How Should Dress Shoes Fit – 5 Best Tips

Men’s shoes differ according to the brand of the shoe.

How should dress shoes fit for men like any other part of the body, feet change with time and for various reasons? It is not a wonder to find your feet’s size differing from the way it was last year.

Therefore, getting the best fitting shoe is very important. Shoes play a very significant role in your looks and foot care. Wearing a pair of shoes that are not well-fitting can lead to critical health problems.

Trying on the best dress shoes and figuring out how you will go about getting the best fitting shoe are not easy processes, especially if you lack a good buying guide. Our feet do not have the same length.

How Should Dress Shoes Fit – Men’s Outfit Guide

How Should Dress Shoes Fit - Men's Outfit Guide Tips & Tricks

Therefore, go for the shoe that fits both feet well, to solve the problem of ‘How should dress shoes fit for men’s? In this article, we have some of the tips on how you can get the best fitting fashionable shoes.

Choosing the Best Dress Shoe Fit

When trying on a dress shoe that pleases you, try to fit your forefinger between your heel and the shoe’s heel tab. A right fit should enable you to maneuver the forefinger between the two heels. If the space is too small for this action, then leave the dress shoe as it is small. If there is still space between your forefinger and the two heels, then the pair of shoes is big. 

Secondly, your heel should not slip inside the dress shoes you want to buy, as this may mean that they are too big. The converse is also true that you should not feel uncomfortable pinching or rub in the shoes since this shows that the shoes are too small.

You should not only consider the length of the shoes but the shoes’ width also. When choosing a pair with the right width, ensure the ball of your foot sits freely at the widest part of the dress shoe.

However, this is an extra measure since shoes with non-standard widths are becoming less populous in the market. 

Effects of Ignoring A Good Shoe Fit

How Should Dress Shoes Fit - 5 Easy Tips & Tricks

Perhaps you have fallen in love with the beautiful dress shoes that badly fit you, thinking they will stretch.

If this is the case, ready yourself for a number of adverse consequences. Corns, pain and discomfort, bunions, calluses, Plantar Fasciitis and stress fractures are a few of the negative effects of badly fitting shoes.

Be A Wearer Of Your Original Shoe Size

Assuming it is not the first time wearing shoes, you must have a general idea of what size you wear. Every manufacturer has different sizes and fits in their shoes. 

Therefore, you will need to get to the ballpark and make it your starting point.

Make sure that the dress shoes fit perfectly on the first time you put them on

If you try to force the dress shoes into your feet, they will never fit. This is because leather dress shoes stretch very little. Therefore, working in them will be detrimental and a waste of money and time. There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of uncomfortable shoes.

Ensure that the shoe fits perfectly in your first trial.

Try-On The Shoes On The Course Of The Day

Our feet swell throughout the day. This means that you cannot get the actual size of your shoe in the morning. Instead, you should try your shoes on in the afternoon.

Our Feet Have Different Sizes

The left side of our body is not of the same size as the right side. Our feet are also not of the same size. Therefore, ensure that the shoes first fit the larger foot. A slightly bigger dress shoe is better than an uncomfortable or slightly smaller shoe.

Let’s check a short video about dress shoe fit

It is better to take your time trying your shoes on than buying a shoe fast only to experience health problems and physical discomfort.

Also, make sure you do not wear very thick woolen socks when trying on dress shoes. Wear the socks you will be putting on with the shoes you are buying. It is also good to consider the length, width, and the heel of the dress shoe as this consideration will make your stay in the shoe comfortably.

Although expensive does not readily guarantee the quality, it is better to take an expensive shoe than cheap and uncomfortable dress shoes. With this kind of information, one will not go wandering, “How should dress shoes fit for men’s?”

Instead, you will have an easy time doing your shopping.