How to Polish Shoes – Make Shine Like Glass

The Hidden Mystery Behind HOW TO POLISH SHOES

Do you remember your childhood school days where you used to grab a box of shoe polish and brush to shine up your shoes to bright up your day? Polishing shoes is a fun part, and you can enjoy doing it. A well-polished shoe looks fantastic and shows the hygienic part of the person.

Professional attire is entirely useless if your shes looks dirty. To look great, you need to learn the right technique of how to polish shoes.

HOW TO POLISH SHOES: This Is What Professionals Do

How to Polish Shoes - Brief Make Shoes Shine Like Glass

Learning how to polish shoes gives you a great sense of satisfaction and happiness. It also saves you a lot of money and helps you to look good always. But this needs good skill, materials, time and a little bit of patience.

If you would like to know how to polish shoes at home, here is a step to step guide for the polishing process:

Choose The Right Kind of Polish For Your Shoes

There are different kind of shoe polishers that are sold in the marketplace. ost of the companies manufactures shoe polishers in the form of wax, liquid and cream forms. If you wear leather shoes, creams and waxes work best.

The Hidden Mystery Behind HOW TO POLISH SHOES

Also, this form of polishes protects your shoe from water and moisture damages. Liquid polishes come in a bottle and give a quick way to shine your shoes. Also, there are various colors and specific shades to match up with your shoe colors.

Black is the most common shoe color but if you wear any other color, choose the right color that suits your shoe.

Gather All The Materials You Need

Choose a polishing brush which you can hold without any discomfort. You can also grab an old cloth or old t-shirt to polish your shoes. Most of people like to use old cloth because it spreads the polish smoothly and evenly. Some polishing brushes have sharp and rough bristles.

If you would like to polish your shoes with a brush, choose a brush that has smooth bristles. You can also use q tips or old toothbrush to polish your shoes. Take a soft lint-free cloth that gives a shiny finish to your shoes.

How to Make Shoes Shine Like Glass

How to Make Shoes Shine Like Glass

Use a soft cloth or brush for dirty work shoes and dip it in the shoe polish. If you want to use an old t-shirt for cleaning, then take a bit of polish with one end of the t-shirt. Slowly start stroking the shoe in one direction and brush it evenly around. Place the shoe with one hand and gently brush it.

Apply little lukewarm water on your shoe and rub it around to make it shine like a mirror.

How to Polish Shoes With a Lighter

Have you ever heard about fire shining?  Yes, it is an ancient trick of bringing the shine back in your shoe.

As it involves fire and lighting it is a bit risky and dangerous task, but with proper precautions and concentration, you can learn this shoe shining tricks. You need to fire up the shoe polish on fire for a couple of seconds to melt it a bit and enhance the polishing molecules. Apply this heated shoe polish on the shoes by using spit shining technique.

Apply several layers are this polishing wax and apply little fire on your shoe to spread everything evenly ( Do not touch the shoe with fire, heat it a little) After doing this, rub your shoe with a soft cloth, and you can see a pair of shining shoes instantly.

How to Use Shoe Cream

How to Use Shoe Cream

The shoe cream is the best solution if you are in a hurry and thinking about how to make polish shoes without polish. Shoe creams are very easy to use, and you need to apply it on your shoes and wipe it with a soft cloth.

You can also use a potato peel or wet newspaper to clean your shoes neatly. You must polish your shoes twice a week to keep up the shine and make them look like a new one. Do not avoid this step in your everyday life cause dirty shoes can kill the vibe. Stay Hygiene and look good always!

How To Wear Brogues With Jeans – Men’s Outfit

How To Wear Brogues With Jeans - The Ultimate Men's Fashion Outfit

Brogues are a unique collection of men’s dress shoes that go well with most casual and official wears. What makes the shoes outstanding are the patterns and perforation designs that run across their surfaces and edges. The perforations are designed with different patterns that spice up your style like how to wear brogues with jeans and adds to your taste of sophistication.

How To Wear Brogues With Jeans – Great Options That Makes Men’s Outfit Well

The brogues shoes are available in different designs and colors, which make them suitable for several formal and casual outfits.

