What Are Soft Spike Golf Shoes – Beginners Guide

Golfing is an activity that calls for a great connection with the ground.

That means that you need to have the right golf shoes for a solid connection with the ground, and spike shoes are the best. If your feet are slipping on the grass as you swing when playing, it won’t be possible to achieve a clean shot.

Even when you hit the ball, you will need to hold back a bit to make that clean strike if the shoes are sliding. That is why you need to invest in soft spike golf shoes for the best performance.

What Are Soft Spike Golf Shoes – You Must Need To Know

These soft spike golf shoes are the kind that came in the place of metal spikes that were common in the past.

Before soft spike came to be, golfers used to play with metal spikes which gave them tremendous traction, but also damaged golf courses whenever a player took the wrong step.

In general, golf shoes bottoms are in better condition today since they come with soft spikes that do not harm the course in any way.

Why Should You Go For Soft Spikes Golf Shoes?

The Quickest & Easiest Way To WHAT ARE SOFT SPIKE GOLF SHOES

Just like metal spikes, soft spikes golf shoes come with a design that accommodates several spikes that are inserted in the bottom of the shoe in various locations.

As long as all the spikes are in their right places, the shoe offers excellent traction for golf payers as they move around the course.

Better Traction

When considering course conditions, soft spikes golf shoes are great alternatives to golf shoes. For example, when playing on a soggy, or on a wet course, spikes are better since they will offer great traction n and you are less likely to slide. Also, if playing on a hilly course, spikes help you to get an edge and make a clean swing.


Traction is very crucial when it comes to golfing since you cannot make a clean swing if your feet aren’t stable enough.

Spikes hold you sturdily on the ground for the comfort that you need when playing.


The wide-track rubber soles accompanied by the soft spikes increase the shoe sturdiness and strong grip to prevent you from slipping on the course grass. Soft spike shoes also come with materials that are lightweight enough and yet very firm for you to get stable and strong arch support, something that may lack other forms of golfing shoes.


Once you get the sturdiness that you need, playing won’t be hard as you are able to move on the course with ease.

Flexible Movement

The technology used when making soft spike golf shoes keeps you active when playing and gives you a quick turn when striking the ball. The soft spikes on the outsole help you support traction on various golf courses and thus giving you flexible movements.


With soft spike shoes, you are able to turn with ease when striking the ball and you are less likely to miss a shot.

Why Should You Go For Soft Spikes Golf Shoes?

Clean Swings

Accurate golf swings begin from your feet and the best ones swings happen when the feet are stable as the body turns around the base. Obviously, a spike vs spikeless base gives the base a sturdy feel and protects it from sliding and slipping off-balance when trying to swing. If your swings are hard, then you really need spikes for that needed grip.


Clean swing is all that matters and you can only meet that if you get the right pair of golf shoes and the soft spikes will do exactly that.

Final Words

What else do you need?

Soft spike golf shoes are the best to have today. Just invest in one today and take your golfing game to the next level.

All the best!