What Does a Post Op Shoe Do – 14 Best Function

Surgeries are essential medical procedures which have been able to correct many disorders that could not be diagnosed in any other way. If you looking for What does a post op shoe do? Find the answer inside the article.

Foot surgeries, specifically, have been common operations recently for the treatment of feet conditions.

After foot surgery, walking in your regular shoes is close to impossible. That is the reason why doctors advise that you walk in post-op shoes which are intended to protect your feet from injuries after a surgical operation.

Must-Know Details About What does a Post Op Shoe Do?

What does a post op shoe do? The article will respond to this question by covering the medical conditions that will cause you to wear the shoes, the primary functions of post-op shoes, and their design adaptations to their functions.

Operations That Require Post Operative Shoes

Although some foot surgeries can be corrected without post-operative shoes, most of these surgeries require the shoes for effective healing.

The surgeries include:

1. Arthritis- The disorder causes inflammation of one or more joints, mostly in overweight people.

2. Bunions- Bunions are bone deformations that occur in the joints of your big or small toes.

3. Bone Spur Removal- The operation that is performed to remove a bone that grows on a healthy bone.

4. Hammertoe Surgery- A hammertoe is a bone deformation that mainly affects the second, third, and fourth toes. In this medical condition, your toe joints curve upwards forming shapes that resemble hammers.

What does a Post Op Shoe Do - A definitive functional guide

All the above conditions are corrected through feet surgeries that require post-op shoes for effective and quick healing.

Primary Functions of Post Operative Shoes

1. Minimization of Pressure- The shoes are designed to reduce the impact your body exerts on your feet to give your joints ample time to recover.

2. Enhancement of Muscle Movement- Post-operative shoe permits slight muscle movements during walking to improve the circulation of blood through the affected joints for quick healing.

3. Regulation of Your Body Movements- Post-operative shoes constrain your muscles movements to prevent you from overloading your feet.

4. Assurance of a Quick Recovery- Also, the shoes eliminate the chances of reoccurrence of injuries by promoting a fast joint recovery.

Design Adaptations of Post Operative Shoes

A post-surgical shoe is a medical shoe used to protect the foot and toes after an injury or surgery. It is also called a postop shoe, rigid sole shoe, or hard sole shoe.

1. Light In Weight- The shoes are designed with light-weight materials which subject minimum weights to your feet while walking.

2. Soft Interior Designs- Post-operative shoes are designed with soft materials which guarantee comfort and convenience.

3. Non-Slip Soles- Most post-op shoes are designed with rubber soles which offer maximum traction with the ground to minimize tripping accidents.

4. Breathability- The shoes are designed with well-ventilated straps and coverings which maintain your feet fresh and odorless.

5. Ample Interiors- Most post-operative shoes are designed with large interior spaces which can comfortably accommodate bulky dressings and casts.

6. Versatility- Most of these shoes are versatile in their designs to comfortably accommodate either the right or left foot. As a result, the hustle you undergo to keep checking which shoe belongs to which foot is eliminated.

Let’s check how to walk after foot surgery to use post op shoes


The above points on ‘What does a post op shoe do?’ outline the essential functions of this unique piece of footwear. From guaranteeing you a quick recovery after foot surgery to regulating your muscle movements, the shoes have proven to be vital accessories that promise you rapid healing after a medical operation.

In addition to that, trusted medical reports have confirmed that many foot surgery patients have successfully recovered from foot operations, thanks to post-op shoes.