How To Wear Brogues With Jeans - Men's Casual Outfit

There are a quarter, semi-brogue, and full-brogue shoes. The differences among these designs are brought about by the extent and design of the surface perforations and the presence or absence of wings. The article will take you through an exciting journey that will help you understand the different types of brogues shoes and how to wear brogues with jeans like an expert.

You can never go wrong with brogues and skinny jeans.

Types of Brogues

1. Full Brogues– These shoes have wing-like extensions that feature on both sides of the shoe.

2. Half Brogues– These shoes lack wings and have perforated toe caps.

3. Quarter Brogues– These shoes do not have detailed perforations on the toe cap. They are most suitable for work occasions.

Styling Up Your Jeans With Brogues

Casual and Informal Occasions

Here, the brogues can be worn with jeans in the following styles:

  • If you wear slim jeans, ensure that the jeans are short enough to emphasize the elegance of your brogue shoes. Wearing light blue jeans with a white T-shirt is a perfect combination that goes well with brown leather brogues.
  • Another excellent option for a stylish mix is wearing a grey sweater with a blue button-down shirt and a pair of black-white brogues.
  • Tan brogues shoes also go well with wine jeans and a black crew-neck T-shirt for a stylish look.
  • You can wear gold brogues shoes because they go well with short blue jeans, a gold-colored sweater, and a black leather jacket.

Formal and Work Settings

How To Wear Brogues With Jeans - The Ultimate Men's Outfit Ideas

Besides offering stylish combinations with casual outfits, brogues shoes can also add a taste of elegance in formal and work situations as stated below:

  • You can wear black brogues shoes with a white button-down official shirt and black jeans to achieve a great formal work look.
  • Another option that can enhance the taste of your office attire is a combination of brown oxford brogues, a brown leather belt, a black jacket, and wine-straight jeans.
  • Additionally, you can wear brogues boots with a light blue coat, a white crew-neck shirt, and short navy blue slim jeans.
  • Another combination that you can wear while attending an official meeting is a navy blue blazer, selvage jeans, and a pair of brown brogues shoes.

– If you live in a cold country, wearing an overcoat with either dark brown or black brogues to add up to your great style.

It is always vital that you combine your colors artistically when planning to wear brogue shoes. A professional color combination goes a long way in making your style pop out with more fashion. In addition, understanding how to wear brogues with jeans is a powerful tool that boosts your confidence and enhances your trendy look.

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Brooks Beast 16 Review – A Heavy Runners Shoes

Brooks Beast 16 Review - The Ultimate Heavy Runners Shoes

For runners with broad or flat feet, Brooks Beast 16/Brooks Ariel 16 is a good running shoe. The Beast is a gender-specific model, it is particularly meant for the makes while the Ariel is for the ladies. It is truly a Brooks Beast 16 Review and a way of life for plenty out there.

The manufacturers have made quite a handful of updates to this shoe since the one of the 2014 edition. The shoe’s cushion has been improved, the aesthetic has been altered and the upper of the shoe has been revamped.

Although, Brooks Beast is most comfortable for overweight walker also.

The Heavy Runner Brooks Beast 16 Review

After 2 years of modification, the new model is much more updated than the 14. This runner shoe works amazingly well if you are trying to recover from an ACL operation or knee ache or swollen toe. It is often recommended by doctors and podiatrists for runners who are trying to cope up with some sort of injury or imperfect biomechanics.

Brooks Beast 16 Review – The Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners

It won’t be your best solution if you are looking for speed work but it would definitely check our Brooks Beast 16 Review what will be an ideal choice for you if you are looking for a great shoe to correcting your imperfections or solve your flatfoot troubles.

footwearboss button

There’s nothing that this shoe can’t fix.

Brooks Beast 16 Design and Materials

  • The stitched-on synthetic toe bumper is longer
  • The softer materials over the forefoot have been replaced with thicker strips, which make a difference from the 14 models.
  • The Brooks 14 had a gusset attaching its tongue to the upper, whereas the Beast 18 has removed the gusset. It is replaced with a sleeve-less tongue along with dual loops over it. Also, the tongue uses a different mesh lining.
  • A new fabric is used along with the partial usage of the 14’s heel lining mesh.
  • There is a foam padding behind the heel lining.
  • The counter of brooks beast 16 men’s is molded wider than the Brooks Beast 14.
  • Beast 16 also gets a plastic external heel counter.
  • Beast 16’s midsole is made completely of foam like all other Brooks shoes.
  • Beast weighs nearly 14 ounces and it’s probably because of the broad rubber-clad bottom.
  • Beast 16’s midsole is made of regular EVA foam.
  • Beast 16 has carried on the Brooks has left the 14’s insole untouched.
  • The ‘canopy’ made of soft synthetic which was present in Brooks 14 is no longer present in the Beast 16.

