8 Best Shoe Horns Reviews In 2020

The great thing about human beings is that they love to use different tools to make their life easy and simple.

Shoehorn also plays an important role in your life as other tools do because it saves 70% of your time to put on your shoes or boots every day and protect you from various pain and mobility problems.

If you have back pain issues it will be difficult for you to bend down and wear your shoes, for this reason, we are here with the best shoe horns to solve all your mobility problems. 

Shoehorn does not allow your shoes to bend and keep them new for a long time. Using shoe horn, you can protect your nails from breaking when you wear shoes.

8 Best Shoe Horns Reviews To Helps The User Slip Into Footwear

How To Choose Best Shoe Horns Before Buying

To get the top quality shoehorns you need to know the buying guides what we will describe in this article and most importantly, we will express the best shoe horns reviews as well.

The simplicity of the shoehorn is that it is one of the easiest and simplest tools. With the best shoe horns, your life will be more beautiful and comfortable even if you want you can carry the perfect size shoe horn with you wherever you go.

Let’s go for more details!

What Is A Shoehorn?

A shoehorn is a simple tool, which is used to put on a shoe. It is difficult for some people to bow down and wear their shoes; shoehorn makes their life comfortable because they do not need to put on their shoes by bowing down.

They can wear shoes standing or sitting anywhere using the best shoe horns. You just need to insert the shoehorn on the heel of the shoes and slip your ankle into the shoes. 

Let’s learn about the best shoe horns in today’s market!

24" Inch Extra Long Handled Shoehorn (Baby Blue)
  • 24 inch Extra Long Handle Shoe Horn - Perfect For Putting On Your...
  • Made From Pro High Tech Plastic Providing Sturdy and Long Term Usage

Shoehorn has been popular among the people for at least 500 years and yet it’s still popular and convenient. Whenever you put your shoes on it may stick and fold the back of the shoes. Best long shoe horn helps you to put on your shoes in a perfect way without any hassle.

The large and convenient handle allows you to wear your shoes from a standing position and the wide. A 24-inch shoe horn can let your feet slide effortlessly into even the most stubborn shoe you have. 

Extra-wide shoe horn made with ABS plastic which is acceptable to the people for its toughness and durability. Shoe Horn long handle metal is made from plastic and it is very lightweight even the orthotics find easy to use this type of shoehorn.

You do not need to bow your head while you wear your shoes, you can use the best Shoe Horns to put on the shoes. It saves you time and energy.


  • It is synthetic
  • This tool is 24-inch extra-long handle shoehorn
  • If you have back pain then it is perfect for you to put on your shoes or boots while standing
  • It is made from pro high tech plastic providing sturdy and long-term usage
  • It has an easy-grip handle and you can simply grip the handle when you will wear the shoes
  • Perfect for them those who have assisted mobility issues
  • The handle is tall wide extended and made of plastic that is perfect for everyone
  • This tool is available in 7 different colors
Things We Liked
  • Easy to use
  • Has extra-long handle
  • The quality is good
  • The length of the shoehorn is great to put on the shoes
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Some of the users claim that it breaks after using a couple of times
HoundsBay 16.5" Long Handled Metal Shoe Horn with Comfort Grip (Navy...
  • SAVE YOUR BACK - Whether you have back, hip, knee, joint issues or...
  • 1.8MM THICK - Newly updated design is thicker and stronger with 1.8mm...

Many people have back pain issues, it is difficult for them to put on a shoe by sitting down but this problem can be solved if they use the best long shoehorn. With the help of the best long-handled shoe horn you can easily put on your shoes standing and it will not hurt your back and relieve you from back pain. 

Now the question is which shoe horn for boots is appropriate for you and gives you ultimate comfort to put on your shoes. Long shoe horn has been gaining the heart of the people with great success and it is perfect for eliminating pain and making it quick and easy to put your shoes on.

Long-handled shoe horn keeps your shoes in top shape without causing permanent heel creases or fraying and sleeps into your shoes without blending the heel.it gives you comfort and keeps your shoes all-time new as well.

This tool is appropriate for all shoe types, you just need to avoid pinching your fingers when trying to get your feet into the heel. 


  • It comes with 1.8mm thick stainless steel
  • If you have back, hip, knee, or joint issues, this type of tool saves all of the problems
  • It helps to put your shoes on faster and easier
  • It is for everyday use
  • This tool is thicker and stronger
  • Made of heavy-duty finished stainless steel
  • This product is easy to grip while you put on your shoes
  • Perfect for every one senior, junior, young and old
  • It has a lifetime warranty and without any risk, you can use it
Things We Liked
  • Well-made and effective to put on a shoe
  • The multitude of colors is nice
  • Great for people who are dealing with several pains
  • The length of the tool is perfect
Things We Didn’t Liked
  • Bent after using several times
ZOMAKE Long Handled Shoe Horn with Leather Strap Stainless Steel...
  • Cinderella's sister may also be able to wear crystal shoes. -- Just...
  • Why this such a great product? - When our father grow old, he may have...

