6 Proven Benefits of Motorcycle Harness Boots

Harness boots are special boots that are worn by motorcycle riders. The shoes are available in different heights and colors and are constructed with specialized features that make them a suitable choice for use as motorcycle boots. Most motorcycle harness boots are made of leather, but other elegant designs are made of suede. On top of that, the shoes are available in a wide range of colors, the common ones being black and brown.

What is Motorcycle Harness Boots Used for?

What are harness boots used for? Harness boots are used as safety boots by motorcycle riders because they serve the following critical purposes:

1. Protection From Unfavourable Weather

Harness boots are designed with thick and heavy leather materials that protect riders from harsh weather conditions. The boots vary in height from short boots which are approximately 10 inches high to long boots which are 38 inches long. The long boots are effective at shielding your legs from cold weather during rainy seasons.

It can be tough to ride your motorcycle with frozen legs because engaging/disengaging gears and braking would be close to impossible.

2. Protection From Hot Exhaust Pipes/ Engine Blocks

Super hot exhaust gases from motorcycle engines heat exhaust pipes causing them to glow. Such pipes are very dangerous because they can cause severe burns to your feet and clothing, leading to fatal accidents. However, motorcycle harness boots are designed with heavy-weight rubber that protects your feet from injuries in case your foot accidentally comes into contact with the hot exhaust pipe.

On top of that, harness boots are used to insulate your feet from touching hot engine blocks.

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3. Protection From Lose Road Debris

Lose pebbles, and other debris tends to be thrown towards your motorcycle when you run over them at high speeds. These flying materials are risky because they can hurt your ankles. Motorcycle Harness boots are constructed with hard rubber that can take massive impacts from flying debris without causing undue harm to your legs.

The additional leather straps on the harness boots offer further protection to your ankles under such circumstances.

4. Protection From Slippery Grounds

Every time you stop with your motorcycle, the soles of your boots usually come into contact with the ground. The shoes should possess excellent gripping properties to prevent you from tripping or sliding over. The harness boots possess these properties, and they give you a firm grip with the ground every time you stop to help you support your weight and the weight of your motorcycle comfortably.

The boots are designed with hard soles which hardly slip on wet and oily roads.

5. Protection From Feet and Ankle Injuries

Harness boots are engineered with robust and heavy leather or suede materials to cover and protect your feet and ankles during accidents. The shoes are constructed with torsion control mechanisms that enable your feet to withstand hard impact forces without twisting. The striking advantage of this feature is that it safeguards your ankles from excessive friction and abrasion with the surface of the road during accidents.

6. Enhancement of Your Riding Experience

Harness boots that are designed for motorcycle riders have inbuilt flexing points that facilitate the articulation of your feet with minimum movements. That implies that you will be able to engage gears and step on your brake peddle easily while in motion. In this manner, you will focus more on the road as you cruise at high speeds with your motorcycle.

As discussed above on what motorcycle harness boots are used for, it is paramount that you appreciate the importance of wearing them for maximum protection when planning to go out for a motorcycle ride.