Sole review:


  • Spacer mesh
  • synthetic leather
  • fused urethane.


  • Quad-density compression molded EVA foam.
  • 12 mm heel offset.


  • Hard carbon rubber under the heel.
  • Softer blown rubber under the forefoot.


  • 385 gms/ 13.6 Oz for a half pair of Men’s US 9/UK 8/EUR 42.5/CM 26

Widths available:

  • D – regular (reviewed), 2E- Wide, 4E -extra wide in selected color ranges

If you are looking for a stable ride along with comfort, Brooks beast 16 vs 14 is sure to be the best choice for any runner. It is best suited for walking or as a slow-run shoe.

Things We Liked

  • Brooks Beast 16 offers comfortability at its best.
  • Excellent cushion.
  • Superb grip.
  • Good March support.
  • Presence of a supportive mid-sole unit.
  • Greater flexibility.
  • Awesome design, handsome to look at.
  • Offers relief for testers who have plantar fasciitis.
  • A lot of runners lauded this product for its traction-capability of the outsole.
  • A comfortable cushioning system of the shoe received a lot of appreciation from the consumers.
  • Available in different width profiles to accommodate various foot-dimensions.
  • Stability mechanics of this model helped people suffering from over-pronated foot motion.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Quite heavy.
  • An issue with sizes (as reported by several customers).
  • Rigid underfoot.

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Other Features:

  • Breathability

Beast 16 comes with an updated mesh that provides excellent breathability. The mesh positioned around the upper helps in keeping the runner’s foot cool and dry.

The Ultimate Sick Liner wicks away the moisture, giving comfortable wear to the consumers.

  • Comfort

The high degree of cushioning offers comfortable to wear to the runners. It is most suited for long distance training but the snug for box gives rise to a more common complaint about tight fit and narrow toes.

  • Style

The boring color options make the shoe pretty clunky. A lot of reviewers complain about the bland style and uninspired design of the shoe.

  • Durability

The outsole features durable rubber that is meant to handle heavy usage. The midsole provide support to the runners and the cushion inside helps you feel fresh at toe even after miles of heavy walking.

  • Protection

The durable rubber of the outsole prevents the sole from disintegrating even if it is used for high mileage training exercises. The midsole with the cushion protects the feet of the wearer from jarring effects. The upper not only ventilates the foot but also ensure preventing overheating on days with higher temperatures.

This makes a lot of health specialists to recommend using it.

  • Responsiveness

The cushioning altered from gel to that of super DNA foam from the 14 version to that of the 16 one. The Beast 16 has been reported by many consumers that they are not able to differentiate if they are running on grass or pavement as the shoe does not let one feel the ground so properly.

  • Support

The outsole is equipped with grippy rubber and is meant to deliver adequate traction to the wearer. The upper, too, is quite supportive and ensure that you aren’t feeling unstable on the run while wearing this shoe.

  • Traction

Brooks Beast 16 provides a full-contact rubber outsole that grips the pavement quite well. It offers a stable and comfortable ride to every wearer. No matter what is the weather condition, it would be a fair deal.

Bottom line:

I think all confusion moved after to see Brooks Beast 16 Review, This is an ideal choice for men for it has all the specs that would help you walk and run confidently. Besides, it will correct all your orthodontic issues and let you perform smoothly both on the grass as well as on the pavement.

If you are suffering from any such flat foot troubles or similar complications, do try this once and let us know if you got the remedy!

The Ultimate Guide To INOV8 F LITE 250 REVIEW

Inov8 F Lite 250 Review - The Ultimate Guide

If you are looking for a perfect “functional fitness shoe“, certainly you don’t have plenty of standard choices to pick from. Definitely, these are the best few branded ones – Reebok, Nike or the Inov8. Here, I am to share my experience with Inov8 F Lite 250 Review.