Metal long shoe horn with leather strap is one of the best long-handled shoe horns in today’s market. The sleek design of the 26-inch shoe horn comes with a loop handle that makes it easy to grip. The wide mouth and perfect angle of the tool make sliding on your shoes more convenient. It has a lifetime warranty.

This long plastic shoe horn is made of high quality heavy solid metal. 

This product has a perfect length, which is appropriate for both men and women and they can put on their shoes or boots with comfort. If they have back, knee, feet pain, this tool will be a perfect use for them. 


  • It comes with easy-grip design
  • Simple to use
  • It is sturdy and convenient to use
  • The perfect angle can easily be sliding your feet into your shoes
  • The top-notch quality ensure you that no breaking will occur
  • People who have trouble bending, this instrument reduce their stress
Things We Liked
  • It is shiny
  • Easy to use
  • Made with high-quality materials and look great
  • Long and sturdy make the instrument more useful
Things We Didn’t Like
  • The sliding zone is short
FootMatters Long Handled Adjustable Expander Shoe Horn - Extendable &...
  • Expands from 16 to 31 inches to perfectly fit your preferred size and...
  • High quality stainless steel is durable and strong, yet light weight...

If you want an attractive and effective shoehorn with a long handle then you should choose foot matters to shoehorn. This instrument is perfect for those who are disabled, pregnant, seniors, have arthritis, hip, or back pain.

The shaft of the adjustable expander shoehorn is designed from high-grade stainless steel and the steel is strong and durable. It is different from the other shoe horns because you can easily pack the shoehorn and take it wherever you go. 

Adjustable shoe horns are perfect for all types of people even if you want to put on your shoes or boots standing or sitting anywhere you can because they can easily be folded. You just need to place a shoehorn spoon into your shoe and slide the spoon out after inserting the heel into the shoe.


  • It is expandable from 16 to 31 inches so that you can use the shoehorn according to your preferred size and comfort
  • The high-quality stainless steel is durable, strong and long-lasting
  • This product is lightweight and portable
  • You can use it while standing or sitting without bending over
  • Perfect for everyone especially those who have back pain, hip pain, arthritis, sciatica, and other mobility problems
  • The flex and the spring of the shoehorn makes taking your shoes off
  • It has a lifetime manufacturer money-back satisfaction guarantee
Things We Liked
  • It is lightweight and stylish
  • The construction of the shoehorn is excellent
  • It is long enough to put on or off your shoes
  • The materials of the product are great
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Difficult to use

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Extra Long Handle 27.5 Inch Shoe Horn,Metal & Wooden Shoehorns for...
  • Extra Long handled shoe horns :27.5INCH ,Long enough to put the feet...
  • Solid stainless steel & wooden handled :Length:27.5"-width:...

Extra-long handle shoehorn allows you to get extra comfort while putting on your shoes. Extra-long shoe horn stainless steel is a hybrid shoehorn made with solid wood upper half and a durable, sleek stainless steel. You can keep it anywhere at your home because it does not take much space. 

The shoe horn metal has a smooth buttery quality that is comfortable and easy to hold and never gets cold during the winter. The vintage metal shoe horn is the 27.5-inch length which is long enough and you do not have to bend over to use it. The electroplated finish and nice smooth edges do not dig the leather of the heel cup of your shoes rather these materials give you comfort to use the product. If you want you can hang the shoehorn on your coat rack. 


  • It comes with an extra-long handle and the measurement of the handle is about 27.5 inches, it is long enough to put on your boots or shoes without bending over
  • This instrument is designed with solid stainless steel and wooden-handled
  • The width of the shoehorn is 1.7 inches and the thickness is 3 mm
  • It is thicker and stronger than other metal shoe horns so it will not bend easily
  • It is easy to grip, use, and protect your hands to get hurt
  • The durable leather lanyard is easy to hand where you want 
  • Does not dig into the heel of the shoe
Things We Liked
  • Perfect for the people who have back, ankle, knee, and many other pains
  • You do not need to bend over while putting on your shoes
  • It is designed with heavy-duty stainless steel
  • The extra-long handle is very impressive
Things We Didn’t Like
  • It is a bit expensive than other she horns but it’s worth it
Muso Wood Long-Handled Wooden Shoe Horn (15") Walnut Wood Shoehorn for...
  • Walnut Wood: Selected American Walnut Wood,Excellent grinding process...
  • LONG DESIGN:15 inches, more convenient to wear shoes, helps reduce...

If you do not like to use a plastic shoe horn then there is a chance to use a wooden shoe horn to fulfill your demands and necessities. Bamber shoehorn is also known as wooden shoe horn because this tool comes in both bamboo and plastic. If you like the product, you can purchase either a plastic or a wooden horn. It is a wooden long shoe horn designed by a professional team. 

This instrument is user friendly and the entire body brings more convenience for people with mobility problems. It comes with a hanging hole that helps effectively to save the space of your home and you can hang the shoehorn on the coat rack.

Without hurting your ankle, you can easily put on your shoe by using the tool and it also helps to keep your shoes new for all time. This shoehorn has an incredibly sleek surface to contact your skin and do not dig the heel of your shoes while you put on the shoes. 


