How to Clean Leather Boots for Motorcycle Riding

Differences Between Motorcycle Riding Shoes vs Boots ( Find your best ones )

Preventing your Leather Boots for Motorcycle Riding from getting filthy is the best way to keep them clean! So, you should not use them! 

Sounds strange?

Lol… I was joking! 

The truth is – you are using your boots, and keeping them away from dirt at the same time is impossible! Getting dirty and being shabby is the first and most common thing your boots will experience after every use. 

So, what you can do is to take some preventive measures and apply few after-use cleaning methods.

Cleaning a boot is not way too tough, but it becomes a bit more challenging when it comes to cleaning a set of leather boots that you use for riding motorcycles. While riding a motorbike, you may need to go through different roads and places.

Naturally, motorcycle leather boots come to touch with much soil, wet, and other dirt compared to regular shoes. 

Motorcycle boots are prone to become dirty quickly. And, they require some special treatment and continuous look after if you want them to last long and perform well till the end. 

Remember one thing, oiled leather motorcycle boots like Alpinestars are relatively easy to clean even if you go through the dirty trails with your MX motorcycle. Other types, for example, Vinyl-top or Lorica leather boots, require far more cleaning care. 


Anyway, here in this article, we will try to focus on the fundamental issues on how to clean leather boots for motorcycle riding. This cleaning method is suitable mainly for oiled leather boots.  

Required Stuff to Clean Motorcycle Leather Boots

Before learning the process, it is necessary to know the stuff that you would require to clean your leather motorcycle boots. Here we have included the most essential leather booth cleaning stuff that you will find available everywhere. So what you need are:

How to Clean Leather Boots for Motorcycle Riding - Expert Guide

  • A brush with a stiff bristle
  • A Toothbrush (not for plaque, use it for crannies and nooks)
  • Soft cloth
  • Boot oil or Mink
  • Leather cleaner

How to Clean Leather Boots for Motorcycle: Step by Step

As you know about what you need for your cleaning session, we better go to the main discussion without giving any more introduction. You should go according to the following steps- 

  • As your boots come into contact with hefty amounts of dust, dirt, and other debris while riding motorbikes, some of them get stuck there profoundly, which you cannot remove by the ordinary course of shaking or cleaning. Take a brush with stiff bristles and apply(softly) until you find the dirt is removed. For tough-to-reach parts of the boots, you should use the toothbrush. It will make things easier and quicker. 
  • Pour the required amount of leather cleaner on a soft & dry cloth and scrub the whole boot gently. Once applied and scrubbed thoroughly, remove any extra cleaner from your boots using another piece of clean and dry cloth. Keep the boots and let them be dried on their own. Normal air and temperature are right for drying. We strongly discourage using any dryer or blower.
  • Take some boot oil or mink on a cloth or your hand, and apply on the boots. Give special attention to the stitching and seams while oiling. Consider it as a massage that relaxes your shoes as well as keeps them well-conditioned and maintained. Keep them for a whole night after applying mink.
  • After a day, polish them using a clean and dry cloth until you can see there is no oil remaining, and your boots have a consistent and smooth texture. Make sure that you have got back your motorcycle boots shiny and well-tanned again.
  • The last but quite essential step is to apply to your boots leather boot protectant. It will add an extra layer of protection in your boots against dirt, wet, and mud for future uses. Consider it a significant investment. No matter if your boots are a woman-specific, man-specific, or for both, apply the same process. Just get it sure that they are oiled leather moto boots. Your leather boots for motorcycle riding is clean and ready for further use.

Last Words

There is nothing more to explain how to clean leather boots for motorcycle riding. The first four steps tell about cleaning the existing dirt while the fifth step tells about future protection. Both are essential, and you should maintain them carefully if you want new-boot like and long-lasting performance from them.

Are Timberland Good for Hiking? Expert Interview

are timberlands good for hiking - expert guide

Boots are must-have footwear to many, and their styles depend on whether they are meant for men or women.

However, the main purpose of the boots remains the same, to offer stability and protection while at the same time offering a stunning look.