Of course, Reebok and Nike go pretty good, but when it’s about the one that is lightweight and flexible, Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 250 Fitness Shoe has no competition.

It gives you a feeling as if you are minimally barefooted, so you can experience the ground and estimate if you are walking through the green patches of grass or over the rocky surfaces.

Inov8 F Lite 250 Review – The Perfect Cross Training Shoes

footwearboss button

I have had an experience with the old 195s, which has now come up with a hell lot of improvements in the new inov8 F Lite 250 training shoe model.

Definitely, it has got quite a handful of changes over the years, but it still bears its old heritage of being functional and lightweight. The revised edition is really awesome, and it has got all the necessary specs that a cross-fitter would look forward to!

The Ultimate Guide To INOV8 F LITE 250 REVIEW For Women

It is sure to give an extremely exceptional feel to every first-time wearer such as me. With its amazing fit and eye-catching color combinations, it is sure to lure any buyer!

Inov8 F Lite 250 Specifications:

  • Weight: 9oz
  • Drop: 8mm
  • Color: The classic Black and White
  • Synthetic, imported and rubber sole.
  • High-Performance Men’s Cross-Training Shoe
  • A breathable mesh lining
  • Reinforced Power Heel which is made 40% denser than that of the forefoot (a thicker, but more dense outsole), meant for weightlifting stability
  • 360 Rope-Tec traction for super grip and burn protection on ropes (increased rope protection)
  • Toe Bumper for protection from burpee fatigue

Sole and Upper:

The sole of the shoe is constructed with “functionality at its best” in mind. The shoe comes with flat traction. It is reinforced with an arch support segment of the sole that is meant for rope climbing and similar other tasks.

Inov 8 Upper Sole Although the sole is a little firm, I still don’t think that you will experience any sort of trouble while walking or running or performing in the gym, like doing a squat or a deadlift.

The upper of the shoe is made up of seamless material. Thus, it won’t cause any kind of trouble to you even if you have passed through 100 workouts. Inov8 F lite 250 review CrossFit is suitable for men and women both.

Comfort and fit:

You do not require to go either a half size up or down since the exact one would absolutely be the right fit for you. So, choosing the normal size would be the best pick for you. Even if the laces are held tightly and fix your foot firmly, you still do not need to worry about rooms to let your toe reside.

They are absolutely comfortable to wear on for a long span of time, and no matter how hard you try them out, they are strong enough to bear the wear and tear that you may do in the gym or for the purpose of weightlifting (particularly, the firm sole).

The versatility of the shoe makes it a perfect pick for the inov8 f lite 250 Cross Training Shoes and gym purpose (particularly the durable construction).

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Inov8 F Lite 250 Review - The Ultimate Guide

Inov8 F lite 250 vs 235, as earlier stated that these shoes are meant with the sole purpose of training or gymnastics, Men’s Inov8 F Lite 235 truly does its job admirably. You won’t experience any trouble with this paid off the shoe, no matter how long you workout in the gymnasium. Be it running, jumping, kickboxing or weightlifting; this shoe stands up in its duty flawlessly.

They are good enough at gripping, so you don’t have any chance of slipping down until and unless you are faulty or careless on your part. Also, they are ideal for CF workout, shuttle runs, exercises, and similar other jobs.

There are no stunning color options, and that makes this shoe a little off-beat in the market. Another significant thing is that inov8 f lite 250 women have still not sponsored any big athletes and that is what makes this brand not much noticeable till date.

However, that does not bring it to the reason of not having been tried it out once and regret about it later on! You shall definitely fall in love with the inov8 f lite 250 men’s, mostly if you have constantly been switching between choosing a fitness shoe at a time and then changing your mind again to select the trainers.