  • It is the most comfortable shoe horn that protects your back and knee of getting hurt
  • This tool has an ergonomic design for easy maneuver
  • The handle is super thick and comes with a smooth edge to protect your skin and shoes
  • It is made for life long use
  • It fits your hands and shoes comfortably
  • The sliding of the shoehorn is easy into the back and it does not hurt your ankle
Things We Liked
  • It is a handsome wardrobe accessory
  • This tool provides lifetime service
  • Effectively fits into your shoes and ankle
  • Easy to grip
Things We Didn’t Like
  • For tall people, it is not appropriate
OrthoStep Metal Shoe Horn 7.5 inch (Antique Brushed Brass)
  • A BETTER WAY TO “SHOE” – Keep the heel of your shoe intact and...
  • WIDE OR NARROW – Our Smooth, rounded edges and an unbeatable...

The shoe is the most important and likable thing for a person so you will always want to keep your footwear safe from damage. Most of the time beautiful shoes or boots ruined by constant bending of the heel when you put it on.

It hurts when your favorite shoes bend, to give a constant new look to your footwear you need the best shoe horns so that you can put on your shoe without bending it. 

Orthostep metal shoe horn keeps your shoes looking great and your ankle feeling good. Short metal shoe horn is 7.5 inches long that is easy to use while you put on your shoes. It is a durable and long-lasting short plastic shoehorn.

All ages people love shoehorn, especially it is a love for the grandparents. It is easy to use and you do not need to bend your head while you put on the shoes. 


  • It is made in the USA
  • This tool keeps your shoes intact and free of wear 
  • The metal design is ruggedly sturdy and makes putting your shoes on a breeze
  • It is designed with rounded edges and an unbeatable precision curve to help you comfortably slip into your shoes
  • Perfect for the people of every age
  • It helps to keep lasting long your shoes
  • Safe your back and ankle from pain
Things We Liked
  • Perfect for shoes and boots
  • Easy to use
  • Very sturdy and the size is perfect
  • Easy to hold and perfectly balanced and pretty much a work of art
Things We Didn’t Like
  • The plastic could break if you give pressure on it
Metal Shoe Horn Stainless Steel ShoeHorn 7.5 Inches - Portable for...
  • Cinderella's sister may also be able to wear crystal shoes. -- Just...
  • Why this such a great product? - When our father grow old, he may have...

Stainless steel shoehorn is easy to use and it is smooth for this reason your ankle can easily slip into the shoes without bending and pinching. The rounded edges and precision curve helps to put on the shoes without facing any trouble. The 7.5 shoe horn is long enough and you can use it standing.

The safe edges prolong the life of your shoes by keeping the heel from breaking down. 

This 7.5 metal shoe horn is made with high-quality materials so that your ankle and skin do not get hurt while you put on your shoes. It has a hole to hang on the coat hanger and is perfect for traveling, you can take it with you wherever you go. Men and women can use this shoehorn to put on their shoes.


  • The high of the shoehorn is 1.27 centimeters and wide is 5.08 centimeters
  • If your shoe is hard to put on you can take help from shoehorn to put on your shoes comfortably
  • It comes with a perfect travel size and you can take it wherever you go
  • This tool helps to keep your shoes new and long-lasting
  • This product is sturdy and durable
Things We Liked
  • The size is perfect not too big not too small
  • It is strong and well designed
  • Will not bend or break
  • It is a quality product and made with high-quality materials
Things We Didn’t Like
  • It could be broken if you give pressure on it

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying The Best Shoe Horns

Shoehorn is a very essential thing especially for those who have back, ankle, and mobility problems. A perfect and smooth shoehorn can provide you comfort to put on your shoe. If you have back pain or mobility problems, it will be tough for you to bow down and put on your shoes. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Shoe Horns

Thinking about your problems best shoe horns allow you to put your shoes on with comfort and ease without damaging your shoes and ankles. According to the functional, aesthetic, and material merits, you should choose the best shoe horns for you. 


Metal shoe horn is durable and sturdy. It lasts for a long time and is perfect for tight heels because it can slip the ankle into the right heel. This material is stronger than any other material’s shoe horns.


Wooden shoe horns have a certain degree of cred that no other shoe horns have. This material is also durable but light and comfortable to hold. Wooden shoe horn is highly attractive and looks classy.


Plastic shoe horns are very common and durable. The big advantage of this shoehorn is it is typically less expensive than any other shoe horns and it is lighter than wood or metal.

Last Words

Shoehorn is very easy to use and also keeps your shoes from breaking or bending. It also saves your skin and ankle from getting hurt. But if you do not purchase the good quality product then it will not last for a long time rather your shoe horn will be broken after using it for a couple of months or your ankle could get hurt.

To get the best shoe horns you should choose anyone from the above list. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do You Need A Shoehorn?

Many shoes do not require shoe horns but if you have dress shoes, high heels, taller shoes, and boots then you may need a shoehorn to put them on comfortably.

What Can You Use Instead Of Shoehorn?

If you do not have a shoehorn you can use your credit card or driver’s license and use it as a shoehorn. Just place it in the back, as you normally would then slip your ankle right in.