When talking of bots, a conversation cannot go without mentioning Timberland boots since they are the best and have been gaining popularity due to its functionality and is the most sought after footwear.

Are Timberland Good for Hiking – Everything You Need To Know

Are Timberland Good for Hiking

So, are timberland good for hiking? Of course, they are and here is why!


Timberland boot’s body is all leather, meaning it offers optimal water resistance. With that in mind, you can take your boots on the next hiking trip since your feet will remain free from water and cold.


You can go hiking in this boot, regardless of the weather. Even during winter or rainy season, you can always hike with these boots since they come in handy.


Hiking footwear needs to be strong enough to handle the rough terrains and objects on the way. The leather used in this shoe is strong enough to offer stronger construction and enhance durability and has high abrasion resistance.


Considering the material used to build these boots, the shoe is lightweight, making it ideal for hiking. Remember you should not go hiking on heavy boots since you can get very tired while climbing hills on muddy ground with a heavy boot. You may not even enjoy the hike.


Timberland is known for producing lightweight yet sturdy boots, and that is why everyone looks forward to going hiking on these boots.

Better Padding

White Ledge, thick padding that is found around your ankle, is a feature that defines timberland. The feature is there to offer improved ankle stability which is very crucial, especially for hiking beginners.

Anti-fatigue technology

The boots are very lightweight and keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. The boot was created with people who stand for long hours in mind Constantine. This technology is found in the shoe’s middle-sole, and it offers great comfort, shock absorption in the shoe, and energy return the whole day.

are timberland good for hiking - expert guide

This makes the boots great for hiking since you can trek al day without feeling exhausted.


These boots offer a great experience when hiking since you are less likely to experience discomfort when wearing them.

Proper Cushioning and Traction

The level of cushioning that comes with these boots adds to the overall boot comfort. The shoe comes with a rubber sole, and it is connected to the sole with no stitching.

The rubber outsole is important since it offers stunning traction while the padded collars add to the comfort.

Hiking calls for shoes with great traction to avoid slipping when hiking and Timberland boots offer just that.


Whether hiking on hilly or rocky terrains, if wearing timberland boots you are less likely to trip or slid on the way.

The reason is that the shoe’s rubber sole offers great traction.

are timberlands good for hiking - the ultimate guide

There you have it! If you wanted to go hiking, but you were not sure whether these boots could go hiking, now you know that they are the best Timberland hiking boots are loved by many due to their flexibility. As work or hiking boots, it fights makes sure you don’t know what fatigue is and that your feet are warm and dry.

Last Words
Also, when it comes to class, you can never go wrong with these boots since they offer a classic and stylish look. If thinking of hiking, grab a pair today and get a chance to enjoy all that the shoe has to offer. Maybe, get your answer are timberland good for hiking or not.

How Long Do You Wear Boot After Bunion Surgery

6 Essential Tips To Wear Boot After Bunion Surgery

Research has proven that a significant number of women fall victims of bunion surgeries. Do you know the recovery period to wear boot after bunion surgery?

The high number of women is attributed to the fact that most women wear tight and pointed shoes which cause their toe bones to enlarge and elongate, resulting in painful bunions.

Bunion surgeries are mainly conducted to correct the misalignment of bones and soft tissues at the base of the big or little toe.

The bone misalignments occur when toe joints are subjected to excessive physical stress over prolonged periods. In contrast, there are other non-lifestyle factors which may cause bunions such as genetics and inheritance.

Essential Details About Recovery Period To Wear Boot After Bunion Surgery

The article will expound on how the recovery period is affected by the type of bunion surgery you undergo and how long do you wear boot after bunion surgery.

The Recovery Period

There is no definite period for complete healing after bunion surgery. However, several factors affect the type of surgery you undergo and the duration that you take to recover fully after the surgery. The factors include the level of activity of your toes, your age, conditions of the connective tissues of your bones, and the severity of the condition.

Type of Surgery

Undoubtedly, the above factors also play a crucial role in determining the type of bunion surgery that you undergo as stated and explained below:

  • Arthritic Bunion

Arthritis ensues when the bone joint is damaged beyond repair. In this case, the affected bones are fused to eliminate the pain that results when they slide across each other.

