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How to Clean Leather Boots for Motorcycle Riding

Preventing your Leather Boots for Motorcycle Riding from getting filthy is the best way to keep them clean! So, you should not use them! 

Sounds strange?

Lol… I was joking! 

The truth is – you are using your boots, and keeping them away from dirt at the same time is impossible! Getting dirty and being shabby is the first and most common thing your boots will experience after every use. 

So, what you can do is to take some preventive measures and apply few after-use cleaning methods.

Cleaning a boot is not way too tough, but it becomes a bit more challenging when it comes to cleaning a set of leather boots that you use for riding motorcycles. While riding a motorbike, you may need to go through different roads and places.

Naturally, motorcycle leather boots come to touch with much soil, wet, and other dirt compared to regular shoes. 

Motorcycle boots are prone to become dirty quickly. And, they require some special treatment and continuous look after if you want them to last long and perform well till the end. 

Remember one thing, oiled leather motorcycle boots like Alpinestars are relatively easy to clean even if you go through the dirty trails with your MX motorcycle. Other types, for example, Vinyl-top or Lorica leather boots, require far more cleaning care. 


Anyway, here in this article, we will try to focus on the fundamental issues on how to clean leather boots for motorcycle riding. This cleaning method is suitable mainly for oiled leather boots.  

Required Stuff to Clean Motorcycle Leather Boots

Before learning the process, it is necessary to know the stuff that you would require to clean your leather motorcycle boots. Here we have included the most essential leather booth cleaning stuff that you will find available everywhere. So what you need are:

How to Clean Leather Boots for Motorcycle Riding - Expert Guide

  • A brush with a stiff bristle
  • A Toothbrush (not for plaque, use it for crannies and nooks)
  • Soft cloth
  • Boot oil or Mink
  • Leather cleaner

How to Clean Leather Boots for Motorcycle: Step by Step

As you know about what you need for your cleaning session, we better go to the main discussion without giving any more introduction. You should go according to the following steps- 

  • As your boots come into contact with hefty amounts of dust, dirt, and other debris while riding motorbikes, some of them get stuck there profoundly, which you cannot remove by the ordinary course of shaking or cleaning. Take a brush with stiff bristles and apply(softly) until you find the dirt is removed. For tough-to-reach parts of the boots, you should use the toothbrush. It will make things easier and quicker. 
  • Pour the required amount of leather cleaner on a soft & dry cloth and scrub the whole boot gently. Once applied and scrubbed thoroughly, remove any extra cleaner from your boots using another piece of clean and dry cloth. Keep the boots and let them be dried on their own. Normal air and temperature are right for drying. We strongly discourage using any dryer or blower.
  • Take some boot oil or mink on a cloth or your hand, and apply on the boots. Give special attention to the stitching and seams while oiling. Consider it as a massage that relaxes your shoes as well as keeps them well-conditioned and maintained. Keep them for a whole night after applying mink.
  • After a day, polish them using a clean and dry cloth until you can see there is no oil remaining, and your boots have a consistent and smooth texture. Make sure that you have got back your motorcycle boots shiny and well-tanned again.
  • The last but quite essential step is to apply to your boots leather boot protectant. It will add an extra layer of protection in your boots against dirt, wet, and mud for future uses. Consider it a significant investment. No matter if your boots are a woman-specific, man-specific, or for both, apply the same process. Just get it sure that they are oiled leather moto boots. Your leather boots for motorcycle riding is clean and ready for further use.

Last Words

There is nothing more to explain how to clean leather boots for motorcycle riding. The first four steps tell about cleaning the existing dirt while the fifth step tells about future protection. Both are essential, and you should maintain them carefully if you want new-boot like and long-lasting performance from them.