10 Best Casual Shoes for Motorcycle Riding (2018- 19 UPDATED)

For some reason that we are yet to find out, motorcycle shoes are some of the most appealing – coolest is the word here folks. And as if owning a motorcycle isn’t the most significant thing you can do, there are cute shoes you need to complete the picture.

Best Casual Shoes for Motorcycle Riding

The best casual shoes for motorcycle riding are a blend of your favorite casuals and rugged motorcycle boots. Well, you will need adequate protection for your feet even as you have fun riding the most refreshing thing on two wheels and the casual shoes specifically designed for that purpose give you the protection.


You see, your feet are open to various risks including grazing by motorists, busy texting on the highway; the bike’s heat and, of course, strong wind. That said, let’s look at some of the best casuals to ensure you have fun on your two-wheeled marvel as you deserve.


Comparison Table Of 10 Best Casual Shoes for Motorcycle Riding


  • Bruno Marc Men's Ankle
  • Durable Rubber Sole
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  • Heel measures 1"
  • Stylish, Flexible and Comfort
  • DREAM PAIRS Women's Knee High
  • Rubber TPR outsole
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  • Heel Height: 1.25"
  • Padded faux fur lining
  • Nature Breeze Ladies Knee High
  • Synthetic Sole
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  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Synthetic
  • BRUNO MARC NEW YORK Men's Classic
  • Manmade sole
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  • Suede leather
  • Plain-toe chukka boot
  • Dingo Men's Dean Boots
  • Rubber Sole
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  • Leather
  • Shaft measures apx 11 from arch



  • Bed|Stu Women's Glaye Boot
  • Leather and Synthetic sole
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  • Heel measures 1.5"
  • full-length zipper at medial side
  • Rampage Women's Islet Mid Calf
  • Synthetic sole
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  • Heel measures 1.25"
  • Faux-leather pull-on
  • Harley-Davidson Women's Khari Boot
  • Rubber Sole
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  • Heel Height: 1.75"
  • Leather Product
  • Bruno Marc Men's Apache
  • Man made material
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  • Heel measures 1"
  • Synthetic
  • Rocket Dog Women's Trulyml Boot
  • Polyurethane material
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  • Synthetic upper
  • Cushioned footbed


 Best Selection #01 

Bruno Marc Men’s Bergen Leather Lined Oxfords/Chelsea Dress Ankle Boots

These faux leather boots are quite appealing and a good pair of casual motorcycle shoes. They are the kind of casual boots that you can ride to your friend’s wedding and look amazing – the Bruno marc shoe review will tell you why.

Well, the boots are available in various colors and designs. And you can choose a zipper closure, cap toe design or even the lace-up design.

These casuals are quite comfortable to wear, and you would not want any other shoes after trying Bruno marc Chelsea boots. The Bruno marc boots allow efficient airflow and feature a comfortable non-skid outsole. That means a good grip on and off the bike.

The upper, faux leather has an appealing shiny surface. The side zipper closure makes wearing it on and off, effortless. And to enhance your comfort, the boot has a latex footbed.


Unfortunately, this is not the ideal casual that you can ride your motorcycle for long distances on. In other words, they are not quite abrasion resistant or tough to protect your feet from anything. For safety reasons, only use them when riding for short distances.


 Best Selection #02 

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Knee High and up Riding Boots (Wide-Calf Available)


Women riders can rely on a boot such as these women’s knee-high riding boots to provide their feet with sufficient protection as they ride to an outdoor party. The shoes have a rugged humanmade material for excellent protection from the wind. But there’s also a faux fur lining to provide additional protection.


The dream pair boots are quite appealing and are the kind that you can ride on and look downright amazing. Typically, it enhances your features, in a right way. It has a zipper closure and buckles for easy on and off.

You can wear the casual motorcycle shoes for various activities and in different weather, whether it is snow, sunshine or rain. The shoe has a padded insole for sufficient shock absorption and comfort – necessary when riding.


The shortcomings with this boot, according to dream pairs reviews, is that it is not robust enough to overcome frequent motorcycle riding.


 Best Selection #03 

Nature Breeze Ladies Vivienne-01 Quilted Knee High Motorcycle Boot


The women’s round toe boots are yet another great motorcycle shoes for women that fancy being on the two-wheeled monsters. And true to a lady’s heart, the round toe riding boots are quite attractive, trendy and stylish to look at. The patterns and designs are something else entirely – appealing. That means you can get off the motorcycle and look quite amazing in them.


The casual motorcycle shoes feature a synthetic sole with adequate tread to provide a good grip on a variety of surfaces. You need to be able to stick your leg out and gain stability.


It is also a boot that animal lovers will adore, and feel comfortable in a room of fashion boots as it does not have any animal products. The cushioned insole provides the necessary shock absorption and comfort you need when cruising around town on your bike.