  • Severe Bunion

Severe bunion does not involve fusing bones. The affected bones and cut and realigned again. In addition, the positions of the bone tendons are corrected for proper articulation of bones at the joint.

  • Moderate Bunion

In this case, the affected bones are cut and repositioned. Muscle tendons and ligaments are adjusted correctly to assume normal bone movement.

  • Mild Bunion

In this case, the surgery procedures remove the elongated bones with minimum muscle invasions.

How Long Do You Wait Before Wearing Boots?

Although different bunion surgeries take different times to recover, full recovery usually takes place between 4-6 months. Immediately after the surgery, your leg will be covered with a cast material. The foot cast minimizes joint movements as much as possible.

Wear Boot After Bunion Surgery - 6 Essential Details

After approximately 14 days, you should wear a brace to support your foot as you journey towards complete healing.

In addition, you will walk on crutches to help you support your full body weight.

To quicken the healing process, you should periodically ice your foot to minimize the risks of inflammation. During this period, it is advisable that you wear shoes with an adequate room to reduce pressure on the affected bone joint.

After about six months, you can wear boots and resume your healthy lifestyle. However, you should be careful to avoid activities such as hiking in risky terrains, which might subject your feet too hard impacts.

Point To Note
Bunion surgeries do not come without side effects. After the surgery, your big toe might bend upwards or outwards, you might experience constant foot pain around the affected joint, and a feeling of toe numbness might be inevitable because of damaged nerves.


How long do you wear boot after bunion surgery? Although different bunion surgeries take different durations to heal fully, it will be safe for you to wear boots after approximately six months or more.

In one statement, you should take care of your toes after the surgery to prevent the recurrence of bunions.

Motorcycle Riding Shoes vs Boots – 6 Differences

Difference between motorcycle riding shoes vs boots. The best difference ever

Is there any difference between motorcycle riding shoes vs boots?

The answer is YES.

The Best Motorcycle riding boots are designed with exceptional design considerations that set them apart from the regular hiking boots.

Normal hiking/work boots should not be used as riding boots because they do not possess additional protection features that are integrated into riding boots.

Many motorcycle riders overlook this aspect, not knowing that having the right kind of boots enhances your motorcycle riding experience.

On top of that, having the correct type of boots can save you from severe injuries that result from motorcycle accidents.

6 Eye-Opening Differences Between Motorcycle Riding Shoes vs Boots

Read on to understand the critical differences between motorcycle riding shoes vs boots.

Differences Between Motorcycle Riding Shoes vs Boots - A simple guide

1. Cost of the Boots

Motorcycle riding boots are more expensive than standard working/hiking boots. There are so many dangers involved in riding motorcycles than there are in hiking. The advanced protection features that are incorporated in riding boots come at a cost making the shoes more expensive.

Additionally, the leather material that is used to design riding boots is costly, and this aspect contributes to the high cost that comes with the riding boots.

2. Weight of Leather Material

Motorcycle boots are composed of heavier and thicker leather materials than standard boots. The shoes are designed with robust leather to cushion your legs, feet, and ankles from rough impacts during accidents.

On the other hand, hiking boots are not designed with equally thick leathers because they are usually subjected to lesser impacts during sporting.

3. Torsion Control System

Motorcycle boots are designed with an efficient torsion control mechanism that prevents your feet and ankles from twisting in the event of an accident.

The torsion mechanism ensures that your ankles are maintained in their right angles even when your feet are dragging along the ground during a crash.

On top of that, the boots have upward and downward stopping points which protect your joints from injuries.

On the other hand, hiking boots are not designed with equally advanced capabilities because they are not usually subjected to excessive torsion forces.

4. Sole Grip and Stiffness

Motorcycle riding shoes are designed with soles that have excellent gripping capabilities than the typical timberland hiking boots. Motorcycle riding shoes usually collect oil and diesel from highways and should, therefore, be designed with efficient soles that will not slide under these circumstances.

Differences Between Motorcycle Riding Shoes vs Boots ( Find your best ones )

Additionally, the soles are hard and sturdy to reinforce their strengths and durability.

