of your shoes.
  • Keep your shoes outside to allow them to air dry. However, in case you want to quicken the drying process, use a blow dryer set to minimum heat. The minimum temperature will protect the plastic material of your sloggers from burning and discoloration.

How To Clean Sloggers After Gardening Works

Cleaning the Inside of the Sloggers

Cleaning the outside of the shoes is slaying half the giant. Cleaning both the outside and inside of your sloggers is slaying the whole giant. Cleaning the interior is vital because it eliminates the unpleasant smell that results from sweating feet.

To clean the interiors of the shoes, follow the following steps:

  • Mix one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent with two cups of water in a small basin.
  • Stir the mixture to make a uniform solution and soak a small cotton cloth in the solution for approximately 5 minutes.
  • Use the cotton cloth to work on the interiors of your sloggers until they are sparkling clean.
  • Dip another cotton cloth in warm water and use it to rinse the interiors of the sloggers until you eliminate all the soap.
  • Keep the shoes outside for several hours to air dry.
  • To prevent the growth and accumulation of bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms in your sloggers, mix equal parts of water and vinegar and spray their insides.
  • Also, spraying your dry sloggers with a small amount of baking powder will go a long way in removing bad smells from the shoes.
  • You should leave the baking powder to work on the shoes for approximately 12 hours or more before wearing them.

Take-Home Tips

  • You should stack rolled towels in your sloggers during storage to protect them from deformation.
  • Always store your sloggers away from high temperatures to protect their plastic coverings from melting.
  • After cleaning your shoes, do not wear them before they dry sufficiently.
  • If possible, wear your sloggers with a pair of socks to minimize sweating and bad odors.
Final Verdict
The essence of the above points on how to clean sloggers cannot be overlooked. From boosting your confidence and enhancing your appearance, the importance of walking in clean sloggers cannot be overemphasized.