The side zipper and buckle closure on this round toe motorcycle boots all provide the necessary wear comfort. However, the sole may come off over time. The boot is also for short motorcycle rides.

 Best Selection #04 

BRUNO MARC NEW YORK Bruno Marc Men’s Casual Chelsea Ankle Boots


No doubt that these short men’s motorcycle riding shoes are among the most attractive. It has that design which makes the men’s ankle boots with zipper appealing and comfortable to wear and remove. The boot features a human-made material and durable outsole making the men’s casual ankle boots ideal for every occasion.


That means you can wear the men’s zip-up ankle boots to the office, party and outdoor events and not look out of place. It is a pretty versatile shoe that will make a great addition to your shoe collection. And at only an inch, the heel on the men’s zip up Chelsea boots is not too high to prove uncomfortable and, therefore, ideal for men that want a shoe that isn’t too high.

The shoe is comfortable at the ankles, which is quite unlike other boots that strain them. It has a cushioned footbed and smooth fabric lining for additional comfort. The slip-on design makes wearing it on and off, quite a breeze.


Unfortunately, the outsole may tear apart after a period of use – not ideal! The slip-on design may not be the best to protect your feet when riding the motorcycle.


 Best Selection #05 

Dingo Men’s Dean Boot


You will agree that dingo motorcycle boots are the most stylish boots that you will come across. Vintage dingo boots look great and feel great, as well. The material is durable leather with a rubber sole; qualities that ensure you enjoy the boot for a considerable period.


The 14-inch opening is sufficient for wearing the dingo men’s harness boots and putting it off wherever necessary. And for additional comfort, the square toe, harness straps and pull straps are great. The oil-resistant outsole has excellent traction for a firm grip on the ground and wet floors.


Since the upper is pure leather, the men’s motorcycle riding shoes will provide the necessary protection against the elements and heat. The dingo motorcycle boots men are also breathable but not so much. Some users in dingo boots review complain that the shoes do not have any cushion, and hence uncomfortable.


 Best Selection #06 

Rampage Women’s Islet Motorcycle Buckle Mid Calf Low heel Boot


The durable humanmade material on these women’s low heel boots makes the shoe seem like something out of a comic book for superheroes. Mid-calf boots low heel are stylish, as well as, appealing. You can get off your bike and go to the mall and look super-stylish on these.


The low heel women’s motorcycle boots have a durable synthetic sole with fantastic traction. The shoe will give you the grip you need as you travel or walk on various surfaces. Its 1.25-inch heel is not too high and the mid calf motorcycle boots women will not make you uncomfortable. It is also not too bad if you are a fashion freak.


And to add to its appeal, the faux leather material comes with multiple buckles and straps. The round toe is also a great addition. Unfortunately, a few users complain of detached heels after a period. The insole may also fail to stay in place for long.


 Best Selection #07 

Harley-Davidson Women’s Khari Boot


Some of us don’t mind paying a bit extra for the right quality of boots. If the description fits you, then Harley Davidson women’s riding boots are your kind.  The women’s Harley Davidson motorcycle boots are versatile, and you can use them for motorcycle rides and other outdoors. It is a shoe that you can use at the dance and not attract funny stares.


Harley Davidson women’s high heel boots have durable and breathable leather that makes it comfortable and a priceless addition to your motorcycle riding gear. The 1.75-inch heel is not only stylish but also comfortable. You will not stumble around while on these shoes.


And talking of stumbling, the platform is low, and the rubber outsole provides a sufficient grip to make you every step quiet and firm. It is the kind of shoe that props your confidence as you face the day. The side zipper, as well as, the buckle provides aesthetic appeal and more comfortable wear.


 Best Selection #08 

Bruno Marc Men’s Apache Motorcycle Combat Ankle Boots


You don’t have to spend enormously for a decent pair of men’s motorcycle riding boots for short rides around the neighborhoods and malls. These men’s & women’s combat style boots are not only cheap but decent looking, as well.


The men’s motorcycle boots with zipper have several functional features that make them appealing as well. For example, the boots feature a low platform and heel for comfort. The appealing design zipper closure is an excellent addition for easier shoe removal – even though there are shoelaces for this purpose.


It has a durable rubber sole for more comfortable rides and a decent grip. The faux fur lining is a source of comfort and prevents sweating. It also proves functional when riding by keeping your feet from freezing.


Please note that faux leather is not the most durable and rugged material for motorcycle riding. Limit the boots to short, low-speed rides.


 Best Selection #09 

Rocket Dog Women’s Trulyml Motorcycle Boot


A yet another fabulous looking boot that every woman would want to have in their collection, not only for the bike rides but also for killer looks, when walking around the block. To give justice where it’s due, the women’s rocket dog boots are the kind of shoes, worth every penny, if you are after cheap boots for short rides.