However, hiking boots are designed with softer soles because they are not usually subjected to oily and greasy surfaces.

5. Movability and Flexibility

Riding boots are more flexible than hiking boots. The motorcycle boot is more flexible to allow your foot to move backward and forward when you change gears.

Additionally, riding shoes are manufactured with flexing panels at their backs and fronts to allow your feet to maneuver without stretching the leather material of the boots.

All these features are not present in hiking boots.

6. Water Resistance and Ventilation

Motorcycle riding shoes are more waterproof than regular boots. The boots also have inbuilt ventilation mechanisms that keep your feet fresh all the time.

Although hiking boots can be made water-resistant, their ventilations are not as advanced as those of motorcycle boots.

Cruiser Riding Shoes. Riding shoes look like standard road footgear to the pariah yet those wearing them have a strong bundle of security.

Stylmartin makes a few kinds of riding shoes thus does ICON however their offering looks like to a greater degree an easygoing boot than a shoe, same with Speed and Strength.

Last Words
In summary, it is essential to understand and appreciate the difference between motorcycle riding shoes vs boots. Hiking boots should not substitute motorcycle riding boots because they lack the advanced protection features needed for safe motorcycle riding.

How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet – 6 Best Way

How to stretch shoes for wide feet

Do you need to know How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet?

Many decades ago, shoes were only used to maintain safety and to protect our feet from any kind of harm.

But today, the usage of shoes has gone beyond that purpose. Nowadays, shoes represent luxury; they represent a personality.

Finding a good wide feet shoes is not tough, but they don’t come in perfect shape all the time.

Sometimes we find our desired shoes after much difficulty but there remains the problem: “Size”. It is not possible to make the size of shoes smaller when it is bigger than the feet.

How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet That Are Too Small

But if a shoe is a little smaller, you can certainly follow some tricks about how to stretch shoes for wide feet and get rid of the problem. The 6 Easiest Way to Stretch Wide Feet Shoes at Home

  • Find a Cobbler
  • Using Shoe Stretchers
  • Using a Hair Dryer
  • Using Alcohol Spray
  • Wear Thick Socks
  • Water bags

Beginner Guides HOW TO STRETCH SHOES FOR WIDE FEET: An Incredibly Easy Method

Lack of Experience

This is the most important fact that we are being used for our daily life. We just ignore any problem and move on. But stretching a shoe also requires a minimum level of practice.

Lack of Knowledge

This may seem impossible but the lack of proper information about shoes can bring a problem in the way. There are a lot of methods on how to stretch leather shoes wider. But it is unknown to many as the information is not available.

Insufficiency of Proper Tools

There are some tools in the market which are unknown to us. Such as “Shoe Stretchers”. This is one of the many tools which can be used to make the size of the shoes larger. 

Afraid of Tearing the Shoes

Besides the lack of knowledge, there is also a lack of courage. There are always some people who are afraid to try any new experiment on the shoe. They fear that the shoe may get ruined.

How to Stretch Shoes for Wider – Most Effective Way

There are a huge number of sets of shoes out there. However, you just have two feet, and they’re one of a kind to you. Set aside the effort to make certain the shoes you purchase are directly for your feet.

  • Find a Cobbler

The most effective and easy way to stretch a shoe is to find professionals. They certainly know what they are dealing with.

They know about the most effective way on how to stretch shoes wider.

Find a Cobbler

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Best Glue for Shoe (Detailed) Reviews

  • Using Shoe Stretchers

There are different kinds of the shoe stretcher in the market. Most of them are made of wood. These types of stretches are used in the shoes. Keeping them inside for a definite time will make the shoes overextended.

Using Shoe Stretchers

In this method also working on leather shoes so definitely you will get the answer to how to stretch leather shoes wider.

  • Using a Hair Dryer

Wear socks and put your feet inside the shoes. Then blow hot air from the hair dryer to the point where the shoe is tight.

Using a Hair Dryer

Now keep your toes and feet moving for about 3-4 minute. Then stop the dryer but keep your feet inside. The shoe will now fit your feet.

  • By Using Alcohol Spray

To do this, you need a spray bottle in which you have to take a mixture of 50% water and 50% alcohol. Then you need to spray the liquid mixture inside the shoes.