Things We Liked

  • Response time: The weight and the outsole density ensure that the shoe reacts comparatively quite faster with your movements.
  • Durability: This shoe is strong and durable enough to handle all sorts of abuses, be it in the gum, on the rocks or on the tracks.
  • Precision: Different styles of fit; precision (narrow) and standard (wider) fits
  • Agility: Meta-Flex™ technology that allows natural, unrestricted & multi-directional movements.
  • Explosive speed: The Midfoot lockdown holds the foot of the wearer thereby securing it to the sole and ensuring that you are able to move faster with each and every single step.
  • Style: A raised heel (a 17mm/.65″ heel); definitely, it makes the model even more stylish.
  • Flexibility: Inov8 F Lite 250 is purposefully made for agile tasks.
  • Metaflex grooves and their facia band: The former enhances the toe splay for running while the latter helps in providing stable energy through the midfoot while the wearer has been running.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is not so great in wet conditions.
  • Many complain about the weight since it is a little heavy.
  • Too many color options not available.

Bottom Line:

Inov8 F Lite 250 Review by several customers over time, and after researching about the testimonial well, I did find out that this shoe is eligible to fit itself as one of the best models for weightlifting and exercises in the gym as well as running, though not very long distance. The classic color combo and the simple yet elegant design of this pair make it appear finer than ever!

The flexibility and the stability that it provides are sure to make it as an ideal choice for any second-guessing buyer. However, for the first time buyers, it would surely be a good try!

Badminton or Tennis: Which Is More Challenging Games

Badminton or Tennis: Which Sport is More Challenging

The discussion about what is best between Badminton or Tennis sports is a never-ending thing. Arguing whats better in better these two choices is more fun, interrogating facts and sounds excellent because both the games are fantastic.

There is a lot of difference between these two international level games. It is quite daunting to select in between Badminton or Tennis.

 If you are worried about which one is the best, you might need to spend some sleepless nights thinking about the games. To help you with this topic, we sum up some of the main points about both of the sports to make it clear for you. 

Badminton or Tennis: Which Sport is Better for You?

Badminton or Tennis: Which Sport is More Challenging

Here is the detailed description of Badminton or Tennis, Which one is better:


Do you know that Badminton was first played in the 19th Century? Yes! It is true. Badminton is a racquet game in which racquets are used to hit a shuttlecock al across the net.

The game can be played with one player per side or two players per side. It is mostly played as an indoor or outdoor activity. Formal badminton games are mostly played within a rectangular court on both indoor or outdoor environment. Scoring of the players is counted based on the movement of the shuttlecock. You need to keep Striking the shuttlecock back and forth the net without missing it and letting it touch the floor.

Badminton is first originated in England and developed worldwide within a short time. This sport is faster, simple, challenging and entertaining. The Badminton game is more about the law of physics because the striking pressure can change the score easily.


Tennis is an exciting game that keeps both players and viewers on edge. The primary racket game can be played in various forms and methods. It is first played in the 18th century, and it is one of the most challenging games between two singles in the field.

It can be played in between two singles or doubles. To win the game, you need to hit the ball with some pressure so that the opponent can miss the ball. The gaming equipment consists of a racket and ball.

The main aim is to make your opponent player to lose the hit. Tennis is one of the best Olympic games played in between all aged people.

Difference Between Badminton vs Tennis

Badminton or Tennis

Badminton and tennis have different playing styles and to know what’s best for you-you must know your interest. The tennis ball is more massive than the badminton, and it drops quickly.

In Badminton, you can just hit the shuttlecock in the air without letting it touch the ground. When the shuttlecock is in the air, you need to hit it with full pressure. Both of the games require a different kind of physics laws. You can jump in the air to beat it even faster.

Final Words

Choose the right type of sports for you by taking note of your personal choice too. We hope this article cleared your doubts about the difference between Badminton and Tennis.

Play safe, Win smartly!

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How To Remove Dead Skin From Feet (5 Easy Prevention)

How To Remove Dead Skin From Feet: 5 ways and prevention

Our feet enables us to walk properly, and they act as a support to our legs. The whole weight of our body results in less blood circulation and pressure upon our foot. The improper supply of the blood will cause dryness and lead to damaged skin. Does anyone know how to remove dead skin from feet?  The revealed answer, The dead skin of your feet have to be removed regularly; otherwise, it results in cracked heels.

How To Remove Dead Skin From Feet - A Simple Ways

You should follow a proper procedure to exfoliate the dead skin cells without hurting your feet.

Here are some general methods to exfoliate as you don’t want your skin look lifeless.