 The polyurethane material is durable , appealing and comfortable on the rocket dog combat boots. It is also relatively breathable while the rubber outsole gifts your pair with the necessary grip flexibility and sure footing. The rubber makes your steps easier and entirely – a little surprise is not such a bad thing to give your acquaintances.  


The wraparound straps are fantastic additions that gift the rocket dog motorcycle boots with the appeal to die for. And for comfort, the shoes boast a cushioned footbed. However, the shoes don’t have that great traction to give you a grip and comfortable nonslip walks.


 Best Selection #10 

Bed|Stu Women’s Glaye Boot


The bed stu boots women are for those that need a shoe that covers most of the legs, without leaving anything to chance. The wind from bike rides can take a toll on your upper legs, and these bed stu ankle boots are the right footwear to avoid this from happening.


The leather and the synthetic sole are an excellent source of the boot’s durability. The synthetic sole has high traction making your walks easier and stable. Your motorcycle stops need to be flawless, free from unnecessary slips and slides.


The full-length zipper at the back of bed stu motorcycle boots, as well as, the 16-inch opening, makes the act of wearing the boot, quick and effortless. You don’t waste time fumbling about, trying to put the shoe on or off after having enough fun rides for the day.


 The Goodyear welted boots  are handmade and thus the best quality that a woman, conscious about style and quality, deserves. And what’s even more fantastic is that they are not pricey boots. However, some users in several bed stu boots review state that boots have a sizing problem. They run small.



Choosing the Right Casual Shoes for Motorcycle Riding

For starters, you need to realize that motorcycle shoes, and riding boots are not the same thing. The best example to underscore the differences in motorcycle riding shoes vs. boots debate is the sports. As with sports, the design for motorcycle footwear depends on various needs standards. The motorcycle shoes have high standards to maintain that includes feet protection during a ride and as regular footwear when you reach where you were going – it might be tempting, but you cannot ride forever.


To that effect, there are a few factors you need to check before you can dive in head first into buying your next motorcycle casual shoes. Let’s discuss each of them.


  • Quality and Safety

Motorcycle footwear doesn’t come on the cheap. If anything, they are among the most expensive varieties you will come across. Given the fact that you are exposing your feet to high speeds and harsh weather, it is always wise to choose the best quality casual motorcycle shoes. Don’t leverage quality on price. Your safety comes ahead of anything.

Your ideal shoes should come with a rugged material that easily withstands friction from the wind and sturdy enough to safeguard your toes against impact. They should have decent treads to prevent slips, whether on earth road or oil.


The shoe should boast proper ventilation, and water resistance to protect your feet from moisture and infections. It is no fun having to stop riding because you are down with a fungal infection on your foot. If it is too much for you to wear the right shoes, then the only thing you will be wearing are casts and braces – not fun either!


  • Short or High

The ideal shoes for you depend on several factors including preference, height, and needs. Tall footwear is perfect for providing your feet with protection from heat and cold.

Shorter shoes, on the other hand, are ideal for everyday riding but will not withstand high exhaust temperatures and speeds. However, they are a good choice if you are riding to locations where you will mostly be on your feet.


Regardless of whether you prefer short or high shoes, make sure the particular pair offers sufficient protection to the most vulnerable part of your foot, the ankles. In case of crush, your ankles are usually the first to go.


  • Purpose

The fact is that you will look and feel out of place if you wear your Harley Davidson boots to church. You cannot as well wear your casuals for an off-road excursion.

If you are after shoes that you will use at work, the lighter varieties are ideal. You cannot use high rugged boots at work unless your goal is to attract the wrong attention. And if going for longer rides, maybe across the states, go for the higher, sturdier boots. The longer the trip, and the higher the speeds you will be traveling the more the protection you will need.


Your typical riding boots will not protect your feet against shock if you are Moto crossing. There are specific motocross boots that you can get for that purpose. Don’t compromise your safety, even as you choose the right shoes for the purpose.


  • Style

Typically, there is a lot of motorcycle footwear, and it takes someone with experience with each of them to tell the difference between them. You will find short boots, casual riding boots, cruiser boots, motocross boots and adventure boots among others.

If you are a speed demon, then race boots are your thing. Riding casuals are perfect for low short speeds around town. The touring boot is a blend of both protection and comfort for riders that make long and regular commutes. Cruiser boots boast excellent hidden features such as shank reinforcements and shift pads.


Dual sports boots or adventure boots are ideal for riding on various terrains. These are the obvious solution to your adventurous excursions off the road.


Concluding Remarks

Every motorcycle rider deserves the best casual shoes for motorcycle riding. Well, while there are numerous choices on the market, not all of them make the cut as the best among them. You see, casuals for the rides need some decent level of versatility, as well as, ruggedness to protect your feet from the weather and injuries.

The ideal riding casuals should provide fantastic versatility, meaning that you can ride with them and also show up at your place of work without the need to change to something decent – something like Harley-Davidson Women’s Khari Boot.