Using Alcohol Spray

Now wear shoes for about 20 minutes. This will do the trick!

  • Wear Thick Socks

One of the easiest ways is to wear thick socks and put on the shoes. This may feel a little uncomfortable but the result is remarkable. Wearing shoes, you just need to walk around for some time.

Wear Thick Socks

You can also walk in the house. After some time, the shoe will fit you just as your feet.

  • By the Help of Water bags

This is a unique scientific technique. You just need to put some water bags into the shoes and put the shoes in the fridge.

Strech with water bags

Once the water is turned into ice, the shoes will get stretched.

A day with tight shoes is a disaster. It harms your feet more than anything. Whether you are a student, worker, athletes or businessman- It is impossible for you to concentrate on your work with the tight shoes in your legs.

Last Words
Either you use a hairdryer, use thick socks or apply alcohol therapy, the solutions will surely help you to get rid of the problems of pressure and tension free day.

This is the best home remedis for How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet.  Hope solved tight feet shoes problem right now

How To Lace Shoes For Wide Feet (11 PRO Tips)


Suppose, you have wide feet and you use shoes with lace. And you aren’t feeling comfortable with it.

Are you curious to know why this happening?

There are a huge number of factors which can secure your feet and make it comfortable.

How To Lace Shoes For Wide Feet (11 Lacing Techniques and Knots)


Lacing technique may be probably one. As all the shoes available in the market are not the same and each couple of feet is different. Now, are you thinking about how to lace shoes for wide feet?

Then you can go through the whole article to get the desired answer. Follow This 5 Steps

  • Start from scratch
  • Lace up the first two eyelets
  • Crisscross to the top
  • Tongue loop
  • Final eyelets

So, you have to choose the right lacing techniques which suit for your feet.

To Make The Use Comfortable

Suppose, you have to pass the whole day putting wide feet shoes on your feet. Then you need a comfortable use. Comfortable use certainly depends on the lacing process.

For Increasing Your Running Performance

Are you a runner or like to cover little distance by your feet? Then running efficiency or performance is very important for you. An appropriate lacing technique can increase your running performance.

lace shoes for wide feet

Support Your Shoes

If you are conscious of your health and for this reason, you give some time for running every day. It can damage your shoes. But a right lacing technique can be a protector for your shoes.

To Protect Your Feet

Running every day is obviously good for your health. But is it good for your feet? Excessive walking can damage your feet by fatigue and screech.

You can solve this problem by how to lace shoes for wide feet perfectly.

Reduce Foot Pressure

Sometimes foot pressure can be a burden for you. But a right lacing process can minimize it significantly.

Make Two Loops With The Right And Left Laces

After making the cross connections, pull the lace tightly up to it is comfortable for you.  Then make two loops with the two heads of the lace. Make sure that the sizes of the two loops are the same.

Collect A Pair of Shoes With Untie Laces

Shoes and laces are the primary elements of the entire process. So, for continuing the whole process, at first, you should collect a pair of shoes with untied laces.

If the shoes are for wide feet, then it is better for you.


Determine The Number of Holes Available in Your Shoes

Then you have to determine the number of holes available in your shoes. The number of holes is very important because the lacing technique partially depends on it.

Keeping a balance with the number of holes, choose a suitable cross connection technique.

Make A Cross Connection With The Laces in Those Holes


This is the most important part of the overall process. The number of holes will determine either it’ll start from below the hole or from above the hole.

Then fill the holes with lace in such a manner that the lace can make some cross connections like ‘X’. Ensure that every cross-connection is the same in size.

Create A Knot With The Two Loops

Successes of the above processes depend on a good knot. So, you should try to make a knot properly.

Confirm That The Knot Is Secure And Comfortable For You

Make sure that the knot is secured and it’ll last a long time. If you feel comfortable with the whole process, then finish the process.

Final Word

Lacing techniques for different feet shapes are different. To keep your feet safe and sound, choosing the right lacing technique, is very important.

If you’re a person of wide feet, then the article how to lace shoes for wide feet will be very fruitful for you.