How To Remove Dead Skin From Feet (Best Methods Ever!)

The dead callus can be removed through the exfoliating process, but before that, we need to soak the feet to soothe them. Soaking helps to break down the tough skin by making our work easy. An old truth brush can be used to remove dead skin cells of your foot daily after the bath.

There would be less accumulation of dead cells upon your if you exfoliate and moisturize them. But it will be a bit difficult to deal with tough skin if it gets much harder. Instead of piling up the dead skin it is advisable.

How To Remove Dead Skin From Feet: 5 ways and prevention

Lemon shows a magical effect on removing the unwanted skin from your foot. It’s acidic properties break down the tough skin. The bleaching property helps to remove dirt and helps to loosen the skin. Wash your foot after 15 minutes for best results. For thick dead skin removal, the following methods are used.

Foot Soak To Remove Dead Skin and Calluses

Soaking is the standard method followed to exfoliate the skin. It softens the dry areas of your skin and helps to reduce the pain of your cracked heels. Soaking in lukewarm water is always preferable as it gives quick results compared to ordinary water. Add three spoons of baking soda to the warm water and mix it well.

Soak your feet at least for ten minutes and later rinse it off. This soaking helps to heal the cracking areas and get back your original healthy feet.

Causes For Dead Skin Feet

  • While coming to the causes of the dead skin, there are many. Our body loses millions and millions of skin cells each day, and if we neglect to remove these dead skin cells, they accumulate together and become a cause for a lifeless skin. This can be observed clearly in the areas of our feet.
  • Obesity sometimes becomes a cause for the hardened heels as the pressure lays upon the feet.
  • Lack of moisture also one among the causes of the dead skin. The lose of water between the cells reduces the elasticity of them and thereby results in damaged skin.
  • The third cause could be an improper circulation of blood. Sometimes the heart fails to pump blood to specific areas and the cells dies due to lack of oxygen supply which leads to the damaged skin.
  • One should take proper care of our feet by scrubbing and moisturizing them on a regular basis, if not it can turn as a cause for your bad feet.

How To Remove Dead Skin From Feet Using Baking Soda

Baking soda gives the best solution to get soft baby feet. If the frequent application of moisturizer wouldn’t help to control the problem the better option you could make is the baking soda. It has a special place in personal care as it gives useful results than other beauty products on the market.

Mix three part of baking soda with one part of the water in a bowl. Apply this solution and gently rub it on your feet to how to remove dead skin from feet especially, concentrate on heels and calloused area. Rinse it off after a few minutes and apply lotion to keep the foot moisturized.


How To Remove Dead Skin From Feet With A Razor

The razor acts hard upon the skin, and hence it is better to opt for natural ways to exfoliate your skin. If you are a busy person with no time and good at handling razor, you can opt for this method. All the razors do not act the same upon the skin; you should choose the razor which is mainly designed for this process. Pedi skin callus removers are available in the market, and they help you to clean your skin easily in time.

But one has to be extremely careful while handling the razor upon the skin. The angle of the razor should be horizontal, and no pressure is to be applied as we deal with the sensitive part.

How To Remove Dead Skin From Feet Using Home Remedies

To remove hard skin, a step by step procedure is necessary in case of using home remedies. Here are some medications to deal with the problem with home available items.

  • Take half of the water in the bucket, add a little amount of shampoo to it along with few drops of lemon. Leave it for a good 15 minutes and then scrub the feet with a pumice stone gently. Pat dry and give it a lotion treatment.
  • Mix half cup of apple cider vinegar to the half bucket of lukewarm water, soak it for 20 min so that the callouses receive a therapy. It relieves you even from stress and strain. Later on, exfoliate the skin with a loofah followed by lotion treatment.

How To Get Rid of Dead Skin Without Pumice Stone

There exist many alternatives to the pumice stone for the scrubbing process. They give equal results that a pumice stone does. A foot file can help you to deal with your rough skin. Unlike pumice stone, it can be used, by applying a little pressure. A foot file can help you go through your dry patches and smoothly exfoliate the skin.

If you do not prefer foot file to scrub your feet, you can replace a loofah or an old toothbrush to rub your feet, They may not give such useful result compared to pumice stone but do the work up to some extent.

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